No Filter: In The Bedroom With Samira Wiley

Welcome back to No Filter, your weekly stroll through the beautiful botanical garden that is celebrity Instagram. This week, Rita Ora said her relationship with Cara Delevingne was “ambiguous” and then Cara Delevingne and probable homosexual Kendall Jenner had a “sex adventure.” What does that mean? I guess it means they went to the Sex Museum and pounded boob jello shots. What are boob jello shots? Um, this:

? big ones, small ones, some the size of your head. You give em a twist, a flick of the wrist ?

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"You know how I do, and you know how I flow" ?? On my 1996 702 swag #steelo P.S. Clean your room, Samira

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Samira Wiley’s room is like 300x more put-together than my room but OK, I can roll with this.

I ❤️ Barcelona

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Actual real life photo of #whatiworetowalkmydog ??

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What’s that Jasika? Making some clothes? BIG SURPRISE.

Refuse to caption #autostraddlecamp

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This is the most gentle, soothing thing.

P cool bday gift. (You guys get it, right?) (thx @eliolsberg)

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Who let Gaby Dunn acquire more bisexual outfits?

WIFE MATERIAL #hotcheetos #qtpoc #loverboi

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Last but certainly not least, Gabby Rivera prioritizes.

Join us next week, when Kristen Vangsness may or may not still be in the hot tub…

Hot Tub Wine Machine. SO ready for Season 13. #ladiesontop @crimmindscbs

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  1. Speaking of Samira Wiley, hot damn she’s incredible in this week’s Handmaid’s Tale. That was one for the Emmy reel. I’m so happy for her that she was able to so quickly become indelible in another memorable role in prestige TV, that’s not easy to do when your introduction is as beloved (and grieved) as Poussey. She’s awesome.

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