Music Fix: Uh Huh Her, Magnetic Fields, Regina Spektor, Gotye and More

This week in music a lot of artists put new music and videos on the internet.

Watch: Uh Huh Her’s New Video, “Wake To Sleep”
Features glam ballet dancers, hot musicians being hot, SYTYCD’s Sasha Mallory, and one or two Leisha Hailey Hair Flicks™. What more could you want?

Hear: Magnetic Fields’ New Album
Remember how we posted the music video for Magnetic Fields’ new single, “Andrew In Drag”? And everyone really liked it? I think their new record, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, will also impress. It’s officially released on March 6, however, thanks to NPR you can listen to the entire album right now. I think “Only Boy In Town” is my favorite track. Yours?

Magnetic Fields have also announced a stack of new tour dates including a spot at SXSW. Check it out.

Hear: Regina Spektor’s New Single
Regina Spektor
has released a new single called “All The Rowboats” and I really dig it, even with the surprise electronic beats. Do you like it? I thought you might like it. It’s been a few years between releases and I am not disappointed.

You can listen to the track on facebook if the music player doesn’t load for you. The single is out now on iTunes and the album, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats will drop sometime in May.

Hear: Kaiser Chiefs’ New(ish) Album
Mercury Prize-winning indie-pop rockers Kaiser Chiefs are releasing a new album, Start The Revolution Without Me, on March 6 in the United States. So it’s not exactly ‘new’; the album was released in the UK last year under a different title, The Future Is Medieval, however, sometimes artists re-brand and re-release things for a better shot at infiltrating the US market, I guess. Rolling Stone is streaming the album in full.

Has it worked for you, America? Have your ears and hearts been infiltrated?

Watch: Gotye’s New Video, ‘Easy Way Out’
It doesn’t feature a naked Kimbra, unfortunately, but nonetheless it’s charming in a unique Gotye kind of way.

Sleigh Bells Announce New US and Canadian Tour Dates
Sleigh Bells have added more dates to their Reign Of Terror tour! Are you going? I’ve realised that mentioning Sleigh Bells in the music fix = 3x more comments. It’s science.

Mrs Danvers to Rock the Rockwood, NYC
All female indie rock outfit Mrs Danvers are playing a big show at Rockwood Music Hall – Stage II on March 4, their last before heading to SXSW to showcase. They’re headlining Monkey Rock, an event put on community of NYC-based songwriters who will present ‘an evening of cutting-edge pop, rock, and folk’, which sounds pretty neat. Joining Mrs Danvers on the bill is Tamsin, Keenan O’Meara, Margaret Glaspy and Andy BurriMore details are over at the Facebook page.


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    The UHH video froze in the middle of Leisha Hailey’s first hair flick. My computer can’t even handle it.

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    Oh my goodness, a new Regina Spektor album? Does this mean she’ll be going on tour again?! I AM GOING TO DIE.

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    I think that Regina Spektor may well be my favourite human being in the history of the universe. That is all.

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    Regina is a goddess of sound.

    The Uh Huh Her video is good but why is Sasha being attacked by tinsel? It was distracting me through the whole video.

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      Yes dudettes, let us not forget Amy Ray! Someone who has campaigned so tirelessly for female/gay rock representation and is also, you know, a great musician and songwriter. The new album is really good, see above. I still can’t get over Prom and Stag, but it’s up there (also really liked the live versions of songs from Didn’t it Feel Kinder, just thought the album was way overproduced).

      The angry southern rock aspect is perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea, but as a formerly southern, rock-loving lesbo I gotta say I identify more with her work than with any other mainstream lgbt musician.

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    Just fan-girled over the new Regina Spektor.

    “But the most special are the most lonely.
    God, I pity the violins.”

    Regina gets 100 maddows for those lines alone.

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    I don’t think is very relevant, but can I just say how excited I am to see Ringo Starr play this summer!!!!!!!!! 😀 I’ll be able to say I got to at least see one Beatle live.

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    I can always count on Regina to surprise me with something different and not at all disappoint.

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    Wow, thanks for telling me about new Magnetic Fields and Regina albums, I wouldn’t have picked up on it otherwise.

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