“Law & Order: LGBT” Trivia Quiz

Why do we watch so many episodes of Law & Order even though their record with LGBTQ people has been pretty middling? I don’t know, friends, besides that Law & Order SVU is an incredible fantasy series about Olivia Benson, a magical police detective who cares deeply about the victims of sexual assault and wants to find and punish their attackers at all costs. Or maybe it’s because Olivia Benson is your root. Maybe it’s all the hot women in business attire. Or maybe it’s because it’s a reliable formula of a show that we simply cannot resist, like a banana split, but much more disturbing. Everybody is especially heinous in their own way, you know?

Law & Order: LGBT Trivia


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  1. This was a fun one! I’m embarrassed by how well I did.

    SVU is tryyyyyyyyying to be less awful about some stuff? They recently had an episode with a trans man who was actually played by a trans man. It’s pathetic that it took this long after so many LGBTQ storylines over the decades, but I think it was one the first times. Did they finally get the memo? (Also he was quite a good actor, so hopefully the gig got him some exposure for other opportunities)

  2. Medical Examiner Melinda Warner has been gay in my dreams since at least 2009 so I chose the answer in knew was correct in my heart even if it was wrong in this quiz because I have to live my truth.

    This quiz was great, extra great job Riese!

  3. I got a crappy score – 62%. To be fair, I don’t care about any of the later seasons of SVU. After Elliot left, I didn’t care anymore. But even his last couple of seasons were meh in my book. Basically, when I see an SVU episode, I decide whether I want to watch it based on who the ADA is. If it’s Cabot or Novak, I’m in. I know Mariska Hargitay as Benson is like the gayest role ever, and I’m sure Mariska is a very nice person, but that just doesn’t do it for me. Probably the same reason I’m not hot for Xena/Lucy Lawless. All I want to do is have a beer with her and talk all night.

    Now, Alex Cabot/Stephanie March…oh, lawdy. She can overrule my objections any day she likes. Ms. March, you are a total complete stranger and I am so embarrassed by how intensely I am attracted to you. I’m sorry for being a creeper. Who’s threatening you, Ms. Cabot? Is it that mob boss? Is it that politician who molested a kid? Just say the word, Ms. Cabot, and I will turn his insides into his outsides, just for you. Damn, I guess I really am a cat…

    Seriously though, when I was in rural China for like a year and had little connection to the outside world, I would hit up fanfic.net because the plain text pages loaded so easily and none of it was blocked by the Great Firewall. I think I read almost every Benson/Cabot “hurt/comfort” story on the site that year…

  4. I was laughing hysterically every time I got an answer right because I haven’t watched Law & Order in years. But you never forget some of those episodes.

    Also, before Kate Moennig was on the L Word (after Young Americans) she did an episode of original recipe Law & Order and it is probably 1 of my favorite episodes ever not because of her but the case was just so interesting. And the SVU episode she did was another favorite in that world.

  5. Quiz Grade: C
    Score: 15
    Percentage: 71%

    This is not such a great score for me considering that I think of myself as a big fan of the Law & Order series. Clearly I need to do a rewatch of SVU since there are some episodes in this quiz that I don’t remember seeing and it seems like I didn’t catch a lot of the gay stuff during my first viewing.

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