Follow Your Arrow: Spiritual Coach Tieara Myers on Answering the Call

How do you build a business and market your services when you’re in the business of dreams? When the things you’re selling are your abilities to inspire, your gifts of encouragement and enlightenment?

Coaches — whose aim is to encourage and inspire their clients in life, work, spirituality or health — have a difficult job on their hands, facing on top of the usual business challenges the additional task of communicating the often intangible, deeply subjective benefits of the work they do. A life coach may help you find self-acceptance, discover hidden passions or move on after a difficult period. A career coach may help you find the confidence to aim higher or find work that you truly love. But how do you build a business that offers this, and how do you get your message out there?

In this fortnight’s Follow Your Arrow, we hear from spiritual entrepreneur Tieara Myers. Though she was born to teach, Tieara rebelled against her calling as she was growing up, instead taking a regular corporate job. But her gifts continued to call until one day she listened. In the interview below, Tieara explains how giving in to what she really wanted changed her life, and how she moved beyond entrepreneurial cliches to eventually brand her own unique offering as a spiritual life coach.

Tieara Myers, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, and Healer

Chicago, IL

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Describe your business in a paragraph. What’s your mission? Who do you serve?

I work with the dreamers of dreams, the visionaries, the healers, and the earth-shakers. I create space for these DreamCatchers to tap into their intuition, step into their sacred journey, embrace their alchemy, and take big action into their dreams.

Last week, I launched a new community for DreamCatchers to dream big, learn, grow, and thrive. The goal is to inspire women to make their big dreams a reality. Sometimes we need a space to make the visions we have had for this life come true. Those new visions will have a positive effect on humanity in totality. DreamCatchers hold the destiny of the future. My business honors these visionaries.


What are your key products or services, how do you deliver them?

I offer psychic readings where I take a look at your aura. Your aura contains your life experience. There are seven layers which contain seven different themes of your life; love, money, relationships, speaking your truth, and more. In this reading, I take a look at what is happening in each layer, and there’s lots of time for any other questions about your life!

I also have a unique coaching package for women ready to tap into their intuition and desire. This is great for anyone you hasn’t been able to tap into their intuition, want to be more connected to their feelings, want to follow their desire, and want to learn how to release other’s energy and protection.

A group course focused on the DreamCatchers of the world is in the works!

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have a routine? And what is your workspace like?

Creating sacred space and honoring my time is very important. I am a late riser and a night owl! After 10am, I’m up but I do not check email/social media right away. I keep my mornings to myself and honor my morning self-care routine. Having tea outside, meditation, writing my goals for the day, and gratitude + self-love journaling are all part of my morning ritual.


After that, I dive into work. I start by hopping in the Facebook group I created, #TheDreamCatchers, starting conversations and answering questions. Then I’m in other Facebook spiritual groups and personal development groups too. I spend most my day on social media; Periscope, Instagram, and Facebook. After that, mostly business development, blog posts, newsletters, and creating new opt-ins.

I usually work for 2-3 hours and then take a break. I’m a bit of an overachiever, so I’m usually working twelve hours a day easy. I’m working on getting more self-care movie time in there right now.

My workspace is filled with things that remind me of who I am spiritually. I have a hawk postcard from the Everglades in Florida on my desk. The hawk reminds me of my connection to nature and hawk medicine. There are plenty of displays of love because I am quite the lover. Crystals, candles, quotes, all transform my workspace from a desk to a sacred piece of art. As it should be. Life is a form of art.


When did you know that this was what you wanted to do? And what were your early goals, your first steps? 

I have always been a spiritual teacher. Since I was very young, I have many memories of teaching. As I grew older, like any normal teenager, I rebelled against everyone who was saying I should be a teacher. It took many years for me to stop fighting who I was.

I was actually in meditation when it became crystal clear it was time to go back to Chicago and teach. I was living in San Francisco as the time. Once I surrendered, things began to slowly work in my life. It was when I was fighting who I was that things just couldn’t go well for long. I stepped up as a spiritual teacher and leader and that all changed for the better.

I launched my business officially in January and left corporate America in May of 2015. It was one of the most liberating things I have ever done! I am so grateful to be calling my job my business. I am so grateful for working from home, being my own boss, having a flexible schedule, and growing my business.

When I first launched my business, I tried to do what every other female entrepreneur was doing. I used words like ‘bosslady’ and ‘next level.’ My business was about empowering the feminine, fierce, woman in her business. Yet, my coaching sessions were more spiritual teaching sessions. Sure, I was an out psychic with everyone I met, but I thought success was doing what everyone else was doing. Recently, I rebranded my business to be very openly spiritually focused. Funny thing, I have more engagements, conversations, interest, and likes than ever! It works! Doing me works!

What your clients come to you for will be a huge signal for what your focus could be. They are attracted to a certain quality within you. If you pay attention, your clients will call it out from within you. All along, I had clients coming who wanted to learn how to tap into their intuition, understand their sensitivities, learn tools to protect their energy, and open up to their desire. My clients were speaking to me all along. It took a while, but I listened in and came to my true focus. It takes time. Let yourself grow. It is a sacred journey.


Why do you do this? What makes you spring out of bed in the morning? What’s the best thing about the work you do?

I do what I do because I believe in the power of your vision. Anything that you can see can become your reality. That is how powerful you are. This is why I am focused on working with #TheDreamCatchers of the world. In particular with women, I believe that women have a right to tap into their answers and create their own lives. This is not 1950. It is time for women to free themselves, step into their sacred journey, and own their intuitive power.

The best thing about what I do is seeing how powerful spiritual work is in the world. Healing one aspect of yourself can have a domino effect, not just in your life, but your families and community. It all starts from within. If you are looking to change the world start by going within. I have seen relationships with families repaired, long gone loved ones get ready for a new life, rapid recovers from near death, and women stand up to the domineering men of their lives. There are few words for the magic of working spiritually with another human being’s spirit. It is profound.

And the worst?

Hahaha, the worst is I’m doing it all alone right now. I really look forward to hiring team members to help me create on the back end of things so I can focus my attention on teaching and giving psychic readings. Though, I really am learning quite a lot BUT, it is so worth hiring a team to support you.

What are the key challenges you face in your work? What are your tactics for overcoming these?

Doing it alone. I overcome this by having a lot of compassion and forgiveness for myself. I am only one woman. There are only so many hours in the day. I give myself lots of space to create programs and courses. If it doesn’t get done, guess what, I’m my own boss. I can reset the plan. I also make sure that I am active in entrepreneur groups where I am learning, sharing, being apart of community, and being supported. It makes a difference.


How do you approach time management?

I have begun tracking my time so I can see exactly what I am up to during my day. I manage my time by setting up my most important mission first which is the one thing I must get done in that day. Once complete, I can move on other things. I have a schedule based on where I want to be in six months. That breaks down what I need to do to get there monthly and weekly. This helps me not just sit at the computer all day. I have a goal and that is what helps me manage my time. I also have scheduled daily walks, two in fact, and I attempt to get as much done before those walks so I can enjoy my neighborhood stroll.

And what about work-life balance? Has your social life been impacted? If you’re a parent, a carer, or have other big responsibilities, how do you manage/juggle?

I’d say my work-life balance is just ok. Still working on the balance and getting more downtime in. I’d say the biggest challenge is not working when I am spending time with my girlfriend. I love what I do, so I sometimes get sucked into FB replying and emailing. I have certainly slowed down on it but it is still a place of growth. What has really helped is honoring my time with her and what we create when we are together. It is SO important to have a healthy balance between your business and your relationships. There has to be a respect for both.


Where would you like to see yourself in five, ten years’ time?

In five years, I see myself teaching retreats for women along the beach, offering exclusive intensive packages in cities across the world, speaking/teaching/sharing my story at conferences, living in a three bedroom apartment with my cat, husky, and girlfriend, trained in aerial arts/gymnastics, and working on writing a book. Expansion is where I see myself. Expanding to reach more women ready to tap into their intuition and follow their dreams.

How do you market your business?

I market myself in Facebook groups via ads, blog posts, tips, and inspirational posts. The more good advice you can offer, the more likely you will create lasting connections.

I market myself on Periscope just by hopping on, chatting about spirituality, and closing with a call to action. I have noticed that if you forget your call to action, your audience will usually ask you after you introduce yourself. They want to know more and Periscope is a wonderful platform to gain know-trust-and like factor fast.

I also market myself via my newsletter list and on Instagram, with similar post as Facebook.

How does being LGBTQ impact on your business (if at all)? 

I don’t make a big deal out of it. I also do not hide my sexuality. If It offends someone, that’s their problem. I wouldn’t want to work with them anyway. It has not affected my business in the least but is also not a major aspect of my business.

What three websites, blogs, books or people do you rate for business advice or ideas about your work?

I do not have much time to read lately, only the occasional article, but I do enjoy listing to podcasts and streams!

The School of Self-Mastery Podcast on business, money, and life.

Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast a podcast featuring entrepreneurs from all fields.

Abraham Hicks talking about alignment, spirituality, and the law of attraction.

What’s your hot tip for queer women who want to start their own business?

Do it. Just do it.

If you have a burning desire to create your own business, honor that. That is a part of your soul speaking with you. It is a part of why you are here. Do not let your dreams fall away. Where there is a will, there is a way. Honestly, you will figure it out as you go along. All the right resources will show up. As you are going along, I’d say don’t try to do it alone. Get support from the community, FB groups, a mentor, a coach, a new business group of friends. You will need the support as you birth something new into the world. It makes a world of a difference.

PS, if you are worried about people judging you and your business based on your sexuality or gender – don’t. They are not the type of people you want to work with anyway. I have learned that the more open, unashamed, in love with your sexuality or gender, and nonchalant YOU are…the more people respond in the same way. It becomes no big deal. Your business is what matters most.

Visit Tieara Myers at her website, You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In!

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  1. Oh this was so so wonderful, thank you for this interview. I especially enjoyed the part about having a morning routine of self-care. That’s definitely something I want to achieve, consistently. All too often I jump into work or going on my phone.

    • Yeah – it’s so easy to do that @dante, I’m trying to learn the same myself. Tieara’s morning routine sounds very blissful…but also very disciplined.

      • Absolutely! @dante, I work from home and it really helps me to stay focused on giving to myself first before I start giving to others throughout my business day. #SelfCare #nofacebookgroupsfirst #mefirst

        The more you take time to give to yourself, the more you can share from the overflow. <3

      • Blissful and disciplined. You hit the nail on the head with those words. I wish you luck on perfecting a morning routine that benefits you.

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