Queer Tarotscopes for Capricorn Season 2020: Who’s in the Driver’s Seat?

This season’s tarotscopes feature The Slutist Tarot and the Compendium of Constellations.

With 2020 drawing to a close and a new calendar year on the horizon, with so many opportunities for reflection and awareness and intention-setting present, Capricorn season brings a sense of ambition and productivity, one that you may or may not feel prepared for. This sign of cardinal earth is known for success and brilliance, an energy that sweeps in and sets goals, pushing hard to reach whatever new tier of excellence is in front of them. Hard-working and unafraid to set boundaries, Capricorn has so much to teach us about our value, our focus, and our confidence. If Sagittarius’ fire has left you feeling lost, if you’re still reeling from the losses and shifts that you experienced with Scorpio, Capricorn is here to help you make sense of where you have come from, and make a structured, detailed plan about where you want to go.

All three earth signs are known for being grounded and responsible, organized and stubborn, patient and focused on their goals. But while Taurus tends to look to the past for guidance and Virgo adapts to whatever is in the present, Capricorn is very aware of what they’re building to, allowing their future to be something that motivates and empowers their choices and movements. And after working with the bold fire and exploratory flexibility of Sagittarius, Capricorn can help us focus all of that power into something specific, something attainable. How have the things you’ve learned this year caused your goals to shift or change? What do you feel responsible for, and how does that impact your decisions? When you think about the future you want, does it feel within reach? And what would you need to do in order to make those big ambitions possible for yourself?

As well as being a sign associated with determination, affluence, and success, Capricorn is also known for their sense of control, which is where we find the bridge to our birth card for this season, the Devil. An archetype of addiction, vices, and destructive patterns, the Devil is an energy that can quietly creep up on us, slowly pulling us into bad habits or difficult positions that we swore we’d never find ourselves in again. Sometimes this card asks us to be honest about where we are getting too obsessive about control, while other times it pushes us to pay closer attention to the places where we may be losing it. Whatever the Devil reveals, it’s something we need to pay close attention to. These energies remind us not let things get too far out of balance, to not get so fixated on what we want and the plans we have made that we find ourselves unable to adapt or grow. What do you feel you can never say no to? Where are you afraid to surrender? When you think about control, is it something you crave, or something you fear?

Our cards for this season emphasize assessment, encouraging us to give weight to what we know, and to be deliberate about what we want to do next. What did you begin exploring with Sagittarius that you’re ready to take more decisive steps on? What do you need to evaluate? In this time of Capricorn, remember the lessons and warnings of the Devil, and pay close attention to your ongoing relationships with control, power, and ambition. What has been driving you, and what may need to shift? Experienced tarot readers or astrologers can plug the cards I’ve drawn for their sun, moon, and rising signs into the spread below to create a custom reading for this season. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, so if you know your Saturn placement you can also plug that into this spread for a more complete picture of your Capricorn season.

Tarot Spread for Capricorn Season: Spaces marked for four cards arranged in a cross shape, reading clockwise from the top: "Rising: I project; Saturn: I use; Sun: I am; Moon: I feel." Plug in the cards referenced in my Capricorn tarotscopes for a complete picture of your season.

I recently shared a new piece on “Iris” and Temperance over on Pop Tarot, have had several new spreads go up on Astrology Answers, and also published an exclusive tarot spread here at Autostraddle as part of our A+ 13 Days of Holigays section. Check out my daily writing and card draws on Instagram, and you can get my latest tarot writings delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for my Substack newsletter. I’m currently taking a break from client readings, but you can check out my website for larger spreads, writings, and purchase my two original e-books for learning tarot.

As always with these tarot readings, take what you need and leave what you don’t. Have a safe and brilliant Capricorn season, and happy new year to those that honor it!


Eight of coins

If last season felt celebratory and comfortable, get ready for Capricorn to sweep in and urge you to get back to work. There is a time and a place for joy, for resting, for honoring how far we’ve come and all that we’ve accomplished — but for you, this season will be about getting your hands dirty and going after the things that you want. What are your skills, your talents, and how do you utilize them in your daily work? Where are you eager to improve, willing to learn, ready to put into the effort to get better?

As ready as you may be to harness all of your fire and jump head-first into chasing after your goals, the eight of coins is a card of methodical progress, of intentional growth and powerful practice. No matter how intense our desire may be, no one becomes an expert in something overnight. Instead, abilities improve with steady striving, as we move from beginner to expert. How can you continue to challenge yourself? Who can you learn from? What are the ways that you are investing in yourself?


Two of swords

Capricorn season may feel both comfortable and challenging for you, as you balance the ways you prefer to work with new opportunities for growth and ambition. But after spending last season reflecting on where you’ve been, the roots and systems and communities that have helped to ground and support you, this new season may bring a sensation of uncertainty. There is so much potential for new ideas and new expansion, Taurus, but you have to be willing to make the first move — and even if you feel stuck trying to decide between multiple pathways forward, remember that not choosing will not necessarily make your situation feel safer or more within your control. What is holding you back from progress? Where do you feel trapped, hesitant, or afraid? If you find yourself unwilling or unable to move forward, give yourself some space to breathe, and listen to your instincts. What feels right for you? And how can you create feelings of safety and confidence in your next steps?


The Crone

It may have felt like you’ve been alone with your ideas and dreams, Gemini, pushing forward towards a vision that only you seem to be able to fully understand and appreciate. But if last season left you feeling frustrated or pulled in too many different directions, you may find comfort in Capricorn season, as this is a chance for you to reconnect with yourself, your desires, and your deepest ambitions. What resonates deeply with you about the goals and ideas that you’ve been working towards? What do you see in your future, and which possibilities excite you the most?

Take some space for yourself this season, stepping back from whatever routines you may have established and instead giving yourself room to explore, to wander, to reflect. You are someone that isn’t afraid to experiment, so be intentional about listening to your instincts and allow yourself to explore those hidden parts of yourself that you may not always acknowledge. What feeds and nurtures you? How can you take care of yourself? In your eagerness to build and create and succeed, where have you perhaps lost your way?


Six of cups

You’ve been moving towards something big, Cancer, enjoying the sensation of inspiration and creativity that’s been burning through you. And while the focused and disciplined energy of Capricorn may help you find renewed strength for those important goals, you may also find yourself feeling even more reflective than usual. Pay attention to your personal roots, the people and places that have shaped and influenced you, the experiences and dreams that still impact your present life. Who have you been? Who have you left behind? Who are you becoming?

Last season offered you a variety of paths forward, encouraging you to harness your creative fire and spend time planning your next moves. You’re moving at a good pace, so work to be steady in your progress. And while this season may feel quieter, don’t get so comfortable reflecting on the past that you lose sight of the magic in your present, and the potential in your future. What have your experiences taught you? What lessons will you carry forward?


Prince of wands

After a Sagittarius season bursting with emotions, connections, and intuitive experiences, Capricorn season may feel incredibly stimulating, pushing you to identify your goals and pursuits with a single-minded focus. Your courage and stamina are brilliant aspects of the person you are, and skills worth celebrating — but rather than throwing every single idea you have at this new ambition, take a lesson from Capricorn and try to balance intention with inspiration. How can you make a real plan for success? Where might you need to brainstorm, collaborate, experiment? Your joy and passion are palpable, and are feelings that will help you maintain your energy and excitement as this work goes on. But remember that you will likely not succeed overnight; that this is a journey that will take organization, discipline, and awareness. How can you pace yourself?


Three of coins

For you, last season included a lot of internal exploration and deep awareness of emotions. And while that isn’t always a comfortable realm for you to inhabit, the lessons that you learned will likely be ones that you will carry with you for quite some time. As you step into Capricorn season, be aware of opportunities for collaboration and cooperation, particularly as you think about your long-term ambitions. Who in your orbit might help you see your work through another lens? How can you bring your natural adaptability and grounded nature to larger projects?

As you continue to build towards your personal goals, keep your eyes peeled for ways that you can allow your work to develop, or even grow in unexpected directions. How might your personal work fit into broader collective efforts, or more expansive spaces? Who can you partner with that may offer new insights into what you’re building?


Ace of swords

If you’ve been moving through a rough patch, if it’s felt like you’ve had to push through some intense emotions or difficult realizations, Capricorn may bring a sensation of welcome relief and promise. You’re someone that is able to look at things from multiple perspectives, that can easily consider different angles and viewpoints — and while it may have felt like that ability has been tripping you up in the past few weeks, as you move into this new season pay attention to the things that ring true, the ideas that feel both clear and powerful. How is your awareness, about both yourself and your ambitions, shifting? What are you realizing about who you are, about the life you have built for yourself? Be gentle with yourself as you undergo this shift, particularly if you feel yourself releasing old narratives or beliefs about who you are, and who you may be able to become. What new truths are becoming clear? And how could a fresh perspective help you grow in an important new direction?


Prince of swords

You may find yourself beginning a new intellectual journey this season, researching and learning and expanding your understanding around a specific topic, idea, or project. What is coming into focus? Where are you being challenged, and how can you rise to meet this new objective? After spending so much time exploring the spiritual realm last season, this is a chance to look at your work with clear eyes, to embrace the practical ambition of Capricorn and consider what your next steps need to be. What truths are you exploring? What rituals have you been establishing, and how can they support this new work that you’re feeling drawn to?

You’re someone that isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, to examine things closely, to dig deep and wander through the shadows. You aren’t afraid of the dark, even when exploring it may reveal some truths that challenge what you’ve known to be true. This season, put that curious nature to good use, and consider ways that you can challenge yourself, particularly when it comes to information and academic connections. What assets can you explore more thoroughly? Where do you have more to learn?


Princess of swords

Your natural fire and talent for exploration have been put to good use over the last few seasons — and as you move into Capricorn season, pay attention to the ways that you internalize and understand your experiences, to the information that you are processing and the truths that you are discovering. How are you balancing the work of your mind with your heart, your body, your soul? Your own season of fire may have brought up some powerful revelations, forcing you to confront some long-held beliefs or deeply buried emotions. Be gentle with yourself as you move forward, giving yourself time to internalize and understand the new things that you have been discovering. And if you find yourself tempted to cling to a particular fact or plan, if you struggle to adapt to shifting information or changing directions over the next few weeks, take a deep breath and try to loosen your grip, just a little. How can you be open to new ideas? Where can you keep expanding?


The Tower

Happy birthday, Capricorn! For you, Sagittarius season was about taking risks, starting a major new journey, and listening to your intuition. And while you may be starting to see some real progress towards those big goals and sparkling ambitions, this may be a season of sudden, intensive change. Depending on how in touch you’ve been with your instincts and emotions, you may have already felt cracks forming, felt the foundations that your world is built upon shifting beneath your feet — but being aware that something may be about to change is not the same as truly preparing for it. You likely already know what needs to change, so instead of trying to hide from reality, channel your courage and get ready for some important shifts. What are you ready to leave behind? What needs to break, so that you can rebuild it?

Change is not always your favorite thing to navigate, but there may be opportunities here to play with your relationship to control. What are you being asked to release? And how could this change help you to see your personal goals and ambitions through a new, clearer lens?


The World

Things likely started to click for you in a big way last season, with creative energy running freely and inspiration seeming to be around every corner. It may feel like you are evolving into someone new and powerful as the sun moves into Capricorn, with intensive transformations and necessary revelations helping you step fully into your power. What have you overcome, endured, and understood over the past few seasons? How have you changed and adapted? What do you love about the person you are, and the place that you are in? Take time to celebrate, to give yourself opportunities for healing and reflection, and to find real pride in all that you have accomplished.

You may be tempted to immediately jump into the next big idea, to start dreaming and planning for your next cycle, but it will be important for you to pause this season, to look at how far you’ve come and to fully internalize the lessons you learned along the way. How can you prioritize stillness, awareness, recovery? What do you need to do in order to find real rest?



This last season may have felt particularly challenging for you, as you worked to balance your emotional side with a more rational, objective viewpoint. And as you shift into conservative, traditional Capricorn, you may continue trying to figure out how to integrate your head and your heart, working to honor your desires and wishes with your needs. As tempted as you may be to push forward towards your bigger goals and most exciting ambitions, be intentional about slowing down this season, being deliberate about what you devote your energy and creativity towards. What is your intuition asking of you? How are you finding harmony within yourself? If you feel pulled in different directions, uncertain of what your next steps are, give yourself permission to step back from movement and instead prioritize healing, recovery, and awareness. What has been resonating with you, even if you don’t have a rational explanation for it? How can you get more deeply in touch with your personal truth, and how can that work help you to find deeper meaning in your long-term objectives?

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