Pop Culture Fix: Here’s Your First Peep at Krysten Ritter in “Orphan Black: Echoes”

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Well hello and welcome to your first Pop Culture Fix of 2022 SPOOPY SEASON! How long do you wait before buying Halloween candy? I saw Walgreen’s was stacked to the ceiling with treats this morning!

+ I honestly don’t know if this is going to be gay, but it feels like it will absolutely be gay? AMC is fully aware that Delphine and Cosima were — and remain! — one of Orphan Black‘s biggest draws. Anyhoodle, here’s our first look at Krysten Ritter as Lucy in Orphan Black: Echoes. According to CBR: ” The series, which will be set in the near future and explore the scientific manipulation of human existence, follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other’s lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unraveling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a wrenching story of love and betrayal.”

Orphan Black with a cut and bruised face talking to a kid in Orphan Black: Echoes

+ Also, I just want to say that there are her photos of her looking LITERALLY like Marceline the Vampire Queen on Getty.

Krysten Ritter in a floppy sun hat and Marceline in the exact same hat

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+ Well, um. Here’s an intergenerational headline from the New York Times: The Lesbian Perez Hilton of TikTok.

+ Anna Silk and Rachel Skarsten are making a Lost Girl podcast!!!

+ Rosie O’Donnell’s daughter told her that growing up with a lesbian icon mom wasn’t exactly a normal experience.

+ Lauren Ludwig’s FX comedy pilot sounds right up our alley: “The project is described as a metaphysical comedy about a group of queer twenty-somethings forced by the most unlikely source to confront their generational anxieties and unpack their emotional baggage.”

+ Bros star Ts Madison on acting, the future of trans cinema, and Marvel. Related: Bros tanked at the box office.

+ Levearge is back for season two on November 16th.

+ Bryan Fuller’s list of queer horror films everyone should see. Related: The ten best queer characters from horror TV shows, movies, and games.

+ House of the Dragon fans want the show to be more queer, and that’s a good thing.

+ Please make a movie or TV show about a cool dude who uses a wheelchair. That’s it. That’s the request. One cool dude who uses a wheelchair.

+ Sophie Turner’s line-reading from Do Revenge makes me wonder if I know what cocaine even looks like.


+ Jayde Adams blows fans away with phenomenal tango filled with queer drama on Strictly Come Dancing.

+ Queer storytelling is front and center at the 60th annual New York Film Festival.

+ Queer icon Janelle Monáe to receive Trailblazer Award at 2022 Outfest Legacy Awards.

+ How to be queer in country music / the story of Mya Byrne.

+ Marvel’s queer, disabled Spider-Hero is its most relatable new character in years.

+ Community cast (and Gillian Anderson) celebrate the forthcoming movie news.

+ She hasn’t seen Gen Q, but Guinevere Turner would be interested in bringing back ol’ Gabby Deveaux.


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  1. A Lost Girl podcast with Anna Silk and Rachel sounds interesting. That show went off the rails really quickly imo and it seemed like there was a lot stuff going on behind the scenes that Anna could shed some light on and since Rachel doesn’t show up until the later seasons she’ll have a bit of an outsider perspective.

    I’d especially be interested once they get the scrapped/changed storylines that had to incorporate Anna’s pregnancy in season 4 or even the storyline changes in season two that had to incorporate the unexpected extra nine episodes that were ordered last minute.

    • From what I’ve been able to tell, Skarsten belonged to a megachurch in LA, but it wasn’t Westboro Baptist or anything like that. Most reports seem to equate its homophobia with that of any Catholic church, and while it is upsetting that she has publicly supported that church, she has also publicly displayed her support for the LGBTQ+ community on many occasions.

      Also, and feel free to call me naive on this, but Emily Andras was showrunner for Lost Girl when Rachel Skarsten joined the cast, and Emily Andras is notorious for what Canadian actors call her “no assholes” policy. Quite simply, she personally vets people (what the kids may call a “vibe check”) to make sure they befit the culture she wants before letting them on her set. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Emily “Make It Gay You Cowards” Andras would allow a homophobe, or even a homophobe apologist, onto her show as a series regular, or later allow her to make a guest appearance on Wynonna Earp, which had several queer cast members.

      Of course, I could be wrong. I don’t know any of these people personally, of course. My only point is I think, in reality, all religious institutions are inherently homophobic, and racist, and misogynist, or at least built on homophobic, racist, misogynistic principles, and perhaps we have to reckon with that, and think about how to consider churchgoing as an action rather than an identity. Again, not to say it can’t be an identity, as we know it can be, but I think for some people, it is a habit, or a comfort. It is a thing they do, not a thing they are.

      • Yeah its complicated. While I do believe that she’s probably not actively homophobic, there’s a certain type of apathy towards the queer community that someone has to have to promote/support church leaders with these views. And that bothers me personally.

        But I get that people might feel differently! Also this was a decade ago now so who knows if her views have evolved since.

  2. love the cool dude in a wheelchair article! as a queer disabled person i compare timelines a lot and like, as exciting as it was when we started getting well-made stories about queer characters and their queerness, it was EVEN MORE EXCITING when we got well-made stories about queer characters that had very little to do with their queerness. i look forward to that in disability land!

    which brings me to sun-spider: when i say i lost my mind learning about an EDSer spiderperson, it’s not an exaggeration! it was all i talked about for days! but then the issue was…eh. the set up is tricky because it’s an anthology type series that’s introducing four or five brand new characters (or versions of characters) per issue as the set up to an enormous multiverse crossover, which leads to very little development time for a whole lot of splash pages and quips. that being said, i wanted to like charlie’s story so much more than i did and i can’t wait for when all the ‘look how revolutionary this character is!’ is out of the way so we can get on with quality storytelling

  3. I’m deeply unhappy with Letitia Wright being made the lead of the new ‘Black Panther’, they should have dropped her immediately after the whole fiasco. I will not be watching.

    I’m looking forward to the new Community movie, Peacock is literally dying a slow death so this was always going to happen, they don’t have very many draws at the moment.

    I was really hoping for some Milly Alcock/Emily Carey action on ‘House of the Dragon’ but that didn’t happen and there is no way in hell there will be any Olivia Cooke/ Emma D’arcy action after that last episode. Just some more incest nonsense.

    I was surprised they went the theater route with ‘Bros’, it was never going to make much money, still pretty amazing.

    • Apparently Billy Eichner was quoted basically saying that Bros had a theatrical release because they felt it wouldn’t mean as much if it were released on streaming.

      “Hollywood took a century to make this film,” he told the publication in an interview published Wednesday. “That’s not my fault — that’s Hollywood’s fault for taking this fucking long.”

      “And this is not an indie movie,” he continued. “This is not some streaming thing which feels disposable, or which is like one of a million Netflix shows. I needed to appreciate that ‘This is a historic moment, and somehow, you’re at the center of it. You helped create it.’”

  4. Orphan Black Echoes has some lesbian main characters (don’t wanna spoil it, but the backstory in ep 5 reveals a lot). I would be very grateful for your opinion and coverage, if someone would have room for this! Thank you for your site!

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