GLAAD Awards Los Angeles: What is Ilene Chaiken WEARING?

The uber-wise Angela Chase once declared that “there’s something about Sunday night that makes you want to kill yourself.” Here at Autostraddle, we’re not into suicide, so from now on Sunday will be a day of happiness where we’ll only tell you about happy things, just like Jesus would’ve wanted.

Speaking of Jesus and the gays who love him — BONUS! Tonight this post starts early (it’s 2:44 A.M. EST) so we can bring you super-fast coverage of the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, California. This will be one of those evolving posts — check in today, check in tomorrow, you never know what’ll show up. Let’s begin. (UPDATE: The passionate people of have uploaded a bootleg vid of The L Word’s part — if you want to witness the Chaiken Awkwardness in all its glory!)

Our super-secret GLAAD Awards inside scooper reports: “I was just at the VIP Room at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards after-party with such Celesbians as Ilene Chaiken –“

Okay pause. Ilene Chaiken. Here’s your Open Caption of the night:



I believe Ilene created this dress using leftover fabric from the Season Six promo shoot and possibly borrowed the shoes from her roommate? The white ribbon is for a cause, I’m guessing The Pregnant Man Fund or Narcissistic Personality Disorder Awareness. UPDATE: A lot of guests are wearing this ribbon, therefore it’s probs for something important so I apologize in advance for offending. Maybe it’s Poor Blogger Awareness, then I’ll really wanna stick one of those striking feet in my mouth. UPDATE: It’s for White Knot Campaign for marriage equality. Love it, I want one, it’s perfect, for my favorite wedding photographer Robin, ’cause she was linked by!


Secret Correspondent Report Ctd.: I was backstage with Jennifer Beals –“



“… Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig —

kate moennig+

leisha hailey



Happy and Comfortable …


glaad ilene leisha kate alan… Awkward Family Photo where Ilene is the grandmother trying too hard. Actually makes me feel sad a little for IFC. ALMOST.


jennifer beals, ilene chaiken, kate moennig, leisha hailey

Here we have the L Word Team: Jennifer Beals, Ilene Chaiken, Katherine Moennig (are those LOHAN LEGGINGS?) and Leisha Hailey. I think Ilene is explaining how on the sixth day, she created Phyllis, Papi and Jodi and she said, it was good. And on the seventh day, she rested and she said it was good. And everyone else said it was bad, and she was like “F*ck you guys, I’m the Lord your G-d.”

Our special reporter reports:Ilene Chaiken was wearing something weird, it was like a dress but it had been altered weirdly? She was really awkward on stage and she talked for like twenty minutes and everyone backstage was like IS SHE STILL TALKING?”

The ladies were accepting a Special Recognition Award for the following reason: “When the final episode airs this year, The L Word will leave a lasting impact for bringing new visibility to issues faced by lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people to primetime drama, and, in turn, to an appreciative and devoted audience of fans worldwide, gay and straight alike …”

jennifer beals ilene chaiken Clearly Ilene wants a little bit more Bette Porter, just as we all do. Or perhaps she is hoping to divine the secret of greatness from Jennifer’s amazing tits. Who knows? One cannot question The Chaik.


“Alan Cumming looked so f*cking gorgeous I can’t even tell you –“

Alan Cumming GLAAD Awards


“Kathy Griffin paraded around backstage in her robe barefoot and then came out in a bikini and everyone clapped ’cause she looked so f*cking hot–

kathy griffinKathy Griffin — looking forward to the episode where she goes home after the awards and eats two pineapple pizzas.

Kathy was given the Vanguard Award for “media professionals who, through their work, have increased the visibility and understanding of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”


[T.R. Knight, Kathy Griffin, Neil Giuliano]

“There was also a drag queen who was dressed as Kathy Griffin which was confusing to me–“

coco peru as kathy griffin+

“Thea Gill looked really beautiful, she had a really elegant gown on.”

Thea Gill GLAAD Media Awards


“Megan Mullally & Julia Louis-Dreyfus, SO HOT!”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Megan Mullally

Julia & Megan accepted the award for Outstanding Individual Episode (in a series without an LGBT character): “Unidentified Funk” The New Adventures of Old Christine (CBS).


“Cheyenne Jackson sang and he was fucking awesome. He’s a very pretty man.”

Cheyenne Jackson


Here’s Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi — Ellen was honored for the episode of her show that detailed her wedding to Portia De Rossi.

ellen portia glaad awards

“Desperate Housewives” was awarded Outstanding Comedy Series and “Milk” for Outstanding film. I have absolutely no freakin’ clue how Desperate Housewives earned that award, butttt go MILK!

And here’s your gallery of everyone you want to see, including Jane Lynch [She Who Can Do No Wrong], Jessica Alba, Emmet Honeycut and Rickie from My So-Called Life.

In Other News:

Sunday Afternoons, written & directed by Erin Daniels (Dana Fairbanks, The L Word) will premiere at the Newport Film Festival at the crack o’dawn (11:45 AM) on April 26th.

Variety reports that TV has matured in its depiciton of Sexuality: “For Jennifer Beals, the actress who starred in “The L Word,” playing gay may have been the best thing to happen to her career: “I’m getting fantastic offers right now, better than before I did the series.”

USA Today says “Hollywood Sends Message of Hope at GLAAD Awards.” (@usa today)

People Magazine quotes Ellen DeGeneres: “Love comes in lots of different forms. I am flabbergasted by the fact that we’re still trying to fight. I am not trying to fight for gay rights – I am trying to fight for equal rights.”

Harvey Milk & gay Long Island activists honored at “hometown hero” gala — A;ex was totes there! (@newsday)


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    • Much like Jodi, Ilene develops her art from conceptual ideas and this is the best representation of Season 6 she could find. I think.

    • writing a series of nonsensical stale unrelated lines of dialogue does not make it a show. ilene has a lot of issues.

  1. well Ilene had a trash bag where she kept all of her ideas for “the farm” , but seeing as that didn’t work out she decided to make a dress out of it

    • Jenny wore the same dress to that wedding in season five! Ilene just let down the skirt and wrapped it up.

  2. 1.) Is Ilene crying on Jennifer, how did you let me wear this dress?
    2.) How adorable are Kate and Leisha. Did they walk the red carpet? I would love to see pictures of them.
    3.) I know I am going to get it for this statement but I am a little sick of Jennifer Beals, she is everywhere. That said her dress is hot!!

    It looks like a fun night. Haviland and Alexi are lucky girls!

  3. Just fyi: The ribbon IFC and others are wearing is for the White Knot Campaign for marriage equality. The more you know!

  4. J Beals looks happy and relaxed in all photos except those with Ilene in them, wherein she looks like she wants to vomit. Particularly where she’s being touched. Particularly the Awkward Family Photo – feel the animosity..

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  6. The pic of JB, IC, KM and LH on the stage was hilarious because they were all standing so far apart. KM was looking pretty grim in thos pics on stage.

  7. Did they do the upcoming L Word interview b4 or after these pics? Lol…that may explain stuff?

    Jen Beals looked amaaaazing as she always does….Kate M. looked hot so did Leisha.

    Ummm IFC? LMAO at that dress. She looked umm “trash”y, yes puhhhhlease have pun with that description.

    And Kate looked like “oh my gawd, why am I here?” on stage with IFC – but looked relaxed in photos with JB and LH.

    Maybe KM was upset with what IFC was droning on about in her speech? (What the hell was she talking about anyway?…Why give her stage time???)

    And the pic with JB and IFC and the comment about wanting more Bette Porter, was frickin’ hillarious, dead on, and f’ing fantastic, to whoever did the captions.

    • I did the captions, obvs! Who else is insane enough to stay up ’til 5AM to be the first place covering the glaad awards I didn’t even attend, obvs only me. :-)

      I think she was talking about telling stories and killing characters or something, she looks very godly. I’m actually afraid to watch the video, I think it will make me feel weird for her and I have to save up my energy for tomorrow.

  8. Funny stuff. I was looking for your coverage of the A list awards. Did I miss that? If so, can you point me in the direction of it? Given your usual coverage of anything and everything TLW, I just assumed you would cover it because Laurel Holloman was there and she was gorgeous and sexy as usual and her speech was hilarious and poignant as well.

    Genius really how she contrasted her and JB winning an award for the sexiest scene while the draconian Prop 8 gets passed. She was so spot on. I loved how Laurel made Bruce Villanch laughed heartily at what she said.

    I hope you did cover it as you did the Glaad Awards as I love to read about all of the ladies especially when they created tons of buzz as Laurel did.

  9. well ya gotta hand it to IC.. it’d be a complete disappointment if she had worn something we couldn’t make fun of

  10. Gezz, she prattled on for just over 7 minutes. It was long and uncomfortable and eventually the person videotaping what I saw stopped focusing on anyone but IFC b/c JB, KM and LH were all kinda scowling like “when will our obligations to this woman ever end?”

    I do feel bad for her. I mean, you need to be mentally ill not to feel worried/sad/scared that so many people have it out for you…

    Poor headcase, I’m sure she can afford therapy tho (as long as she didn’t spend it all on that dress.)

  11. the LA GLAAD awards looks shinier and happier than the NYC GLAAD awards. sad face.

    also, any crush I ever had on kate moennig is gone. it was already gone but now it’s definitely gone. i like her, but… not my scene.

    also ellen’s hair is looking much edgier than normal, go ellen! (additionally, I think I know what happened to my misplaced tie… ellen is clearly wearing it)

  12. Love your AfterEllen response:

    “As you know I only shop at TJ Maxx and therefore am always indifferent to what people are wearing but I was on the edge of my seat for the Ilene Chaiken “what are you wearing” reveal. Unfortunately I lost the office pool when she didn’t credit Hefty, Zip-Loc or Papi’s Go-To Hat Parlor Micheal’s Craft Store.”

  13. Jennifer looks so hot.

    That’s really all that can be said. Not even Ilene’s weird bag thing or continual unimportant talking can hamper J.Beals and that yellow dress. Unf.

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