“Legends of Tomorrow” Episode 606 Recap: Sestras

Hello and welcome to this recap of Legends of Tomorrow episode 606, Bishop’s Gambit, aka the one with enough clones to make Tatiana Maslany jealous.

When Sara realizes Bishop isn’t dead despite her very decisive neck snap, she realizes he’s a clone like the Avas. But he insists he’s not exactly like the Avas; there’s only ever one at him at a time, and he retains his memories body to body. He says science has evolved since Sara’s time but she just shakes her head and wishes he had used that immense technological skill for less selfish reasons. He thinks that in time she’ll learn to see things her way, and besides she doesn’t have much of a choice since no one is coming to save her anyway.

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Sara looks annoyed with Bishop.

“You clearly never watched our Meet the Legends documentary if you think they’re giving up on me that easily.”

But of course, as we know, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only does Sara have a whole team of Legends seeking her back on Earth, she also has two people (…well, okay one person and an alien) on this very planet looking for her. Kayla keeps telling Mick she’s not scared, she’s smart, as she prepares them to head out into this weird land. Kayla seeking her ship, Mick seeking his captain.

They eventually find Kayla’s ship but it’s being guarded by Ava clones who attack Mick. Kayla decides to nope out of this situation and turns back to steal the Waverider, but then someone beats her to it.

Legends of Tomorrow Episode 606: Aliyah O'Brien as Kayla

I really hope Kayla sticks around long enough to meet Ava and Sara.

Back at the mansion, Constantine is wary of the Legends taking over his home. Behrad is ordering enough pizza to feed a frat, Ava is trying to install Gideon on an old janky TV, Spooner is setting up alien booby traps, Astra is practicing magic, and Zari is amused at Constantine’s annoyance.

Once Ava gets Gideon hooked up, she tells them of an alien massacre in the 50s by a patient at an asylum that went by the name Sara Lance.

Ava has one hand on her hip and is smiling at Gideon and she's wearing a black silky button down and WHEW.

Know that feeling when a certain woman in a certain outfit stands a certain way and smiles a certain smile and you’re like…”Damn, I’m gay.”

When they go back in time to the sanitarium, the nurse tells them that Sara isn’t the only name she responds to, and in fact the most common name she uses is Amelia Earhart. And sure enough, when she turns around, she is the Amelia who attacked Sara on the mystery planet.

They take her back to the mansion, which they have made up to look like a sanitarium of their own (called Shady Acres, which is the “mental hospital” in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) and are trying to figure out what her deal is. Spooner wants to talk to the alien which feels like an improvement from her pew pew first ask questions later mentality, until she admits she wants to get to know its deepest fears and exploit them.

Spooner is wearing 50s garb and a wicked smile.

So much anger in one so smol.

Despite her questionable intentions, she’s their best bet at talking to Amelia’s alien side, so they send Spooner and Behrad in to do a little good cop/bad cop routine. It’s quite the routine but Ava is desperate for more information about Sara.

Speaking of Sara, she’s cuffed in her room, pacing and taping over hidden cameras. Before she can concoct a way out, her toilet starts to bubble and a wild Gary appears. He tells her that he found fuel cells for Kayla’s ship; this is very motivating so Sara tells him to go get a fuel cell and that she’ll find her own way out of this situation. Then she watches him swirlie himself back down the toilet.

Sara Lance makes a disgusted face.

Me when any man who isn’t Behrad on this show are on screen.

Kayla finds the cells around the same time Gary does and she smiles upon seeing her idiotic ex sneaking around. She calls out a warning to the clone guards and uses the distraction of them attacking the “freak that ate D Squad” to get the cell for herself.

Legends of Tomorrow Episode 606: Aliyah O'Brien as Kayla looks through a lil telescope.

Me looking for heterosexual explanations for the things Kara and Lena do for each other.

Spooner and Behrad’s good cop/bad cop performance isn’t getting them very far because Amelia is still pretty sedated, so Spooner slips her some caffeine pills to try to get more information from her. They do eventually get the address in Rye she went to when she first landed though, so Ava and Nate head there.

When they get to the address, Ava walks face first into the Waverider. Hopeful, Ava tries to message Sara inside, but no dice.

Sara is still in her room on Bishop’s ship, and decides to play to his ego to get out of the room. She sings about how great he is and he invites her to dinner; she convinces him to uncuff her so she can change and somehow despite claiming to be the smartest man in the universe, he falls for it.

Sara smiles while holding out her handcuffed wrists.

I bet this is a scene Ava has faced once or twice in her life.

Having found the Waverider but not her betrothed, Ava storms back to “Shady Acres” and gets in Amelia’s face, tired of the interrogation games, and demands to know where Sara is, but as Amelia gets worked up and alien-er she has to get tranqued.

Ava glares at Amelia Earhart.

The only thing better than angry, where’s-my-girlfriend Ava is angry, where’s-my-girlfriend Ava in 50s garb.

Spooner is confused about what’s happening, because she goes back and forth re: being able to read Amelia; it’s almost like sometimes she’s an alien and sometimes she’s not. But Constantine says that he and Astra can do some magic to try to get her memories from her.

Back up in space, Bishop is enjoying a cannoli that Groovy Ava made him when she tells him Mick Rory is lurking around outside. He tells her to let down the barrier to kill everyone outside, even though she’s concerned about the Avas outside. He’s less concerned; he says they’ll either be well-trained enough to survive or they’ll be replaced by new Avas. Groovy Ava seems a bit bummed by this attitude.

Groovy Ava pouts

I know Bishop is a sociopath because Groovy Ava pouted at him like this and he DIDN’T REACT AT ALL.

But she does it, because she’s so close to independence but isn’t quite there yet.

When the Avas who apprehended Mick see the barrier start to go down, they tie Mick to a tree and head for cover. Kayla sees the barrier coming down but she’s stubborn and determined so she keeps dragging her purloined fuel cell toward her ship.

When Constaning and Astra dive into Amelia’s mind, he hides from the rest of the team that he’s lost most of his magic and pretends he’s using it as a training exercise. She dives into the alien’s mind and is surprised to find legitimate Amelia Earhart memories.

Astra holds out her hand to do magic.

I kind of love that the absurdity of this plotline will be in Amelia Earhart’s Wikipedia for all time.

It seems this IS the real Amelia Earhart; she was abducted and experimented on. She sees that Amelia saw Sara, and Ava is relieved; they’re on the right path.

As Astra pulls out of Amelia’s mind, Amelia goes full alien and Spooner hisses back in the same alien tongue before sealing it back up in the room.

Spooner is a little alarmed that she spoke alien and that Amelia sometimes reads as human; maybe that’s what’s happening to HER. It was one thing when her sensing powers were getting stronger but now that she can SPEAK their language too? It’s very concerning! What if she’s becoming the thing she hates most in the universe?? She asks Behrad to kill her if that happens, but he is like whoa, whoa, whoa, walk it back. He tells her that they are time travelers, they can’t afford to live in the what ifs. There is no future, there is no past. There is only the present. But that gives Spooner little comfort as she hears the alien beckoning her by name.

Gary finds himself in a gaggle of Avas and he apologizes for eating D Squad; you see, he loves Ava! He loves one Ava in particular, his boss. They’re confused; Avas serve, not lead. But he assures them that they can be whoever they want to be, not just what it says on the box they came in, and they are intrigued by the concept. And I, for one, am here for an Ava uprising.

Nurse Ava, Groovy Ava, and Agent Ava look at Gary.

Clone Club 2.0

Down on Earth, Zari approaches Constantine about the obvious magic issue he’s having, but with Astra’s help, he gaslights her into thinking everything is fine.

Zari gives Constantine attitude.

“Listen, I’m already being slowly diminished into just being ‘Constantine’s girlfriend’ the very least you could do is let me in on your little secrets.”

Truly idiotic, if you ask me. And dangerous! The Legends should know they are down a sorcerer! I go back and forth about my feelings about Constantine; generally I find him to be a fun addition to the team when the entire episode isn’t about him, but I’m growing a bit weary of the ol’ chap.

Up in Bishop’s world, Mick is having a hard time breathing as the atmosphere collapses around him but he manages to break free of his restraints and put on the oxygen mask Kayla made fun of him for carrying. That is, until he finds her also struggling to breathe and shares it with her. She accepts his help and claims it’s only because she needs help carrying the fuel cell but it seems Heat Wave is melting her icy exterior.

Sara shows up to Bishop’s dinner invite in a lovely blue dress, still playing along like she has seen the light re: Bishop’s plan for restarting “humanity.”

Sara smirks in her blue blue dress.

Jury’s still out on if blue is the warmest color, but it’s definitely Sara’s color.

Bishop is so delighted by Sara’s supposed change of opinion that he hardly notices that his Ava isn’t responding to his request for “appies.” When Bishop reveals that he thinks he killed Mick Rory for trying to save Sara, she drops the facade and starts punching him, probably as much for killing Mick as for his obnoxious nickname for appetizers.

Bishop is unfazed; he says he’ll be back even if he kills her, so she punches him without hesitation or remorse.

Outside, the very-much-still-alive Mick Rory and Kayla are taking turns sharing the oxygen mask and discussing how humans suck. Mick agrees ,but he says that Sara is different. Better. And Kayla is moved by this rare show of emotions.

Legends of Tomorrow Episode 606: Aliyah O'Brien as Kayla looks impressed by Mick

Remember when Aliyah O’Brien made out with Charlotte Sullivan on the reg on Rookie Blue? Good times, good times.

Inside, Bishop comes to as Sara drags his mostly pulverized body down a hall to use it for the scanners to open doors. He is entertained by her lack of understanding about what’s happening as she finds his original Bishop body.

When Kayla and Rory find the ship and get on, they find themselves under siege from some nocturnal aliens and they can’t get the door closed. So they hop into a pod, which gives them the oxygen they need to survive as well as protection from the aliens. Kayla is more shook than Mick has seen her and she admits she’s a little scared; frankly it would be stupid not to be.

Kayla looks a little scared.

I mean if you have to be trapped in a pod with anyone…Kayla seems like a good choice.

Trapped alone in tight quarters, they do what the fanfic gods require in such situations and Kayla jumps Mick Rory’s bones.

Back at the mansion, Zari catches Spooner glitching a bit but Spooner shrugs it off despite still hearing the alien all to her. She eventually slips away and talks to Alien Amelia in its screechy language. She tells Spooner that she was fused with an alien, says she doesn’t like the light, much like the aliens Kayla and Mick just fought. Amelia says to Spooner, “There’s one inside you as well, that is your fear,” and I imagine Spooner will only hear the first half of that sentence, and not realize that the odd syntax means actually probably Amelia has no idea of Spooner has an alien in her, she can just tell Spooner is afraid of that fact. Amelia says that Sara Lance didn’t fear her and attacks Spooner but Ava and Zari save her. When they pull her off Spooner, they ask what happened to Sara, and Amelia says she killed her, much to Ava’s devastation.

Zari comforts a devastated Ava.

“I miss those blue eyes, how you kissed me at night, I miss the way we sleep like there’s no sunrise. Like the taste of your smile, I miss the way we breathe…I miss everything about you.”

Bishop is still having a hard time getting his Avas to respond to him and Sara tells him once again she doesn’t want to be part of his experiment. Every scar on her body is a memory, and frankly she’s died enough times for one person; she’s already tried the “being reborn” thing and she went feral for a few months. She’s good.

Legends of Tomorrow Episode 606: Sara power squats over Bishop's crumpled body.

Why is this the most attractive Sara Lance has ever been?

But Bishop points out that she doesn’t have any scars. Sara spots a slab with a body on it and realizes the body is wearing her engagement ring. She pulls back the covers and sees her own dead face blankly staring back at her. She’s a clone now, too.

Sara looks shooketh.

“There’s only one of me.”

And while I appreciate that the show keeps finding new and exciting ways to shake things up for the Unkillable Sara Lance, I wish they would leave her be! Though maybe it wouldn’t be the end of the world if Sara was a clone like her gal pal.

Next week, it seems like we might try, try again? Which could result in the Legends Barry Allen-ing up the timeline but we’ll see!

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  1. – Clone was a pretty easy guess, Bishop.
    – Love Zari’s yellow eyeshadow.
    – Snart was the planner of the two.
    – Astra’s nail polish is fetch.
    – Spooner doesn’t toke, Behrad doesn’t drink.
    – Zari is wearing Keds. John must be rubbing off on her.
    – I realize that Ava is crying over Sara’s supposed death, but all I can see is Zari and Ava’s friendship.
    – Shake it off, Sara. It’s just one more death that you’ll leave in the rear-view mirror.

  2. “I bet this is a scene Ava has faced once or twice in her life.”


    This killed me, especially since Sara had that stupid little grin on her face. That scene is forever ruined!

    I loved Spooner speaking alien. It was so convincing, and at first I thought Spooner just straight up (well, not that straight) screamed in the aliens face and scared it off… because, you know, Spooner.

    Thanks for the recap!

  3. The problem for me about this Sara Lance story line is that it probably won’t lead to any development, they will just say it is the same Sara in a clone body and close the page. So what really is the reason to violate her in this way rather than shock, or maybe some kink of making her like Ava – a clone. In the end we will have clone wedding or something lol. It also seems that the show favors one Ava, as a superior above the others because she loves Sara. But at the same time they imply that Avas are replaceable. Sara’s Ava is not more than Bossy Ava, and they can easily replace her and give her the same memories, which makes individuality non existent. Sara can have as much Avas she wants to marry in the end. They also never tackled the idea of the soul, which Legends made canon that it exist.

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