No Filter: Samira Wiley Is King of the Mountain

Welcome back to No Filter, a gathering of the week’s best posts in queer celebrity Instagram. This week, I was really excited because Evan Rachel Wood posted a video of herself witnessing her own name as an answer in a game of Heads Up (her clue was, “You’re looking at her right now!”), but then she unceremoniously deleted the post, as though she had been attempting to sabotage this column and its livelihood.

Yvonne wanted to make sure you guys knew about this VERY important shirt Ingrid Nilsen is rocking these days.


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Here are some of my @megmovie memories.. awww ❤️?

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Hey guys! I finally saw The Meg and Ruby Rose was better than I thought she would be in it. Here she is with one of the four(? unless you count the shark) female characters in the whole movie. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty reasonably sure that at no point does any of them talk to one another about anything other than a man; I’m not sure Ruby Rose’s character Jax even talks to another woman throughout the entire film? I am 100% behind Ruby as an action star.

I am still trying to comprehend what happened last night. YOU ALL WON US A MOON PERSON. Like. When they gave this to me I couldn’t formulate words properly so I need to take a moment to thank you. This isn’t about a trophy. It’s about representation and opportunity. And I wanna thank everyone who has been along on this journey with me from the beginning. Every single video, every single fan, every single friend, thank you. To everyone out there who’s striving and working to achieve their dreams .. this is proof that every time someone tells you no because your not straight enough, masculine enough, feminine enough, or simply that you are just not enough, you are more than enough. And you can do this. So keep going. This is dedicated 100% to my fans. I love you. I AM FREAKING OUT

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Hayley Kiyoko won a moon man and is losing her GODDAMN MIND.

If you know, you know.

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Um, I don’t know the entire movie Waiting to Exhale by heart or anything, it’s fine. I WATCH THAT MOVIE EVERY TIME I HAVE A BREAKUP AND I AM NOT OK.

Would you battle my seven evil exes to win my heart? ?

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Wedding ? Tasting > Wedding ? Tasting

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Probably the rudest thing people can do is post about their wedding specifically to people they’re not planning to invite, so I can only assume I’m being invited to Stephanie Beatriz’s wedding to try all these beers…?

? @thealfieshow

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Sometimes during a rough week it helps just to know Samira Wiley is out there sitting on a rock. Shout out to the person who commented, “So glad u didn’t actually die,” which I’m sure was reassuring for Samira to read.

gay dyke hoes

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This is just so gay that I need to take a minute to breathe.

Great meeting and good times with @showtime tonight for #thelword ?

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Excuse me, what’s going on HERE? Are Shane, Bette and Alice having another spiritual awakening? Does it involve Yoplait?

We out chea @forksandvinyl ?: @erinmcgown

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Brittani Nichols seems to have paused her routine of going to a different twee wedding every weekend and appears to have changed her plans to attending different curated dinners instead?

Join us next week for tea and an entire thesis on Waiting to Exhale, the most important film of our time.

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    • i’ve never seen vanderpump rules but i think anybody could have played jax’s character, the character could have been played by the shark.
      i do want you to see the meg though so i have somebody to talk about the meg with since nobody else is ever going to see this silly movie, not even my friend meg who keeps taking pictures in front of the posters.
      the meg!!!

    • That is a very good point. On one hike I took a few years back I bumped into a local youtube celeb just around the corner. So, it’s very possible one of us could bump into her.

  1. Hayley Kiyoko is an adorable princess and I am so happy for her!

    I also love(d) Waiting to Exhale. Pretty sure I still have some songs from the soundtrack on my phone.

    Amandla Stenberg and King Princess are the cutest lil gaybies.

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