Do You Even Better With Autostraddle Merch

It’s officially winter* and you know what that means: doldrums. Never fear my friends, we have all the Autostraddle swag you need to brighten even the greyest day.

Since leaving the house in the middle of July is never fun, how about you click right over to the Auto-Store and get yourself some swag.



Fact: your mittens need a home. Fact: the You Do You tote can be that place. It’s the perfect bag for all your wintertime needs including but not limited to ski goggles, tissues, leg warmers, hot potatoes and vitamin d tablets.



Take a break from you laptop with our extra special behind-the-scenes ‘zine. Curl up in front of your fireplace and get to know Riese, Laneia, Rachel and Autostraddle a little better.



The one and the only “Autostraddle This” t-shirts are BACK. This is the perfect shirt for closeted homos in the winter. Mainly because you almost certainly be wearing a hoodie which will conveniently cover the sexy back of the shirt. Those of you are are out can wear it in the style of that timeless lesbian look: long sleeves under short sleeves.


YOU DO YOU STICKERS – 1/$5, 3/$10, 8/$20

You can never have enough You Do You stickers. Case in point: Lizz recently travelled to Europe and managed to get a sticker on nearly every surface on the continent. There’s nothing especially winterish about them, but I guarantee that buying one will put a smile on your face.

That’s not all; we’ve still got the 2012 calendar girls calendar, which would be an ideal present for a newborn baby or returning astronaut who missed the first half of the year but still needs a sexy way to keep track the days from July to December. We’ve also got You Do You and Is It Sex? Flowchart posters for those of you with new down rooms to decorate in September.

*This post is dedicated to my oft-neglected upside-down friends. May you wear warm sweaters, drink hot cocoa and get plenty of snow days.

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  1. can I please please please buy an “is it sex” flowchart to freak out my potentially homophobic roommate?!?! I can hang it right next to my t&s signed poster and then have two ways to get cute girls back to my dorm.

  2. I somehow totally misunderstood this and thought you all were debuting autostraddle winterwear and got way too excited for my own good even though it’s summer where I happen to be.

    but can you imagine how awesome that would be?

    • autostraddle knit hats
      and scarves like football club scarves
      and the best of all cold weather clothes, mittens!

        • I thought this as well. Autostraddle def needs more wearable goods.

          knit hats! key chains! rings! whatever I would still wear it!

        • HELLO, hoodies? has this happened already and I just missed it? because otherwise, THIS SHOULD HAPPEN

        • OH GODDESS, YES. I feel like there are probably a significant amount of Straddlers who knit (myself very much included) who might want to put a pattern together and see what we can do about an AS scarf?!

  3. Im currently too cold to get out of my bed. I’m buying a zine just to show you how much I appreciate not being reminded that the rest of you are probably wearing shorts and drinking beer in the sun.

    • I live in Ireland so I don’t own shorts, at least you get seasons even if theyre opposite to the other side of the globe? :)

  4. 1. the theme of this post is adorable

    2. the zine is so worth it everyone, seriously best zine i have ever purchased, and i have purchased/acquired a lot of zines in my 23 years on the planet

    3. might i suggest framing the “is it sex” poster and hanging it in your bathroom? or the kitchen. both are really good places for such a work of art to spur the important conversations you know it will be sure to spur.

  5. Super lame question but do you put autostraddle on the return address? Or is there a space during checkout to ask for nondescript packaging? My only address right now is through work and I don’t want to have that discussion quite yet with the hyperconservative office manager.

    • The packaging is nondescript. There is a return address, but it doesn’t say “Autostraddle” or anything…um… provocative.

  6. Would you guys ever consider making You Do You shirts? I would buy one of those in a heartbeat!

  7. I’m so glad the bags are back in stock! Just the other day I was thinking about wishing I had a “You do you” bag for taking around campus this fall.
    Hopefully some women on my campus read autostraddle and maybe the bag will get their attention.
    Clearly I have great priorities when it comes to college.

  8. Okay, this is gonna sound really stupid, but: as a non native English speaker, I’m not too sure what “You do you” and “YOLO” mean. Never dared asking until now! Could someone explain?
    :hides in shame:

    • “You do you” means exactly what it says, basically. Autostraddle way of saying be yourself, be individual, whatever. You do you.

      YOLO is an extremely irritating way (in my opinion) of saying “You only live once.” Or, “you only live once, don’t waste it with stupid abbreviations.”

      • Thanks, Marika!
        I was sure “You do you” had a sexual meaning. Oops!


    B) Debating whether to put a You Do You sticker on my derby helmet. Is that too much gay? Probably.

    • Regardless of whether or not you put a You Do You sticker on your derby helmet….it’s a derby helmet so it’s already totally gay. You rock!

  10. Nooo! I can’t see any of the pretty pictures! I haven’t been able to see any pictures on AS for a few days now! Do I need a new flash player?


    brb gonna buy one for my gf

  12. Don’t even talk to me about the dark days of winter, you guys. I am not emotionally prepared.

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