My Drunk Kitchen 203: Hannah Hart Eats an MRE, Talks About Something More Interesting

Hannah Hart posted a video of herself kind of sort of attempting to maybe eat an MRE while getting absolutely wasted, and I learned that MRE stands for “Meal, Ready to Eat,” and everyone had a great day. Also, her hair looks really good in this, despite being really drunk, so props to her.

In other news, if anyone knows where she got her shark shirt, I will reward them with Tina Fey gifs and gratitude.

Additionally, if you would like to laugh like a crazy person and feel the worst second-hand awkwardness of your life, Harto was also on “Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting.” This is actually the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

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Intern Grace

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  1. I’ve been staring at the word on her shark t shirt for a while now, which is coincidentally around her chest area, but am still unable to discern what it is…probably because it’s around her chest area.

    Intern Grace, can I still get a gif for my ‘effort’?

  2. Ok, the shirt definitely says Bolinas California. Unfortunately Google didn’t help me find the shirt so that’s about all of the information that I can provide you with.

    Also, “I kinda like it cause it tastes like it’s been chewed before.”

    Oh Harto, I love you.

    And that second video made my day. Looooove it. The best awkwardness ever.

  3. The Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting clip was the best! Harto’s drunkenness is getting kinda old, it’s nice to know she can crack jokes sober too. Also, I’m definitely going to subscribe to Let’s Talk About….because they are hilarious!

  4. Just wanna say for the record that you’re supposed to put the meal IN the heater bag before you eat it, not just heat up the bag and wait for it to possibly explode while you eat cold MRE entree. In case…anyone cares.

    ALSO. If you get wheat snack bread and someone else got crackers, trade that shit. And then put the peanut butter on the crackers. And if you didn’t get peanut butter, trade everything else away until you get some. Trust me, people.

    • I came here to say the same thing.
      Except if you have the chocolate peanut butter and peanut m&ms, you better be prepared to fight to the death to keep that shit.

      Don’t be sad I also scored expert on MREs. I have the badge and everything. Eating them 3 times a day for a year or so will do that to ya.

      • Damn, I wish there were an MRE badge. I would get expert just because of my trading skills. I’ve started forgoing the entrees altogether and just gathering as much of the other shit as I can. Half the time, I’ll end up with three packs of crackers, two peanut butters, a biscuit, and nut mix. Ta-da, way better than maple sausage.

        • My co-workers and I used to trade MRE bits. It usually worked out pretty well because for every given MRE food, at least one of us didn’t hate it.

          Except the chicken. We all agreed that stuff was nasty.

          Also, we were in Florida, in the summer, and kept the MREs in the back of a pickup. Thus, the heaters were redundant and we mostly used them to blow up soda bottles.

  5. i have a serious question for you guys. is the fact that the second video kinda made me fall in love with milana indicative of my tendency to be attracted to crazy women or can i chalk it up to how hilarious she was?

  6. The best way I can articulate a response to MDK this week is to repeat what I said to a friend of mine about it:

    At 1:45 there’s a close-up of her chest. Yes. Yes, please keep showing us your chest. No! No, don’t move away!

  7. For a span of about two years I would challenge at least one person to a pushup contest every time I got drunk. It still happens now but like way less consistently.

    Anyway the main point of this comment is that Hannah Hart and I are clearly meant to be best friends/soulmates.

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