No Filter: Oprah Hangs With Danielle Brooks, Probably Yells Her Name

Welcome back to No Filter, where dreams come true. This week, my particular dream was to cover a slew of celesbians we don’t cover nearly enough. Like, I’m happy that Kate Moennig is getting some sun and that Ruby Rose is hangin’ out on a waterslide and everything, but we can’t coo over Ellen Page’s girlfriend’s dog every week, y’know? If you have ideas for other famous queers we could be following and dissecting, please let me know. In the meantime, I humbly give you this, the fruits of my (creepy) labors.

Unexpected blessings!! @bwaycolorpurple Mother O!

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Are you ever just casually hanging out at your job and Oprah shows up? Me neither, but I guess it just happened to Danielle Brooks. I’d like to imagine that her reaction was similar to Liz Lemon’s. True fact: I have spent hours of my life trying to determine which members of the Autostraddle staff have names that are the most satisfying to yell in an Oprah voice (determined: it’s a tie between Carolyn Yates and Robin Roemer).

Idk what the hell I'm doing. ? Somebody please tell Dan Smith to come holler at ya girl. (NYC knows what I'm talm bout)! ?

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Samira, I am here with three chords and a dream and all I want is to teach you guitar.

#AuNaturale #NoMakeup #NoFilter #NoWeave #washfacenobase #TransIsBeautiful

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Newsflash: Laverne Cox sans makeup: still a babe.

Were you ready for Megan Rapinoe with a baby? No, no you were not.

It was Dannielle Owens-Reid’s birthday this week so I thought I’d celebrate by posting this gorgeous picture of her, which as of this posting has 666 likes.

Paris blues. ? by @mykalmonroe

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Janelle Monae is a goddamn vision.

I dunno, I didn’t know Michelle Rodriguez even had Instagram but it occured to me that if she did it would probably be a pretty good time. Turns out she uses it to post a lot of inspirational quotes and professional photos of herself. Here she is a few weeks ago, teaching Demi Lovato the secrets of the great queer ocean.

Yassssss L.A. Sunny & Warm welcome #CaliVaca 81 degrees ????

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News broke that AzMarie broke up with Raven-Symone this week (because like, come on), so here she is looking super ready for the hug you’re about to give her. Kiddo, you’re gonna be juuuust fine.

Gotta keep it fly. The Delinquent bun is what I named her.

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I have been staring at this impressive haircut via Nneka Onuorah for roughly four full minutes.

I'M ABOUT TO EAT DORITO NACHOS. #bigskycomedy #lifegoals

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Lastly, I give you Elicia Sanchez, a true American hero.

Join us next week, when we teach Samira Wiley an untold number of additional instruments, like maybe the melodica and/or the trombone.

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