Megan Rapinoe Is Probably Gay, Should Call You Maybe

Photograph by Ben Pigao

Intern Grace’s Team Pick:

US Women’s National Team player Megan Rapinoe is a pretty great human being who excels at playing soccer and having good hair. I love her a lot. I’ll probably tell my grandcats about the time she tweeted an Autostraddle link. Despite all of the mutual love, she’s never spoken publicly about her sexuality. Until now. Maybe.

In an interview with Kick TV, when the host asked about Rapinoe about gay athletes, she says the magical but still a little ambiguous phrase, “We’re out there.” Kudos to the interviewer for asking, and major kudos to her for answering. This isn’t an official coming out per say, and she hasn’t said anything about it since the video was posted, but for someone who has always been indefinite about her sexuality, this is a big deal.

She talks about other things in this interview, but the part that is most relevant to your interests starts at about 5:20.

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    I still a little confused but I really reall don’t care she is just so ughghghggagf HOT HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    I really needed to get that out.

  2. This just makes me want the US Women’s Olympic football team to be the one that plays in the Quarter Finals I’m going to. I will cross everything that can be crossed. Even myself because if there is a big celestial being then they want me to meet Megan Rapinoe.

  3. That makes me want to search for the Megan Rapinoe song on YouTube (“Megan Rapinoe, I went to the casino, and placed a bet on you…)

  4. Megan’s also retweeted the following thing by @LaughingLesbian…

    “Women’s breasts are like martinis, one isn’t enough and three are too many.”

    • HaHA. I bet myself $10 that you had commented on this article as soon as I saw the headline.

  5. I totally thought she had been out for ages, but I will take any excuse for another article about Pinoe

    • Well she and Sarah Walsh have not exactly been subtle, and I think there’s an interview from when she was with Red Stars about letting the gay community know they had representation on the team.

  6. Most importantly, PLEASE tell me she now counts for the Autostraddle Hot 100.

  7. she’s gay. she was at a big pride party in dc last year and there are photos of her with her girlfriend (?) kissing in the photo booth. lori lindsey and her girlfriend (?) as well. the photos were/are online

    • Her gf is an aussie player. Adorable Sarah Walsh. They are so cute together! I’ve seen pics on tumblr of both of them riding the same bike in the park – Pinoe driving, Walshy in the back. Squee! I’ve said it before – I act like I’m reading Tigerbeat with this team. I don’t want to mention the neon pink elephant in the room either *cough wambach*

  8. DAMN! i had such a good pinoe joke, but then i read ali krieger and forgot what i was going to type *sigh das krieger fieber nicht sterben

    (i don’t know what you’re saying, but keep talking)

  9. I want to be aggressively jumped on by Megan Rapinoe. Damn it, I KNEW I should have stuck with soccer through all these years!!

    • Really, this site should come with a disclaimer. “You’ve reached Autostraddle, might as well take off your pants now.”

  10. “Rapinoe is among the most popular Red Stars among the lesbian community, and she’s happy about that.

    “I think that’s a good thing,” she said. “I think we need to bring people of all different walks of life into the game. I definitely think there’s a place within the Red Stars organization for everyone.

    “I want to make people feel like, when they go watch [ the ] team, that there is someone that there’s someone like them on the team, and that we’re not all the same on the team, that there is diversity. I think that’s a good thing for the sport and our team in general.”

    Rapinoe is convinced the Red Stars and the league as a whole are open to diversity.

    “Undeniably, there are lesbians in the league, with all of the different clubs, though I have not seen a lot [ of them ] ; gays and lesbians are everywhere in our society,” Rapinoe said. “I know that our team has reached out to the gay and lesbian community, and I think that’s important. I think there’s a pretty good potential for a good fan base within that community.””
    (blast from the past from

    imo I love that she just is who she is

  11. This is from when the US team were playing here in Vancouver for the CONCACAF finals. The rainbow sign and her comments are classic. Total queer love. I also remember her tweeting about women’s breasts, and the impression I get is that she is subtly out. Just being herself, etc.

    We got to see them (and the Canadian team, who is full of [queer] hotties as well) so many times. It was effing amazing. Hot, talented, and just feet away. I MAY have gotten on the jumbotron with my “Marry me Rapinoe” sign (my friend too, her sign saying “Marry me LaPeilbet”). So many queers (and allies) in the crowd cheered. Our friends got on national and international tv (including US) with a rainbow Canadian flag. Go team homo!!

    Also, this: She and her twin sister are both gorgeous. All I can say is Rapinoe is highly relevant to my interests. I am glad she did that interview and was so open to stating, “We’re out there.” That is definitely what I heard.

  12. Under what rock have I been hiding that I didn’t know about her nor any of the other girls mentioned? And they are beautiful.

  13. the German team also has quite a few (and they are extremely hot too,as does the Swedish (i can’t get enough opportunities to point people into the direction of the wonderfull Jessica Landström)

  14. Far out she is so hot… But yeah, this is old news. She’s dating Sarah Walsh.

    • what confuses me about this is who should i be more jelly of walshy for dating pinoe or pinoe for dating walshy? anyway, they’re a billion times cuter together

  15. PINOE!! I’m desperately searching for tonight’s Sounders game…I hope it’s on tv at 10:30 EST. I’m also contemplating going to PA for the match with China. I’m obsessed with USWNT for obvious reasons.

  16. my favorite thing about this post:

    “tell my grandcats…”





    • When I’m talking with my mom I always refer to my cat as her grandkitty (I use it to guilt her into visiting, i.e. you should come by your grandkitty misses you)

  17. She’s probably reading this RIGHT NOW YOU GUYS!! (anyone with google alerts reads everything about themselves tho, amiright?)

    “Thanks for having me.” You’re welcome, Megan, you hot piece of amazing, you are welcome.

  18. Anytime anyone asks me who my type is from now on, I’m going to say Megan Rapinoe.

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