Here’s Twenty Five Megan Rapinoe Gifs Because We Love You

Remember that time the USWNT won the 2012 Olympics? Remember how fun and exciting that was? Remember how your neighbors probably thought something horrible was happening in your apartment because of all the screaming? Or was that just me? Best thing about the Olympics: Megan Rapinoe gifs. There are a plethora of Pinoe gifs, and while Googling them you might fall into the black hole of watching every interview she’s ever given in the history of ever and mindlessly looking through pages and pages of her face, so we’ve saved you some time and rounded up fifteen of our favorites. We even made you some of our own, because we love you and we want you to be happy. So. Here are some I’ve found that are very relevant to our interests: + + + + + + + + +

Go watch the Studio 90 videos of Roomies 4 Life because it’s the funniest thing in the world.

+ + +


+ +

Yes, I found a way to put Maddow in this post.

+ [All non-original gifs were found on Tumblr, bless its little heart, at fuckyeahmpinoe, tpinoe and uswntgifs. Gifs are hard to track down sometimes — let me know if you’ve made a specific one and I’ll give you credit! ] Here’s some we made!

She bats for our team!

+ + +

About Baby Horse’s beautiful header in the semi-final, naturally.

+ + + + +

Excited to use this in response to every mean thing ever.

+ And Wambach’s abs just for kicks and because, well, duh. + + Wasn’t that wonderful? Post your favorites in the comments!

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    Also, in the seventh one, she’s in the process of taking her shirt off in the way that most men do and most women don’t. I’ve *cough* done a study in these things. I kind of feel like it’s potentially gayer, but, *shrugs*.

  2. I just wanted to point out that the second game of these fine ladies’ victory tour, in crazy random happenstance, just happens to be in LA on the day we are all heading home from camp. I’m totally going to try to get a ticket on Friday; maybe we should get a group going?

    Also, Hope Solo FTW. Sorry Rapinoe, but my heart belongs to Solo.

    • Yes please! I’ve just sent you a message, but for others… like I posted on the final thread, I want to organize something for us after A-Camp. Tickets go on sale on the 16th if you are paying via Visa card, and on the 17th if not. Send me a message, let’s get something organized!

  3. It’s like you READ MY MIND!!!! Time to put on the tin foil hat.

    I nearly exploded into a glittery rainbow when I saw the Maddow interview. Two of my favorite lesbonians sharing the screen.

  4. ugh not QUITE ready to feel excited about your gold yet, because i’m currently mourning how Swedes constantly fail to perform well when it actually matters (except nilla fischer + the entire defence & lotta schelin ofc!)

    BUT, this post is definitely helping me get there, so thank you. oh and videos of HAO’s best moments are also v helpful :’)

  5. this is why, while the rest of my household was watching the games, i was watching pinoe. good thing you included the gif with maddow to remind me that i can’t stay staring at these forever; i have to leave my computer at least by nine in order to declare my undying love for her I MEAN watch her show.
    sigh… why must this glass barrier of a screen separate us?

  6. Thoughts upon viewing all the GIFS:

    Hahaha, “talk to the hand,” Tancredi!

    Oo, number 3 has her abs.

    Ooooo, number 7 is a sports bra moment!

    Okay, the facial expression gifs are adorable. Cute Pinoe.

    OMG Abby Wambach abs at the end, squealios {cheer leader scream}, am I blushing?

  7. Wow, it’s like this post was made for me. I am so in love with Megan Rapinoe she is such an inspiration and just adorable. Does anyone know if there is a longer video of this? I guess she was highlighted on the nightly news.

  8. I really like 13. She’s like, “Woah, no. I’m not part of this. You two have fun.” All of these are pretty amazing, though, considering the only reason I watched the olympics was for the women’s soccer team…and maybe some gymnastics.

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