Playlist: Shane McCutcheon

Recently a formspring question-asker asked, “Is it too soon to request a Shane playlist?” and the answer is that I can’t believe that this wasn’t our idea, that we didn’t think to create a Shane McCutcheon playlist years ago.

What kind of music do you think Shane McCutcheon listens to? Were her music preferences explored on The L Word? I can’t recall. Does everyone remember that time when the gang utilized the lesbian phone tree to book P!nk for the grand opening of The Planet and the crowd appeared genuinely super psyched when BETTY showed up to play instead, as if they were a totally acceptable substitute, AND THEN Shane kissed EZ Girl instead of Carmen, causing Carmen to make out with Jenny “Dead Meat” Schecter? I’ll never forget.

The L Word - Season 4

Shane McCutcheon Playlist


Bad Reputation – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Phenomena – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches
Heartbreaker – Pat Benatar
Twentieth Century Fox – The Doors
Androgynous (The Replacements cover) – Joan Jett
Nancy Boy – Placebo
Womanizer – Britney Spears
Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn
Crush – Sleigh Bells
Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
Shutterbug – Veruca Salt
I Cut Like A Buffalo – The Dead Weather
Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys
Gloria – Patti Smith
Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers

What songs remind you of Shane? What do you think Shane’s favorite band is?

Want to suggest a playlist theme? Hit me up on Formspring and someone of the team will make it for you.

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  1. Androgyny – Garbage ?
    The line “girls in the men’s room” in the song definitely reminds me of the scene in the opening credits where Shane gets it on with some girl in a men’s restroom…

  2. This is awesome. I almost felt I should click ‘Flag as NSFW’ on 8tracks. Those songs are hot.

  3. I think The A Team by Ed Sheeran or something with a little melancholy in it would go. Since Shane had a history with prostitution and drugs.

  4. This is a fantastic Shane playlist and you happened to post it on the very day that my boss told me that I kind of sort of remind her of Shane. If I play my cards right and use my SHANELIKE CHARMS I feel like we can maybe all rock out to it in the office.

  5. Playgirl – Ladytron

    This song reminds me of Shane because I remember an episode where it played in the background this one time she was making out with a random hot girl that brought flowers or something to her house.

    • yess, Ladytron.. but maybe ‘Destroy everything you touch’ would be more Shane-propriate.

  6. YES. This is perfect for someone who recently discovered that all of seasons 2-6 are on amazon prime, WHICH you can get for 6 months free if you’re a student! win.
    LP really reminds me of Shane, so maybe the song It’s Over.

    • This knowledge just vastly improved my life! It might kill my productivity but I have no fucks to give.

  7. I’m pretty sure she’d like Lofticries by Purity Ring. But that might just be because I can’t stop playing it right now and can’t stop name dropping it.

    • HELL yes. I think Shane would totally be down for that.

      As a matter of fact…I think everyone should be down with “lofticries”

      I’ve been playing that song so much I’m terrified I’m gonna break it.

    • also, two years ago i went to gogo festival in england, where uh huh her was supposed to play, but they cancelled because one of them was ill, and then, instead, betty played twice

  8. Yes, thank you to whoever suggested this for guessing the music needs I didn’t know I had.

    This is awesome, Crystal!

  9. I burst out laughing in public when I first read that this was a Shane playlist. But I think you got it Exactly right. Phenomena should probs be on every playlist you create in the future, jsyk, because that song is perfection.

    • it is perfection. cool story: i had a dream once where i ran into shane at a concert and i said hey and got the cold shoulder and to deal with that humiliation i went home and created a playlist and ‘phenomena’ was the lead track, and so i couldn’t not include the song on this playlist.

  10. You people are awesome. Just awesome! I’m waiting to stream this until I get home because I am at work, and I’m planning to play it loud!

  11. I listened to this playlist while at the gym and I felt like Shane when she was working out and celibate during season 5.

    “I’ve never felt so freakishly clear headed or highly energized.”

    …only for me it was more like freakishly light-headed and highly exhausted.

  12. This playlist is perfection. As soon as I saw Joan Jett and Peaches I knew I would be ok (had a shitty day and saw this on my news feed, merci!)

  13. I remember when her little brother was taken away from her by her father, she said something along the lines of “don’t forget Janis Joplin” and then she played “a little piece of my heart” for him. And then. He was driven away. And then I fell in love.

  14. This made me want to watch the L word all over again. Like from season 1. I’m totally going to do it, but this time I will be diciplined and watch ONE episode at each sitting. I will not be drawn into it and end up watching multiple episodes and staying up late and needing redonk amounts of coffee the next day in work.

    I’m gonna dicipline the shit out of this box set.


    Standard. (standard bullshit that is)

    • I just started watching it for the first time from the beginning.

      • I find it safe to watch at least three a day. And if time goes by and you find that a whole season has as well, no biggie.

  15. First I’d like to say that Betty nearly made me not watch the show.
    Second, this playlist is dead on.

    As for other Shane songs:
    “Crystalfilm” by Little Dragon came to mind.

    I could also see Shane rocking out to some Grimes in the night time.

  16. Judging by this playlist, I must be Shane’s soulmate, at least musically. Hahaha, or I’m just the same amount of worst that she is. Either way, that can’t be *all* bad, right?

  17. This is so good and I still have a crush on Shane. Maybe I should start rewatching the L Word Again. No shame!

  18. I love all these songs! I feel so much more cool now that I know I listen to what is on this list, and no one should give me crap for it!

  19. You have no idea how badly I needed a pick-me-up right now AS. Just had a solo dance party of badassery and the world is feeling like a better place.

  20. Great playlist. Other songs that remind me of Shane:

    Asobi Seksu – Goodbye
    Just Like Honey – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    Imogen Heap – Goodnight and Go
    The Organ – Brother
    Kinnie Starr – Alright

    And Riese nailed it with Tegan and Sara

  21. After having my friend’s “borrowed” season 1 for over two years (followed by watching the whole show a few times on netflix), I finally bought my own box set last month. HEAVEN, I TELL YOU. Watched them all in a week’s time (hello holiday work break) and I just made my way into season 3 again tonight.

    Anyway. Forgive me if this song is already on the list, I’m making myself wait til tomorrow to give it a listen since I need sleep — but in the scene in season 2 where Shane goes to see Carmen at the music video shoot & apologizes for being an asshole at the bar the other night… Don’t know what it is or who does it (I should’ve Shazam’d it when it was on), but it needs to be on here. It’s been in my head since I re-re-re-re-rewatched that episode last week.

    • After further googling–I mean research, I discovered that song is “Brother” by The Organ. Now, onto creating my Shane playlist so I can feel like a sexy badass while getting ready for work.

  22. Crystal this is really good! YYY, Placebo, Peaches, Dead Weather, Black Keys, Patti Smith!, Robyn..
    I’d add Roisin Murphy – Let me know and Metric – Gold Guns Girls

  23. Camp Out-An Horse
    Jimmy Dean-Hunter Valentine
    Feel Good Drag-Anberlin
    Take It Home-The White Tie Affair

    There just need to be an Oh-Crap-I-Just-Fell-For-Shane-Or-I’ll-Just-Call-Her-Shane-Because-I-Don’t-Know-Her-Name playlist.

  24. I’m fairly certain at one point she is making pot brownies while gently rocking out to “The Get Go” by New Young Pony Club.

  25. I can’t listen to The Trucks song Shattered without thinking about Shane and the two bridesmaids. This playlist is everything that’s right in the world.

  26. Heartbreaker – by P!nk, The more accurate Heartbreaker…

    Hell – Tegan & Sara

    Republica – Ready to Go

    The Motels – Total Control :-))

  27. This has sparked my need to rewatch The L Word, ritual I partake in every 2 years or so. To the Netflix queue! I can already feel my Shane fever kicking in…

  28. I loved EZ Girl’s use of ‘Just Like Heaven’ for Jenny and Niki’s Pink Ride. And ‘Skin to Skin’ by Standfast was a great follow up song, too.

    2 more to add to the Shane list:
    Darling Nikki – Prince
    Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles

  29. I’d add Deceptacon by Le Tigre and this song that they used in an episode when a bunch of girls were chasing Shane: Shattered by The Trucks

    • I feel like a loser for replying to myself, but how could I forget? Brother by The Organ! One of my favorite songs ever.

  30. Aaaaah I love it!! I must mention that scene where Shane is driving recklessly after partying because she’s distraught about leaving Carmen… and I do believe Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns is playing? Let’s add that to the playlist : )

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