Kansas “Adoption Protection” Bill Protects No One, Hurts LGBT Families, Will Become Law Anyway

Early on Friday, May 4, 2018, Kansas legislature approved Senate Bill 284, otherwise known as The Adoption Protection Act. Introduced by Senator Susan Humphries on February 7, 2018 and based on Virginian law, the bill protects and allows faith-based adoption agencies to reject potential families if they believe the family’s lifestyle and/or beliefs contradict the agencies’ religious beliefs. This means that qualified, loving LGBT parents looking to adopt could be rejected by the faith-based organization on the basis of their sexual orientation or transgender status if the organization feels their faith disapproves, limiting the options for children who need safe and loving homes. The bill has now passed the Kansas House and Senate, and is waiting only on the governor’s signature.

As The Concerned Women of America Legislative Action Committee points out, there was a huge push for this bill to reach the House. With the midterm elections approaching, the newly elected governor could potentially work against this bill and it was imperative for those fighting for the passage of it to see it passed before executive orders can stop its progress completely.

Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer responded to the legislators’ green light:

“Catholic Charities and other adoption agencies are key to the fabric of our communities. I look forward to signing the bill because it increases the opportunities for needy children to find loving homes.”

Colyer appointed Gina Meier-Hummel as secretary of the Kansas Department for Children and Families in December 2017. Under her predecessor, Phyllis Gilmore, there was evidence found that the Kansas DCF prioritized discrimination of same-sex families over the wellbeing of children in need — specifically, that a child was removed from a household with lesbian parents; emails were found discussing wanting to have the parents’ foster license revoked and “needing a negative psychological evaluation to support their case.” Meier-Hummel said last year:

“I understand that former leadership was supportive of Kansas law and the Constitution regarding same-sex marriage. […] That being said, I want the committee to know that I recognize the law changed June 2015[…] Moving forward, I will have zero tolerance for any violations of the law.”

Meier-Hummel also backed the Adoption Protection Act early this year.

Those in favor of the bill have claimed it will give more children more options for homes, as other religious organizations will be able to “come in and operate next to [them] if these protections are allowed,” and will give birth families peace of mind that their children are with people who uphold their beliefs.

Those opposing the bill believe that the agencies’ ability to “[take] taxpayer money to discriminate against LGBT Kansans” is “offensive beyond all description.” As Lori Ross, CEO and president of FosterAdopt Connect, an adoption agency that works in Kansas and Missouri, says, the bill is only “solving a problem that does not exist.”

Christie Appelhanz, director of the Children’s Alliance of Kansas, states, “we cannot afford to lose any more qualified families” and the passing of the bill could lead to a barrier prospective families may give up fighting against. Ross also states that LGBT children already have a tough time finding families, and limiting the potential families to those who don’t support them could lead to greater abuse and neglect among them.

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A. Tony Jerome

A.Tony is a black nonbinary artist out here to do good and to do gay. They are a 2015 Pink Door Fellow, 2016 Lambda Literary Emerging Writer Fellow, 2020-21 Afro Urban Arts Lit From the Black! Fellow, and have worked with Roots.Wounds.Words., Words Beats & Life, and Winter Tangerine among other places. You can find more of their work on their website and listen to them scream about poetry & other interests on Twitter.

A. has written 47 articles for us.


  1. This reminds me of all those republican proposed bills that intend to increase competition in a certain sector, but in fact only help the bottom line of the bills sponsors(who also are campaign donors). I don’t see how not letting LGBTQ people will actually increase the chance of kids getting adopted.

  2. Damn. One of our kid’s bio mom said she is glad that gays can foster in our state, that way her child can be with us. Won’t they think of the children who will be missing out on caring families?

    • They don’t actually care about the kids. It’s just another way to push their own sanctimonious agenda.

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  7. This is a very concerning development. It is clear that the Kansas “Adoption Protection” Bill does not protect anyone, and instead it actually hurts LGBT families. It is disheartening to see this bill become law, despite the fact that it offers no benefits to the LGBT community and instead threatens to undermine their rights. It is important for advocates to continue to speak out against this law and ensure that it does not become a precedent for other states to follow.

  8. I strongly disagree with this Kansas “Adoption Protection” Bill. It is a blatant attempt to discriminate against LGBT families and it is unacceptable. All families should be treated with respect and dignity, and this bill does not do that. Very informative blog and I like these images. I will share it with my friends. If anyone wants Save huge money then click on Trending in Deals and save huge money. and get upto 80% discounts on their services.

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