You Heard it Here Last: Black Swan Lesbian Sex Scene Video w/Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis

All these dude websites have this video up and it’s GOING VIRAL so we thought we would share it with an audience who could truly appreciate it. (In other words, [redacted] didn’t write a daily fix today and we’ve got about two hours left to fulfill our Daily Posting Quota).

I watched Closer again the other night BTW (it’s my favorite play/movie/everything) so I have a lot of feelings about Natalie Portman. Also I HATED That 70s Show with a bitter, burning, black swany vengeance. Mila Kunis is from That 70s Show. She’s in this scene with Natalie Portman. You know I really enjoy Natalie Portman. She speaks to a certain manic pixie dreamgirl demographic I have a lot of respect for, or maybe here I’m just thinking about how much I love Closer and also the under-appreciated 90’s film Beautiful Girls. I just told you that for no reason, mostly so that I could have enough text in this post to make it feel real and not have a commenter I respect call us out for phoning it in.

Somehow getting this scene out of the way makes the prospect of traveling to the cinema and purchasing a ticket and sitting in a seat and watching a screen for two hours less daunting.

Maybe just read this beautifully written Black Swan review, by Internicaine Katrina, and then go see the movie. Because um, there is more to a movie than a 2-minute “lesbian sex” scene. For real. It’s kinda ridiculous what gets people off these days. Actual lesbian sex? Longer/hotter than this will ever be. Though that tattoo is ace.

Uploaded by EgotasticMedia. – Find more steamy, sexy videos.

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  1. I am so relieved that someone else hates That 70s Show. I used to like it and then all of a sudden I was like, “Holy shit, this is getting OLD.” Now when I see it on the tv I cringe. I don’t even like watching the channels next to it when it’s on.

    • I *hated* That 70’s Show. And I think the vast majority of that cast was comprised of total douches. But I actually love Mila Kunis for reasons I can’t explain. I just have loved her in everything else she has done. I rooted for her over VERONICA MARS in Forgetting Sara Marshall (not that I was that invested either way).

      If I had to choose two people to do well from that series it would have to be Topher Grace and Mila Kunis so things are working out well.

  2. I was in love with Natalie Portman in high school. I probably would have realized my homo-awesomeness about 3 years earlier if this came out around that time, instead I insisted I was a republican and made up stupid excuses to support the claim.

    Since then I’ve seen the light and IT ALL GOT BETTER!

    • The more I see Mila in now, the more I see a resemblance to Angelina Jolie. And this is only a good thing!

    • My thoughts exactly! Just as I’m about to get way into it then.. wait.. WTF.

      I’ve heard good things though, so I hope to see it soon.

  3. I guess… it only lasted a mere 2 mins, baby when I meet my specially lady it’ll a WHOLE lot longer than that :P hollywood sex is so predictable, moan groan, louder louder, typical….great movie i just don’t feel the passion of the this scene, basically i didn’t get wet. just being honest! freedom of speech!!!

    • Yeah, my first thought was that it was super short. Two minutes is barely scratching the surface of lesbian sex! ;)

  4. *Ouch* That first point of contact looked like it might have hurt! Do girls really run across the room and smash together like that?? And as for the climax, well, it seemed rather anti-climactic…awww…but still, Natalie Portman…yum.

    • that was my first thought. “Holy. They just collided in the mouth”

      My next thought was also tooth related. I enjoy looking at Natalie Portman from the vantage point of seeing her upper teeth. Then I thought about what I would look like from that angle when I orgasm, and I don’t think it would be nearly as pretty. My O face probably looks more like a child birthing face than her beautifully elegant, slightly parted jaws.

      I should probably focus less on teeth and O faces. This is probably why I don’t like porn.

    • Ditto. I was supposed to go see this movie with my friends on Thursday, but now I’m kind of thankful that I’ve been scheduled for work. IMO this is a really shitty depiction of the sex I as a gaymo apparently have… it would be so fucking awkward to sit beside three straight girls and have them think that that’s what goes on. I’m sure the movie has other good qualities (I admit to not having read Katrina’s review yet) but so far, I am a lot more impressed with the posters than with this badly-acted two minute clip.

      • I really hope this short clip doesn’t discourage some people who previously wanted to see the movie. I can certainly recommend it. The sex scene isn’t really what it seems to be, and is only used to emphasise a point instead of making one. I wouldn’t even go out of my way to call it a movie with ‘lesbian content’, because the sex of the people involved isn’t hugely important.

  5. So I’m thinking I have a superpowered gaydar? ‘Cos I heard about this movie ages ago which made me be all ballerinas-rainbows-unicorns-Natalie Portman-fairydust-tinsel-and-mulled-winey. Then I’m having all these magical ballerina leg ideas and BAM! It’s actually a ballerina movie with lesbian lovin’ and Natalie Portman in. And then my friend is all “we should see this together”. Next day, she’s had too much vodka and she’s crawling into my lap and saying “let’s play Black Swan” and BAM!

    I love Christmas.

    • Sort of? It’s kind of complicated. Mostly because Natalie Portman’s character is going insane.


      Basically, she’s hallucinating the whole thing, presumably because she can’t deal with sexuality of any kind. At the end, I think it switches from being Lily/Mila to being Natalie/Nina (so, her doppleganger was going down on her? there’s a whole bunch of masturbation stuff in the movie, too, so it may be a metaphor), who then says “Sweet girl,” which is what Nina’s psycho mother calls her, and then smothers her. Since the whole thing is a hallucination, Nina wakes up physically ok, but still good and crazy, the next morning.

  6. Am I the only person who wonders just how “real” sex is when they film it? Especially that scene. Like…was Natalie wearing another pair of underwear down there or was Mila making out with the bed…seriously, I have so many questions and I want answers.

    Also, how can I have such an intense hallucination that Mila Kunis is going down on me? Do I have to trip on drugs too?

    Because I was always told drugs are bad. Like having sex with women is bad.

    I learned good in school.

  7. I just saw Black Swan with a friend last night, loved it, wanted more Natalie, went home and watched Closer. I <3 Autostraddle.

  8. Why all the hate? That scene is hot! Honestly, I’m a fan of any non-porn movie featuring cunnilingus…how many blow job scenes are there in mainstream comedies?! I’m pro-eating box in movies…and irl. Obvs. Apparently I’m the Norma Rae of oral sex onscreen.

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  10. I am going to see this with my mom and my 15 year old brother tomorrow. I keep trying to talk them out of it, to no avail. I think I should just brace myself for being extremely uncomfortable.

  11. Yeah, my first thought was that it was super short. Two minutes is barely scratching the surface of lesbian sex! You haven’t noticed how many lesbians have false front teeth?

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