Happy Halloween 20GAYTEEN, Here’s Your Community Costume Photo Gallery

Tracy, 48, Mia, 12 and Josephine, 52 / an 1840s family, inspired by Daguerreotype family portraits from that time period

Tracy, 48, Mia, 12 and Josephine 52 / a cat hoarder family, inspired by Kate McKinnon’s Whiskers R We skit on Saturday Night Live

Kaitlyn, 25 and Num, 28 / Bughead! Jughead and Dark Betty

Cate, 27 / Pearl from the “Last One Out of Beach City” episode of Steven Universe

Shea, 28 / “I decided that I couldn’t top last Halloween’s sexy Nigel Thornberry costume, so I decided to just be a sheet ghost”

Cassidy, 24 // Judith Slaying Holofernes, as painted by Artemisia Gentileschi

Hannah, 34 // Carrie White

Camille, 27 and Kaitlyn, 26 // Gretchen and Spinelli from Recess!

Mika, 26 // Biker Jesus

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    • IKR? So awesome! So creative and well executed.

      Back when I taught art and design, I loved leading class discussions of that painting – it’s a technically brilliant composition and it has the right level of gross out to engage college frosh.


      OK so my dad is an art history teacher and when I was a kid this painting was on the front of a coffee table book we had, and for some reason – the composition? The blood? I always kind of thought of it as a painting of someone giving birth, which it most definitely is NOT. Like I as a young kid I thought ew gross, vaginas! But, reader, there are no vaginas.

      I will love it always. GREAT WORK CASSIDY.

  1. I would apologise for my pictures being HUJI-selfies but what is Halloween without a couple thirst traps?

    That Mother boob illusion! WOW. Y’all went out.
    I love the Ms Frizzle/chamaleon couples costume, as the CMBYN boys. Taking sexy costumes and making them cross the line twice is awesome and I loved the sexy tampon. I have So Much Respect for the ones that included full body painting because that takes so much work and patience! The charcoal sketch and the decapitation painting, ughhhh I love art and funny takes on it as costume are bomb. I’m going to stop myself here because I’m throwing up love and hearts at this point, but know that I see and treasure every single costume and that you. are. a. cutie. Yes, you.

    • I just updated the caption to reflect this but it’s from Wild Wild Country, a documentary about a cult in Oregon! I forgot that if you’re not living in Oregon or obsessed with cult documentaries (we’re a fun crowd here at Autostraddle!) you wouldn’t necessarily know what this is…LOL.

  2. You know that feeling of “Ah yes, my people!”? As soon as I saw the second variation on Ms. Frizzle couples costume, I got it. <3

    Fantastic work, everybody. Especially the Doctors and Captain Marvel who will definitely set everything right.

  3. Jeffrey, Ina, AND a chicken!?! ? I love it!! I quickly last minute threw together an Ina costume for a work Halloween costume contest (bc of course yes I have several variations on the oversized denim blouse+dark pants combo) and I WON!!

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