No Filter: The Day Leisha Hailey’s Childhood Haircut Broke The Internet

Welcome back to No Filter, wherein we survey the week in celebrity Instagram and see that it is good. This week, Kristen Stewart (who to my knowledge still does not have a public Insta and likely never will) took her girlfriend Alicia Cargile to visit her dad for Father’s Day. Lots of other famous people did important things! Let’s quit wasting time and get right to it.
Newly single Demi Lovato getting ready for her date with Mey.

Danielle Brooks went to the Dominican Republic, put on this half-sleeve of temporary tattoos, looks tough.

No witty retort, I just really liked this picture.

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Just chillin' out before the show…

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Laura Jane Grace is not properly dressed to be locked in a refrigerator, but Laura Jane Grace also seems to hate wearing sleeves, so.

Tegan and Sara seem like they’re on a mission to creep me out at this point. IT’S WORKING.

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Brought to you by boob tape.

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Photographic proof (if you needed it) that Samira Wiley is still speaking to Lauren Morelli.

The fact that baby Leisha’s bowl cut is arguably not the most amazing part of this photograph is pretty impressive.

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What a cutie

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No Filter staple Brittani Nichols, lookin’ cute at the San Francisco screening of Suicide Kale at Frameline.

I bet if Ruby Rose made this terrible dad joke to your face you’d laugh.

Join us next week, when Danielle Brooks’ temporary tattoos will have been washed away, but the memory of how fantastic they looked will be with us forever.

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  1. Laura Jane Grace… for once it’s not heartbreaking to see a queer woman get fridged.

  2. ALSO, Gina Rodriguez tweeted that she’s attracted to “hearts” and not gender and I’m DYING, Y’ALL

  3. I laughed at the comb joke. Oh god. I can’t stop laughing at the stupid comb. Why can’t I just brush this off?!

    • You really need to get a handle on yourself before someone bristles at all the noise.

      • It may not happened because people may be conditioned to ignore uproars about Ruby Rose.

  4. Queers are so goddamned attractive but today’s special stars are Laura Jane grace and Brittani Nichols. Samira Wiley is beautiful 100% of the time but my favorite is when she makes the eyes that make you want to cry because you’re like ARE YOU A BUTCH DISNEY PRINCESS ARE YOU PRETTY AND NICE AND PAYING ATTENTION TO ME I DONT UNDERSTAND WHATS HAPPENING. Sometimes she makes eyes like that in oitnb, but we will never see those again, fuck those dudes. Also I feel like a weirdo for yelling on the internet about how attractive strangers are and it’s not yet 9:30 am.

      • yesssssss like a friend to animals but carries a pocket knife for whittling and cutting fruit and shit and knows the names of constellations.

  5. Leisha Hailey and her sister in that photo are definitive proof that two people can wear the exact same outfit and still pull off entirely different gender presentations

  6. Danielle Brooks and Brittani Nichols: proof of climate change.

    It’s only going to get hotter, folks.

  7. Yoooo I was on that Tegan and Sara bus (in the front of that pic with my twin cropped out lol) and I can confirm that while it was very cute and exciting it was also a little creepy to be surrounded by a bunch of twins!

    Particular shout out to the twins who didn’t even like T&S and were just there to hang out with other twins and kept trying to get us all to go to the twin convention in Ohio ???

      • I think that’s where you go if you like, have telepathy with your twin and wanna marry another set of twins and have a double wedding. . .

        • I have a client who married the twin of her twin’s husband.

          Ok..I have no idea how to make that sentence sound like it makes sense, but it always seemed really odd to me. They both changed their last names to their husband’s last names too.

      • The two guys in the back of the pic with Love You to Death Tshirts – they were so hype about it

    • I want your sunglasses!

      Also, twin power!! I’ve watched a doco about twincon and I don’t know how to feel about it.

  8. Sorry Mey, but I think Demi is getting ready for her date with Selena Gomez. They’ve always been a secret couple in my headcanon.

  9. Loved the photo with the windmills, too. Perfect caption.

    And I’m so jealous of Leisha Hailey. There came a time in my life where I secretly really wanted a bowl cut – and later classic 90s boyband hair! – but was way too embarrassed to ever mention it. So I took it out by bullying other girls with short hair, go figure. :/ Leisha, on the other hand, was obviously some kind of brave.

    Happy ending, though: I now have the boyband haircut I always wanted! (And have long stopped harassing people for their personal presentations, YAY!)

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