Pop Culture Fix: Lesbian Ad Finally Convinces Laneia To Go to Las Vegas, Maybe

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… If you, by any chance, happened to be watching The Bachelorette on Monday night, you probably saw a shortened version of the short film, “Now & Then,” a touching love story / commercial for Las Vegas about two lesbians who go to Las Vegas and get married, because we are nothing if not wavy-haired and impulsive about lifelong commitments!!!

AdWeek reports on this “heartwarming new spot” that is “elbowing out the old and striking a new tone.” Apparently, the response has been “about 50 percent emotion-evoking, 50 percent general approval and 1 percent neutral or negative.”

… AHEM gird your loins because Hayley Kiyoko is dropping the music video for “What I Need,” the track she did with Kehlani, tomorrow:

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TOMORROW @kehlani #WIN

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… In an interview with Rolling Stone, Charli XCX addressed the controversy over the song “Girls”:

“I know that Rita’s had extremely meaningful relationships with both men and women. She really does have every right to tell her story because she’s not doing it from an exploitative viewpoint: she’s been with women and had relationships with women. She’s had relationships with men, too. I don’t understand why her story is less valid than anybody else’s.”

… Jodi Comer talks to NewNowNext about “Killing Eve,” including her thoughts on Villanelle’s sexual orientation:

“She devours life,” Comer says. And that extends to her sexual tastes. In the series first few episodes alone, Villanelle seduces her pretty boy neighbor Sebastian (Charlie Hamblett), while developing a kind of psychosexual crush on Eve. “I think she would rather be with women,” Comer explains, “but in that moment she’s not gaining what she wants from the kills and I think she’s trying to get some solace from somewhere and poor Sebastian is there.”

… I am very excited for this to debut on June 11th: Cameron Esposito Is Taking Rape Jokes Back for Survivors.

… As you’re most likely VERY aware of by this point, Roseanne has been cancelled because Roseanne herself is racist and revealed this again in a recent tweet, which she later blamed on ambien, LOL. Apparently, working on Roseanne had been pretty demoralizing for some of its writers. Lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes quit immediately after the tweet was posted, before the show itself was cancelled. Sara Gilbert, meanwhile, continues to disappoint. As we’ve mentioned in the past, however, Roseanne has been transphobic for a really long time.

… Hello, have you seen this masterpiece I gave you on Memorial Day: 21 Times “Killing Eve” Depicted Lesbian Relationship Scenarios With Dead-On Accuracy

… EastEnders confirms lesbian romance after same-sex kiss gives fans a new queer couple to ship

… The Picnic at Hanging Rock deviates from its source in three important ways, including “it’s about female agency and gay relationships.” Rachel is going to write about this for us because I sort of checked out mid-way, but is also finding it to be more boring than the first episode suggested! Stay tuned!

… This contains a VERY hot take on the Queer Eye reboot: Why L.G.B.T.-Centered TV Is Stuck in the Past.

… Speaking of, the Queer Eye reboot will give a makeover to a trans guy in their second season.

… Speaking of LGBT-centered TV firmly rooted in the future, here’s Carmen’s recap of the most recent episode of VIDA, which was so very queer.

… The New Yorker reviews Pose: “billed as a dance musical and plays like a social melodrama, thickly packed with incident and lightly spiced with MTV expressionism.” NewNow Next has an Essential “Pose” Viewing Guide: What You Need to Watch Before the FX Series Premieres. “Pose” premieres June 3rd on FX.

… The War Over the Woke Charmed Reboot Rages On: Actress Sarah Jeffery responds to Holly Marie Combs’ opposition to the reboot, which promises more woc and lesbian characters than the original.

… ‘Sense8’ finale delivers a queer happily-ever-after: the reportedly “ridiculous” and “indulgent” 150-minute program drops June 8th and this review makes it sound pretty fun, actually! Indiewire declares, “One thing that’s truly lovely about the way in which the finale works is that it doesn’t try to pull any fast ones on its audience; it’s saturated with love and respect for its fanbase.”

… Syd: She May Live at Home With Mom, But This Soul Singer Has Lofty Ambitions: s/o to all you queers out there living at home with mom!

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    • While Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza) has talked in the past about having sex with women, in the latest episode she has a full on sex scene with another woman. The episode also talks about how she loves David Haller, but not whether she’s in love with him or just loves him.

  1. I saw that ad Sunday night watching BET(they finally went back to normal commercial lengths) and gave me all the feels. A friend of mines who was in Vegas at the time said he was seeing ads all over town. In a related note I’ve been seeing commercials for Prudential retirement savings that features a gbtq male couple using the word we when talking about retirement. It’s was a real pleasant surprise.

  2. That Las Vegas ad has more chemistry and feels than 90% of queer romcoms, I’d watch a full-length version any day

  3. I’m gonna be a hipster here and say that I’ve always loved Las Vegas

  4. If that commercial isn’t titled “Viva Lez Vegas” that’s a major missed opportunity

  5. I am just wrecked right now.

    I found myself wanting more from that Vegas Ad. More MORE show me the entire story then I realized my life is so empty and devoid of love right now that I could care less about seeing more.

    I’m left wanting epic love. Is that too much to ask? Soul mate, wherever you are I’m still searching for you.

  6. I didn’t know a video for What I Need (my fave song from Hayley’s album) was coming out, let alone so soon, and so I gasped VERY loudly when I read that. My loins do really need to be girded.

    Also, I watched the Vegas ad last week but I’m still crying over it. I’ve never wanted to go to Vegas in my life and suddenly now I wouldn’t mind visiting.

  7. I was watching the Bachelorette with my grandma and screamed when that came on (she missed it of course). It reminded me of how alone I am! But also was great to see!

    Anyways this whole Charmed business is so messy. Love me the original but no doubt it was straight and white as hell so….I’m pretty much assured that no matter how bad the new one is, it’s still gonna be better (but I’m excited for the new one and already love it more than the og lol) so make if that what you will I guess

  8. FINALLY! Now we can all channel our inner Nicole Haught and make snap potentially life-altering decisions in Vegas!! #equality #whatsrightisright

  9. That Vegas comercial is way better than many lesbian movies I’ve watched… Just saying.

  10. “…but is also finding it to be more boring than the first episode suggested”

    REALLY?! Because I am in love, which considering my adoration of the 70’s film, I was not expecting to happen. Granted, I’m only on episode three, but everything from how 8Linda

  11. “…but is also finding it to be more boring than the first episode suggested”

    REALLY?! Because I am in love, which considering my adoration of the 70’s film, I was not expecting to happen. Granted, I’m only on episode three, but everything from how it looks to how much more backstory we get on the characters, is killing me in all the best ways. I also love all the queer text, and how it ties into the freedom and restraint of the girls. Someone needs to get on those fics stat (and maybe I’m volunteering as tribute here.)

    Re: Holly Marie Combs railing against the “Charmed” reboot. I haven’t read a ton of articles on this, but considering how WOC and queer-centered the reboot is, I’m effing excited about it, and am kinda confused as to why she has such a problem with it? To be fair, I didn’t much like the original, and am hoping this new take makes it a bit more serous/less campy. (Also hoping it’s not super whitebread/European/new age magic they’re dealing with; it’d be so cool to incorporate different magicks into this. I’m so over pagan/Celtic magic being the only type we see on TV nowadays when dealing with a witchy storyline.)

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