Itty Bitty Valentine’s Day Gift Committee: Small Things for Your Gal or Your Pal

Do you have your Valentine’s Day gifts all squared away? If not, might I suggest something small this year? Something itty bitty, even? I’ve compiled a quick little gift collection for your gals and/or your pals this Valentine’s Day! Because who needs giant things when there are so many adorable enamel pins in the world? And yes, the following gift collection could be easily confused with Laneia’s Winter 2016 Wish List: Tiny Things Edition, but that’s not the title of this post, now is it?

Looks Good on Paper

First you need some little valentines!


Corina Dross (Satellite of Love author) has a set of Smiths valentines that are also available for sale as individual cards, while Young Creature has these Girls Invented Punk Rock valentines. Oh look at you, supporting indie queer artists!

Late add! Head on over to Aww Sam for some ridiculously cute Valentine’s Day printables designed specifically for you to stick pins in! Just monstrously cute, really. (h/t Tracy Pacher)


via Aww, Sam

Heart on Your Sleeve

The hearts of Valentine’s Day are INESCAPABLE, but really why would you want to run when they’re this much fun to wear?

heart on sleeve

  1. We Are The Weirdos Pin: When it’s true, it’s true.
  2. Heart Shaped Tub Pin
  3. Love Hands Pin: A cool thing about these pins is that they come in brown (shown) and white skin! NEAT.
  4. Love Hearts Pin Set: One for you, one for her!
  5. Alien at Heart Pin
  6. Silver Heart Stud Earrings
  7. Happy Ghost Pin
  8. Together Forever Pin

Meow, Baby

What if this section was about both cats and babies? It’s not. It’s just cats.

meow baby

  1. Cat Beer Cat
  2. Bowtie Cat
  3. Caticorn
  4. Avocatdo
  5. Cat Eye Glasses Cat
  6. Feminist Cat

Homebody Hottie

For the gal who knows when to stay indoors.
homebody hottie

  1. Small Shell with Cramp Balm: Bleeding on Valentine’s Day? Perfect.
  2. Julia Nunes Feelings Pin
  3. House Ghost Card Set: Listen, every homebody needs a ghost to pal around with.
  4. Stay Home Club Patch
  5. Another Day in Paradise Keychain: Wherein ‘paradise’ is ‘this cozy living room.’
  6. Love You, Love You More Spoons: Don’t forget the ice cream.

Pop Culture Cute

You’re gonna ask yourself, “Why are there dinosaur earrings in this section? What’s pop culture-y about dinosaurs?” but that will be a waste of your time because I can’t answer you.

pop culture cute

  1. Dino Doubt About It Earring Set
  2. Garnet Gauntlet Necklace: YOU’RE A FUSION??! Damn right you are.
  3. Neighborhood Trolley Pin. Ahem. It’s my list.
  4. Ok ok HEAR ME OUT. This is arguably a sad as fuck pin, yes, but! What if your gal is going through some tough shit? What if she’s already fought against the sadness and won? What if y’all just really love The Neverending StoryFight Against the Sadness Artax! Pin
  5. Ten Lady Lovers in Film/TV Stickers: This shop is in Australia, so if you happen to live anywhere other than the general Australian area, your stickers won’t make it to you before Valentine’s Day. But the rest of y’all are some lucky ducks!
  6. I Believe Pin: Maybe you believe in the two of you together, or in the human condition, or aliens. Maybe you believe in Netflix. I don’t know your life.
  7. She Saved The World A Lot Buffy Pin: Technically out of stock, but I feel in my heart that it will come back at some point. So kinda like Season 6, but hopefully not as terrible.

Just Super Very Gay

These things seemed the very gayest to me, personally.


  1. Girls Pennant Pin
  2. Queer Pin
  3. Dyke Pin: 10% of the proceeds goes to the Lesbian Herstory Archives, ya dang philanthropist!
  4. Otters Love Otters Pin
  5. Pretty Gay Rainbow Cake Pin
  6. Hold Me Now Pin: I’ve had this song stuck in my head for a week.

Geometric in Nature

What it says on the tin!

geometric by nature

  1. Black Glass Pyramid Box: I bought a similar box from this shop to use in our wedding and I can’t recommend Ashley’s work enough. That’s why she’s on here twice.
  2. Geometric Anatomical Heart Pin
  3. Crystal Portraits Deck #2: Also take a look at Crystal Portraits Deck #1!
  4. Tillandsia and a Small Terrarium Kit

Saucy and Salty

Maybe even literally.


  1. Leather Jacket Pin
  2. Feeling Salty patch: I want this tattooed on my thigh like yesterday.
  3. Feelings Corndog Pin
  4. Two Boots Witches Pin Set: One for you and one for her!
  5. Pizza Heart Pin

Why don’t you share your tiny small Valentine’s Day gift suggestions in the comments? I’m but one person in a sea of people with gift ideas, and together we can have The Most Best Gift Ideas!

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  1. No cufflinks? Come on, there must be some queer as cufflinks you’ve seen. Or tie pins? ‘tho some of those pins could be used as tie pins …

  2. And thanks to insomnia having me up at 5am, my Smith’s valentines have already shipped. Bonus.

  3. This is everything. Laneia you must be magical to know that my heart is an enamel pin in the shape of a heart (with We Are The Weirdos, Mister on it).

  4. I heard you out but… Artax doesn’t make it and it is the most heartbreaking scene! If someone is going through some shit, the last thing I would give them is a pin of a horse who drowned to death in sadness. Now a Falkor pin, that I could get on board with.

    I would swoon if you gave me the x-files pin though.

    • but rachel, you’re forgetting that artax comes back at the end of the movie, after sebastian gets rid of the nothing and recreates fantasia!

      i would also take a falkor pin though.

      • I get that, but the pin seems to show him drowning. and even when you know it’s temporary, it is just so sad to watch him consumed by sadness.

      • but I am also aware that not all the gal pals out there are as hyper-sensitive as I am. I still get upset about a dog that died in a novel I read 7 years ago, SO.

  5. i am so ridiculously happy to see my bowtie cat pin and otters holding hand pins on this list! thank you!

  6. It looks like that Smiths one is sold out, but that Girls Invented Punk one is calling my name. Alas I may have to get it after the holidays.

  7. These Bisa/Lart enamel pins from Indy distro Sister Ectoplasma are super cute & support queer friendly hairdressers Open Barbers in London, UK

  8. We’re a wife-and-wife owned company and our stuff fits in perfectly with these items. Take a gander, gals. :)

  9. Thank you so much for featuring my Together Forever pin! It’s an honor, really! Much love <3

  10. Okay all of these are fantastic and I feel like the world is brighter place knowing they exist just…ohmylady that Craft pin I have mighty need but lack the might of funds. Hell I might make one out of construction paper and use the glitter pens I got for Christmas.

    I once made 2 heart shaped pizzas as my Valentines Day activity and there were pepperoni on em shielding sundried tomatoes from the heat with their fat like the big spoon on cold night. One was an itty bitty personal pizza. ^-^
    True story moyi seestras.

  11. But someone bought the feminist cat pin. Devastated.

    So many pins, much international shipping fees. Oy.

  12. Thank you so much for including our UFO pin. We’re also pretty fond of our cyclops girl pin for valentines day – nothing like an “Eye Love You” (I crack myself up!)

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