VIDEO: Orange is the New Black’s Christmas Carol Medley

Brittani’s Team Pick

In unsurprising news, the ladies of Orange is the New Black continue to be perfect. Danielle Brooks (Taystee) and Uzo Aduba (Sue) put together a short medley of Christmas Songs with the help of the 15th episode of the sixth season of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Oh Honey. Just kidding, Oh Honey is a band of white elves. Did I need to say white? Are elves always white? Were there any non-white elves in the movie Elf? I’ve lost focus. Just watch the video of Brooks and Aduba jamming in a backyard, adorning themselves with lights, and enacting death by silly string.

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      Agreed. If it was the OITNB cast singing Christmas carols to me all December, I’d actually be really into Christmas music instead of grumpily tolerant of having to hear to that horrible Wham song over and over.

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    Normally Christmas music makes me clutch my head and run around in circles of increasing panic, but but but but but this is SO happy.

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    Brittani: Pretty sure all elves in “Elf” are white. The most racially diverse group of elves I know of is in Dungeons and Dragons (and even that selection is mostly fair-skinned).

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      I’m so sad about the lack of elves of color in Elf! It’s one of my favorite movies, but I never noticed, despite being a WOC (I’m sure Frantz Fanon would have something to say about that). We should start a group: Lisas for Elfish Diversity?

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        You’ve got it, Lisa. There’s really no reason for only white elves, either. The species lives from the North Pole to New Zealand.

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    Yo this lack of Christmas music appreciation in this post. This brings three beautiful things (xmas music, Danielle Brooks, and Uzo Aduba) together into one amazing video.

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    This is the best xmas music ever! (this coming from a person whose dad had the radio tuned to xmas music the entire time I was home for Thanksgiving) There’s only so much traditional xmas music a person can take!

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    So amazing! I love christmas music and Uzo Abuda and Danielle Brookes so it was bound to be a winner. I wish Samira Wiley had been involved. Time to rewatch OITNB?

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    I love how Crazy Eyes is doing her crazy eyes for us. She’s too cute. I only wish Poussey was in it. Ugh, I feel weird about having such a huge crush on a fictional character

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      I totally saw her in Godspell on Broadway too. I was there to see Darren Criss in How To Succeed and saw Godspell because Telly Leung was in it. Everyone was so good! Was Hunter Parish Jesus in your show?

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        Yes! He was so wonderful! I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert during that same trip. Incredibleeee. Godspell was a total whim and I’m so so glad I saw it with such a cool cast. Also trampolines.

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          Ha, I totally forgot about the trampolines. I actually saw Pricilla too but on a different trip. We got to the TKTS booth late and it was the only good show left. We didn’t know it was based on a movie and were impressed it actually had a plot. We were very impressed by the oldest drag queen and the little boy.

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