I Made You the Romcom Trailer Cut of “Carol” No One’s Been Waiting for

You’ve never heard “you made me buy boat tickets!” quite like this before! Featuring the same song in every TV show/film aimed at straight women.


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  1. my wife and i frequently debate whether or not you’re a twisted genius, erin, i just want you to know that. we talk about you on sunday mornings while our houseplants wither and our dogs beg for as much attention as autostraddle gets.

  2. 1) Literally everyone has been waiting for this.
    2) It’s brilliant of course, as Erin’s Carol content has proven to be over and over again.
    3) “You made me buy boat tickets!” is what I yell every time I’m frustrated. This confuses people, but I don’t care.

  3. Would also work with something by the queen of music for women-targeted movies/tv, Sarah Bareilles. “Gravity” if it were a sad-ending romance, or “Brave” for a more “women being uplifting/empowered” version.

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