No Filter: Jasika Nicole And Kristin Russo Enter The Dangerous World Of Crafts

Welcome back to No Filter, a once-weekly jaunt through the annals of queer celebrity social media. What a dream! This week in news, the ghost of Kristen Stewart attended a photo exhibition, Gossip Cop did the Important Work of investigating rumors that Paris Jackson might have a crush on Cara Delevingne and our friend Evan Rachel Wood came clean with a bold new life decision:

Also, in news that isn’t really all that vapid, Halsey expressed some frustration with misconceptions about bisexuality and ERWB totally understood.

Bisexual representation, you can stay. Anyway, here’s some Instagram.

I love a good go-to photo face; here are three of them.

Me in my natural habitat (Photo by @erichutchinson)

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Lauren Morelli, cackling wildly in the face of knowledge.

Now you know.

A candid talk about toxic masculinity, sexual assault, harassment, and where we go from here. Thanks for having me and for continuing the conversation. Thnx for the clips @johnnysibilly #Repost @jenbgiggles ・・・ Standard semi jaundice lighting. An amazing #ladyfreak show to close out a very loud and profound year. Special thanks to @mena13suvari @tracelysette @iamstephbeatz @michaelawat #carolineheldman and my lovely co-host @graceparra360 (crazy carny) producer @lizbohnsack and @ucbsunset It really meant a tremendous amount that these women showed up to share, educate and support. Happy Holidays. Thank you for being a part of the bigger conversation #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #oldtimeysayings #carolineheldman #mentalhealth #jaundice #lgbtq #womeninfilm

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I’m going to include this photograph from Trace Lysette’s insta feed because confirmed bisexual Stephanie Beatriz is in it (along with a huge group of other badasses) and also you can’t stop me.

I will tell you the same thing I told Gaby about this photo, which is that this season of Westworld is very confusing.

Hayley Kiyoko just wishes for your continued success.

Kristin Russo cannot friggin believe she made a pillowcase and Jasika Nicole can’t friggin believe they didn’t make an entire outfit plus a five-course meal. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTIN, YOU SHINING STAR.


Valerie Anne would like for us to discuss this adorable situation. It’s nice that these two gals are such good friends!


I think “casually draped over a couch” Sarah Paulson is my second favorite Sarah Paulson, second only to “matchy-matchy outfits with Holland Taylor” Sarah Paulson.

Happy Holidays from us! Hair: laid by @johnnywright220 Makeup: slayed by @mjr_makeup

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EVEN MORE LAUREN MORELLI because look how jazzed these two are. Shout out to user mayralopez1286, who helpfully told Samira, “you look like a teacher lol.”

Lastly, my good friends:

Join us next week, when I actually do expect some matchy-matchy photos of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor; don’t let us down kids!

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  1. I am not good at “the culture,” so I have not heard of 90% of these people outside of this particular column, and thus when I see them in some other context, I’m always like “oh, (insert name) of Autostraddle’s Vapid Fluff. I know who that is.” I don’t. I don’t know anything.

    • When I first discovered Autostraddle and Vapid Fluff I had this reaction of “Oh my god is this why people care about celebrities and tabloids are a thing?!! This makes so much sense now!!” I’ve calmed down a bit since and equilibrated to somewhere between my old “I don’t give a fuck” and my new “prying into celebrities lives is so much fun when they’re not straight!”

  2. Am I the only one that melted when Carrier made her face? Also, I half way through this seasons Search Party and I’m still liking it. Really like the fact that Dori is Iraqi, which was said very casually, and is played by Alia an actual Iraqi.

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