Kale’s Coming Out As Gay While Queers Rally The World for Equality This Sunday Funday

Hello, magic love muffins! It’s been a week since last Sunday, which means it’s time for another dose of good queer news. Luckily for you, I came prepared.

Kale: “I’m Gay, I Like Myself, and I’m Tired of Living a Lie”

Kale’s coming out. ‘Bout time, TBH.


Carol Burnett, You Guys

Carol Burnett is 81! LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE GIRLS! The only person more hilarious than Ms. Burnett is probably B, which is saying a lot. Like, basically, that she is funnier than everyone else on Earth. So.


PA Lawmaker Pushing Awesome Trans Policies

Rep. Mark Cohen, a Pennsylvania Democrat, is pushing a progressive agenda for nondiscrimination protections and improved access to transition-related care for trans people. His colleagues are a lot more focused on the bottom line of nondiscrimination protections — weak as they might be at the end — but he’s sticking to his moral higher ground. SNAPS FOR YOU, MARK COHEN. SNAPS FOREVER.

“Right now our main focus is to pass a nondiscrimination bill through the legislature,” said Ted Martin, executive director of Equality Pennsylvania. “In Pennsylvania, we need to be talking about the most basic protections, really. That’s really most of our focus at the current moment.”

…“I think you have to begin the discussion at some point and I decided to begin it now,” he told BuzzFeed. “Right now there are no protections for transgender people. This would, for the first time, create protections for transgender people under Pennsylvania law.”

Meet the Badass South Dakota Lesbos Fighting for Marriage Equality

Nancy and Jennie have four kids, six grandkids, and a whole lot of love.


One Small Town: “Don’t Fuck With Our Lesbian Police Chief”

Latta, South Carolina, is one square mile large and has four traffic lights – but that’s enough space for the rally the town held this week in honor of their lesbian police chief. She was fired because of her sexual orientation, and hell has rightfully been raised since.


You Should Go: Queering Theater

Maggie Keenan-Bolger and Honest Accomplice Theatre are proud to host a networking event in New York City that is geared towards increasing the visibility and opportunities for queer women and trans people in the performing arts. As two of the most under-represented groups on stage, this event offers us the opportunity to collaborate and combine our resources to support the current and upcoming work of queer women and trans artists.

Get out your business cards, headshots and resumes and join them on Monday, April 28, 2014 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Chelsea Studios (studio 607) in New York. There will be a $5 charge at the door, but that is just to cover the cost of space rental- not for greed or evil businesses, duh!

Just A Stretching Fox NBD

Mornings: they’re hard for us all. #Solidarity.


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  1. As happy as I am for Kale, it wasn’t Madonna’s place to out them. Kale was really pushed into the spotlight here, and it should’ve been up to Kale to decide when and if to come out.

    • Kale was clearly pimping out his relationship with Cucumber in that interview in order to land them both on the cover of Vogue. We all know this has been Kale’s lifelong dream but that he would never be famous enough to get it by himself. I just hope that Cucumber realizes if Kale is using him, before it’s too late and they end up like Peas and Carrots one day.

  2. I’ve never eaten kale (it doesn’t seem to be something people even eat where I live) and I feel like a bad queer.

  3. am I the only person that loves loves loves that most of the awesome queermos getting shit done wrt marriage equality are all elders? queer elders win at life.

  4. Carmen, I love that you do this column every week so that we can hear some good news! Sometimes it’s hard to find that amid all the awful stuff happening in the world – so I appreciate it. Thank you!
    Good news from my neck of the woods: oral arguments started Wednesday in Oregon’s marriage equality case. Went to a great marriage equality vigil on Tuesday night and felt really inspired and energized! It’s going to happen this year in Oregon, whether through the court case or the ballot measure. It’s time!

  5. not a fan of kale, but the Time mag cover was the best thing I’ve seen all week!! Thanks, Carmen :)

  6. Woo! Had some kale in my tofu scramble that I made for brunch just now. I work at Whole Foods in the SF Bay Area, so needless to say that kale is all the rage here.

  7. I watched like 4 hours of the Carol Burnett show yesterday, so my subconscious must’ve told me it was her birthday.

  8. Sigh. Kale and I go way back and let me tell you, we’ve always known.

    P.S. Shout out to all the green-smoothie drinking lesbians! (But I repeat myself.)

  9. Oh the Kale story is especially funny to me because I randomly assign gender and sexual orientation to random food items around my house.

    My apples are gay and my bananas are pansexual.

  10. Kale, I just wanted to let you know that we love and accept you here. I hope you don’t feel like you’re alone. It’s sad that others think they have the right to out you just because you were open with them. You know, we should have a coming out party. I’ll make sure guac isn’t there.

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