PHOTO GALLERY: Here Are All Your Amazing “The Weather Is Finally Good” Looks!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this album — and if you didn’t get a chance yet (because let’s face it, the weather has not been staying reliably good), check out the original post and send your own fierce photos to [email protected]!

Katie / 27 / Toronto, Canada / Coffee slinger

“During the nice weather, I say goodbye to long pants and hello to likely bruised, likely grass-stained, likely scraped knees from riding around town, traipsing through the woods and sitting in the park with my beloved while we rate all the dogs 11/10. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to feel perpetually wrapped in a blanket.”

Katherine / 22 / Austin, TX

“It’s already hot as heck in Austin, so I’ve been swimming down at the Greenbelt as often as possible! I got this American Apparel bodysuit from a clothing swap at work, and I’ve been wearing it way too much since it can double as a swimsuit. The shorts are Roxy (from Buffalo Exchange).”

Erin / 25 / Washington, DC / WordPress wizard

“Making the most of the weather with an outdoor birthday cookout last week! After three straight days of cold and rain the sun came out just in time for me to show off my new haircut, new succulents shirt, and my fave Chubbies.”

Kristen / 30 / Brooklyn, NY / Creator & host of QTPOC visibility podcast #SafeWordSociety

“This photo is from my trip to Cuba last week, but it definitely reminded me that the weather is good and it’s almost summer!”

Alysse / 29 / Cleveland, OH / Writer and fashion designer

“My warm weather aesthetic plans are the same as my cold weather plans: wearing whatever I damn please! There’s so many folks who have opinions about how I should dress my fat body, especially in the summer months, but I dress for me — no one else. Shorts, crop tops, bikinis, and mini skirts make up my whole summer wardrobe!”

Erin / 31 / San Jose, CA / Software developer

“San Jose gets unbearably hot, often in the high 90s and then some. In this photo, I’m taking it back to my Selena-loving roots in a ‘busti-caca de la menta’, mom jeans, and my Cortezes. I spend most of my week writing code, but the weekends are reserved for the outdoors: swimming, hiking, flea markets, and fairs.”

Jenna / 31 / Boston, MA / Designer

“This is my handsome woodland fairy boi look.”

Bree / 29 / Salt Lake City, UT / Executive secretary

“I am wearing my favorite outfit of all time, which not surprisingly includes Autostraddle merch, a fanny pack, and leggings as pants. This was taken on the only warm-ish day of A-Camp, when I was trying to soak up as much sun as possible.”

Simone / 18 / Chicago, IL / Student

“This pic is from last week, which I spent up in Wisconsin living like Henry David Thoreau (sans technology and in solitude)! it was an absolutely blissful week and the weather was finally warm enough to break out the Hooters t-shirt and shorts! On the day this pic was taken, it was so hot, and a friend and I had walked over a mile to go into town for ice cream. The ice cream shop was closed, so we ended up getting chocolate milk and donuts instead. There’s nothing like a cold chocolate milk on a hot day — refreshing!”

Vicky / 27 / Madrid, Spain / Marketer

“Recently it was the celebration of San Isidro, the patron saint of Madrid. This was the outfit I wore to the fería (street party), hence the red flower which is part of the traditional Madrid chulapa outfit. I’m making the most of the return of summer by starting to visit the outdoor swimming pools, before it’s too hot!”

Ari / 20 / Boston, MA / Law student (almost)

“The weather here was kinda rainy and gross earlier this week, but now the sun is out and I’ve dug out a favorite summer top: a gay T-Rex tank top that I wore to an Amanda Palmer concert and got a hug from Amanda, so it is now blessed.”

Matilda / 26 / Los Angeles, CA / Kindergarten teacher

“According to my partner, this outfit makes me look like a child from a ’90s TV show — so how could I go wrong? My name is Matilda and I’m here to say/ I like not doing drugs in a major way! (Just a little teaser for the afterschool special.) I’ve been walking around my neighborhood and exploring more since it’s light out later.”

Kate (left) / 28/ English teacher and Laura (right) / 27 / Editor / Madrid, Spain

Kate: “I’m a bit of a winter goth, so light/bright colors really make me feel like summer is on the way. This was a lovely afternoon soaking up sun with good friends and wine in the park.”
Laura: “I’m all about long floaty skirts in summer, and this one has pockets!”

Jari / 26 / Brooklyn, NY / Photographer, performer, and talent scout

“Prints, prints, prints! I’ve splashed into summer with bold color, African patterns, and drama. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t be luxurious, the key is light thin materials and fabrics. Throw in some funky jewelry and accessories and you have a crazy, sexy, and always cool summer outfit.”

Cee / 38 / Portland, OR / Autostraddle Tech Director

“I just got my first men’s tank top post-top surgery and it fits so well and I look cute and feel great in it! I’ve had years of trying these on in stores and being disappointed with how they fit and how weird they make me feel, so this is the first one that actually came home with me. I’ve worn it now four days in a row, so it’s currently in the laundry bag. I got it at a Memorial Day sale at J. Crew.”

Casey / 32 / Vancouver, BC / Writer and librarian

“This selfie in which I look very happy was taken the first day I went to the outdoor pool at the park by my apartment. I’m wearing my brand new one-piece bathing suit (the first one I bought in nine years!) and a wide brim hat I got at a clothing exchange. Both of these fashion choices are heavily influenced by how easily I get sunburned, and I am especially excited about the puckering (someone tell me if there’s a proper fashion term for this) on the stomach of the bathing suit.” [Ed note: The term is ruching, and it looks great!]

Corey Kempster / 26 / Brooklyn, NY / Youth Counselor at Ali Forney Center, Trans advocate, creator, and personality

Photo by Jari Jones

“This summer I’m all about bold, striking color, and I especially live for an eye-catching floral print. My closet is already filled to the brim with floral galore, but the ’50s cut of this dress really made me fall in love with it. Paired with a belt, some pearls, and a big hat to block the shade, this dress is perfect for the warm weather and to dazzle at any summer functions.”

Tiffanie / 24 / Boston, MA / Works for an education non-profit

“It was 95 degrees in Boston when this photo was taken, and I had to keep it professional but cute. For me, that means pairing a crop top with a cute skirt and my fave shoes at the moment, which just so happen to be the black Fenty creepers. This skirt is my favorite because it’s flirty and fun without trying too hard, but also super light so that ya girl doesn’t chafe too badly in the summer months. I love pairing girly things with a bit of grunge.”

Beth / 35 / Isle of Skye, Scotland / Tarot reader

“Warm weather is relative, but any day I can wear a vest (and swim in a loch!) is a belter in my book. It was a bit too warm for these dungarees, but I love them and am never ever going to take them off, so. As for the geeky walking sandals — they go on in April and come off in September, and they’ll take me everywhere I need to go.”

Sarah / 29 / Ann Arbor, MI / Autostraddle Design & Business Director

“This was the day the A-Camp Senior Staff left Mukwonago. I packed very aspirationally for camp, which meant I spent a lot of time wearing sunglasses in the rain. I look forward to pairing this PBR-inspired look with jean short shorts and my two-tone red/white shades from Nasty Gal.”

Sophie / 29 / Brooklyn / Writer

“Outfit & Summer Thoughts: I was so stoked to wear this summer outfit. It is a leather (romper? overalls? Let’s go with overalls) that I have over just an old black tank top from the Salvation Army. This is the first overall/romper I have worn since childhood, and I know in my heart it’s the right one for me. My socks and shoes are from this place around the corner from my apartment; I have been wanting gold glitter shoes forever and I have decided this summer is my time and season to break them out. I’ve been making the most of this warm weather, which means spending time with friends and eating things at BBQs. I love hot dogs.”

Steinunn / 25-ish / Iceland / Queer parent of two little rescue kitties, otherwise currently unemployed

“We finally got decently warm weather here in Iceland, so I decided to bust out my summer clothes: decent sneakers, my most comfortable jeans, a shirt that works with both a bra and a binder, and an open-weave knit shirt. We haven’t had many too warm sunny days yet, but I already had ice cream, and ate grill food for dinner! Photo taken by my little sister, at around half past nine in the evening, May 20th.”

Andy / 27 / Cleveland / Software engineer

“Flowing maxi dresses and skirts are my favorite for summer — or actually, any time that the weather won’t destroy them. I’ve been enjoying the warm weather here in Cleveland by biking, going to outdoor events, and just enjoying the sun.”

Melia / 21 / St. Louis, MO / Stage Manager + Student

“I spend six days a week in a dark theater wearing all black, so my style on my days off is a mess of all the things I can’t wear while working a show: lightweight fabrics, bright colors, and fun prints. I bought this blouse on clearance at Anthropologie and it’s probably my favorite piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.”

Maggie / 23 / Washington, D.C. / Non-Profit Communications Coordinator and Youtuber

“I worked this double denim ensemble while on vacation with my partner! This boardwalk outfit is comfy and casual and the half tuck makes it very ~cool~. Summer seems like an appropriate time to wear a lot of denim, doesn’t it?”

Erika / San Francisco, CA / Video editor

“Is that me just sitting on a hilly San Francisco sidewalk? Oh, yes it is. Something about showing your thighs — just from the mid-thigh down — is so damn sexy, I can’t explain it! Cutoffs for daaays.”

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  1. Y’all look SO FUCKING CUTE.

    The weather here isn’t “finally good”, it’s TOO FUCKING HOT. I’m using it as an excuse not to wear bras <3.

  2. I have been wrapped in jumpers and blankets and scarves since I don’t know when. Bless all of you and your sunshine

  3. Everyone here looks so amazing and so comfortable with themselves! Something tells me those two things are related ?

    I’m pretty timid about style changes and experimenting with my gender expression, but y’all inspire me! I may finally tiptoe out of that particular closet…

    • Haha! Thanks! I didn’t *quite* realise how it was gonna look til I saw the photo afterwards :)

  4. Erin from San Jose I need you to know that your photo has inspired me to get a pair of Cortezes for the summer! My mom is currently roasting me for wanting to wear the same shoes that I wore as an 8 year old but I. AM. THRILLED.

    • That gets me so pumped. Cortezes were a staple of my youth. Sometimes you just need to go back to your root, age 31 and all.

  5. So excited to see Kristen looking fantastic in here! I love the SafeWordSociety podcast! You all should check it out if you haven’t listened to it yet.

    Everyone looks so cool for the summer :)

  6. Ok, how come all of you look like you have professional photographers for your fashion blogs?

    (by which I mean wow, you all look amazing)

  7. I just take a lot of issue with the idea that summer isn’t the fucking awful worst

    Everyone is cute but that doesnt make me hate summer any less

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