Live Feed: Christmas Cats TV is a Roomful of Cats in Holiday Sweaters

Hansen’s Team Pick:

Christmas Cats TV is basically all that I’ve ever wanted but didn’t know I wanted. It is honestly just eight hours of streaming live feed of cats in Christmas sweaters, with Christmas music, some weird cat lady wearing a sweater and sometimes there’s an elf. Once, a boy band came on and sang “Little Drummer Boy.” But most importantly, there were cats in Christmas sweaters. You can even get a shout out on the show if you use their adorable messaging system (or Twitter).

This show is 100x better when we all drink out of cat flasks, I think.

This show is even 100x better when we all drink out of cat flasks, I think. Also, there are no cats in this picture?
Screencaptured via {Christmas Cats TV}

Today’s the last day of Christmas Cats TV, where you can watch “a room full of adoptable cats available for adoption” (you can adopt them, you know) and get into the holiday spirit with general wackiness of the Cat Grandma. The cats are adoptable through North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, New York, the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization. There’s even little profiles of them up on the website, including their names and personalities and cute pictures.

Cats in holiday sweaters. I repeat, cats in holiday sweaters. via {Christmas Cats TV Twitter}

Cats in holiday sweaters. I repeat, cats in holiday sweaters.
via {Christmas Cats TV Twitter}

I think it’s safe to say now I’ve found this channel, my motivation to work for the rest of the day is completely gone. If you need me, I’ll be sitting at my desk, drinking out of my cat flask, watching cats run around in sweaters, trying to get a shout out.

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  1. Omg this is better than the Puppy Bowl! Also, I adopted my dog from North Shore and highly recommend it!

  2. I kind of want to be the old lady who gets to wear a blanket and hang out in a room full of cats in sweaters.

  3. You know how people sometimes put those fireplace or aquarium room screen savers? This will be mine.

    With this incoming blast of snow I plan to make hot chocolate and watch christmas cats for when I’m home from class for the rest of the day.

  4. Ali: These cats are adoptable.

    Abby: Shut up. Go away. I can’t have them. Why would you torture me?

  5. So, I forced my cats to wear reindeer antlers, but the headband was big and they ended up looking like wings. But isn’t he adorable?

    • I tracked down where they said they bought them on their Twitter feed (I’m clearly devoted to the idea of your friiiiend’s cat in a sweater) and it said they got them at this etsy shop: However, I didn’t find any cat sweaters there, so keep us in the loop if you uhhh your friend happens upon them!

      • I’d imagine a sleeveless jumper (or sweater vest as you would say my transatlantic friends)in a really small baby size would probably be the best choice. Also, tiny baby clothes are usually quite wide at the neck or else have those little snap buttons so it would be easy to put on.

        As I type this, I realise that I’m advocating purchasing children’s clothing for a cat. Have I crossed a line?

        • When my gf found one of her outfits from childhood with her name on it we totes immediately put it on the cat. He was not thrilled but we got some good pics.

          Also my little dog used to wear my old shirts from when I was a toddler. This was like 20 years ago (OMG I TOTALLY FEEL OLD RIGHT NOW!!!) before dog clothes had blown up like they have now.

          tl;dr I agree with you on the purchase of children’s clothing for cats. Also my cat can fit into a medium size dog sweater. :)

  6. I just watched the elf twerk on grandma and then drink from a cat flask and fake-cry? Oh, now a black cat curled up in a shirt box lid to nap and the elf held up a sign that said “cat traps DO work.” So basically I’m not doing anything else for the rest of the day is what I’m saying. #livetweetchristmascatstv

  7. Here I was thinking I was going to study today. Whoops. Cats and Christmas music are infinitely better for my emotional wellbeing anyway, so I feel validated in my life choice right now

  8. Did anyone else just see that whiteboard say “Peter, I want a divorce really”? Who asks for a divorce on Christmas Cats TV?!

  9. But where is Christmas Dogs TV??

    (Probably soon to be in my house if I can find XL dog sweaters/reindeer costumes)

    • Try Target… Or Petsmart. Target is cheaper though. I have a Wonder Woman costume for my dog. :)

      Is it weird that I know so much about this? I know I’m not in any way shape or form ready for a kid, so my pets are my babies. :)

  10. I wonder if I could get my cat into a sweater? Maybe a cat vest? He’s very stylish so and ugly Christmas sweater vest might be the perfect thing!

  11. Oh. My. God. It’s times like this that make me wish my cats weren’t such assholes. I wouldn’t even be able to get near them with a sweater without them drawing blood. Hahaha

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