Fan Fiction Friday: Youth Culture Forever!


Oh my glob, it’s a youth culture takeover of Fan Fiction Friday! Below you will find 10 mathmatical Legend of Korra and Adventure Time fics to warm the cockles of your sweet heart on this cold winter weekend!

No Matter The Universe by gillywulf

Pairing: Korra/Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Plot: An astounding collection of Korrasami Tumblr prompts/fics.
Length: 90,000 words

“Korra, please-” she breathed, leaning closer. The Avatar followed suit, smirking.

“‘Korra please’, what?” she asked, their lips millimeters apart. Sher fingers ghosted over the spot Asami wanted to be touched, but made no solid contact. The engineer sucked in a sharp breath.

“I swear, if you don’t touch me right now, I will tell Tenzin who let Meelo draw on that priceless airbending scroll” Asami groaned, hips stuttering forward. Korra’s hands stilled.

“Well that’s cheating” she complained, sitting back. Asami rolled her eyes and pulled Korra into a rough kiss. They toppled to the floor in a mess of limbs.

Conflict Resolution by Sy_Itha

Pairing: Korra/Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Plot: Korra is a self-help radio host whose own love life is in shambles, partly because she’s in love with her best friend.
Length: 39,000 words

Korra bit her lip. Just say something you idiot. “Thanks.” Brilliant, good job. Korra sat back down at the table and continued to stare into her mug. Asami finished her tea and took the empty mug to the sink. She paused for a moment and then spoke. “I suppose I should be heading home. I have some work to do in the morning.” She gathered her sparring gear and headed to the entryway where she’d hung up her coat and helmet. Korra forced herself to move, to stand and walk to where Asami was. She took a deep breath. “Asami wait, please.”

Asami turned. “Korra?”

This was it. She forced herself to speak, “Would you want to go see a movie, maybe get some dinner?”

Asami laughed and leaned against the doorframe. “It’s a little late for that.”

“No, I mean, this Friday.” She felt the blush crawling into her cheeks again. Asami, on the other hand, just gave her a coy smile.

“Oh, did you want me to call the boys and see–”

“No, I mean, it would just be us.” Her heartbeat pounded in her ears.

“Like, a date?”


all the choirs in my head sing, no by sable_tyger

Pairing: Korra/Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Plot: I love the author’s summary: “In which the Fire Ferrets play in the tournament, Bolin and Korra are best friends, Mako is aloof, and Asami is—just what the hell, Asami, what the hell.”
Length: 4,300 words

She hasn’t been this cold since she was a little girl, out fishing with her father; she’d slipped out of the boat and bobbed along the ice floes, her teeth chattering, and laughed when her father pulled her out and wrapped her inside all of his furs. She’d held out her hands and little flickers of fire had shimmered there, reflected in her fathers eyes. That was when they’d first known. That was when her entire life had changed.

In the darkness, the whispers have stopped. There’s silence, and a strange stillness like after some great disturbance. The calm after the storm, when everything’s already gone.

Korra, someone says, and she turns around.

Asami is staring at her, wide-eyed. Her mouth is open, her lips parted around Korra’s name. She’s smiling. Korra can’t figure out why she’s smiling, what’s there to smile about right now—the crowd is still there, watching Korra, waiting. She has to fall some time.

What Spring Does by Thrace

Pairing: Korra/Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Plot: Three years after that groundbreaking season finale, the Korrasami happy ending keeps on rolling.
Length: 8,500 words

The table just barely manages to fit them all, but no one except possibly Lin minds rubbing elbows with their neighbor. After the main course the toasts start. First Bolin stands up, very seriously smoothing down his waistcoat and clearing his throat. Then Mako, who keeps it short and sweet, and then Bumi who has to get nudged before he sidetracks too far into a story about one of his officers and a beautiful young Fire Nation lass with a pot of rice. Never one to pass up an opportunity to grandstand, Meelo gets up on his chair and offers his hopes that their child becomes the world’s best probender slash millionaire slash monster fighter slash mover star slash badger mole wrangler slash pirate but not the mean kind.

Eventually they come around to Tenzin, who raises his glass. “To Korra and Asami.”

“Korra and Asami,” everyone echoes.

Asami looks around at the faces of their friends, her family. Under the table, Korra has laced their fingers together. For the first time since she found out, she’s looking forward to the future without reservation or worry. She’s lost a lot but she’s gained so much more and she has faith in Korra, faith in their relationship. Life is how it was meant to be.

The Engineer’s Guide to Dating the Avatar by wegglebots

Pairing: Korra/Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
Plot: A collection of deliriously happy Korra/Asami one-shots.
Length: 13,000 words

Asami has taken note of each iteration of these “routines”. The “routine” always starts with some premise, say the aforementioned “yo babe how do you like these guns”, followed by Korra flexing and grunting until her sleeves tear with crisp rrrrip. “Yesss, dear”, Asami would then say, smiling, and Korra would pull her in for a nice sweet kiss.

Iterations of the “routine” range from “is it me or is it hot in here” to “I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW I FEEL THAT THIS IS AN APPROPRIATE THING TO DO”. And of course Asami would never admit it, but it’s something she really enjoys. After all, it’s impressive. And sexy. Asami could not deny the appeal it has to her.

Due to the transition from “shy wordbending” to “dorkilicious hot mess”, Korra’s flirting now includes things such as “wiggly hey babe eyebrows”, “random (clumsily folded) origami flowers everywhere”, “random real flowers everywhere”, and Asami’s favorite, “random little notes with loving messages written in them”.

So we all are growing young by CherryIce

Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
Plot: “Marceline may be a thousand years old, but Princess Bubblegum has been eighteen for a very long time.”
Length: 3,400 words

Between zombie attacks and black holes, hoarder deer and the occasional uprising of ultimate evil, diplomatic snafus and the Ice King’s semi-regular kidnapping attempts/successes, the Candy Kingdom pretty much runs itself. It leaves time for the important things in life, like science fairs, whistling death matches, tea parties, peace conferences, and coming up with the formula to reverse zombie uprisings.

She likes to leave time as well for the things that aren’t important, like quantifying the colour ‘red’ or delineating the boundaries of consciousness. An adventure now and then, maybe. The kingdom may pretty much run itself, but emergencies come up too often for her to just leave.

“Hey, PB!” someone says behind her. It is a testament to how involved she is in her chalkboard that it takes her a moment to process who it is. “Whatcha doing?” Finn is the only one who calls her that. Jake sometimes, but he sounds different because he’s a dog. Everyone else calls her Princess, or Princess Bubblegum. Marceline is the only one since her grandmother who calls her by her given name.

Heartstrings by Stonestrewn

Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
Plot: It’s like A-Camp, with the ruler of the Candy Kingdom and a thousand-year-old vampire.
Length: 3,300 words

Marceline is a new acquaintance. You have heard of her before, of course, even exchanged pleasantries (well, pleasant on your end, at least) once or twice, but this is the first time you have spent a prolonged amount of time in her company. It’s not at all as bad as her attitude might have made you fear. In part, you chalk that up to your excellent diplomacy. She is a queen, after all, and you are a princess, and it is important to keep relations with fellow royalty amicable – unless they try to kidnap you. So far, Marceline’s attempts at abduction count to zero.

In addition, you simply couldn’t have found the rare Scarlet Scale Scraper mushrooms without her incredible sense of smell. Mrs. Marshmallow’s pet lizard will finally be free from that nasty fungus. When you return to the candy kingdom you will have to remember to thank Peppermint Butler especially for bringing you and Marceline’s abilities together.

The song comes to an end. You hurry to shower her with enthusiastic one-princess applause.

Within a Week by sunbreaksdown

Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
Plot: Oh, just Marceline and Princess Bubblegum making crazy science together.
Length: 4,700 words

But finally, finally, Bubblegum’s holding up a pot of what looks like dust, if Marceline’s completely honest, and beaming at it proudly through her silly goggles. She pulls them up, onto her forehead, what a nerd, and keeps the labcoat on as she hurries out to one of the castle’s balconies. Marceline follows her, because finally she can get out of the lab (because, obviously, she had no choice but to be there the whole time Bubblegum worked) and along comes Lady Rainicorn, who seems to know what to do.

She takes the magic-science-dirt, whatever it is, up into the air, and as she glides across the Candy Kingdom, she lets it fall down upon the streets and rooftops alike. Marceline lands behind Bubblegum as the Princess stands with her hands clasped before her, holding her breath, racked with anticipation. Marceline watches as nothing happens, for a long moment, and then the dust reacts with the air, sparking off as an unnatural but far from unsettling green. The whole thing blends into a relaxing, rejuvenating sort of mist, repairing or rebalancing or somethinging the kingdom.

Marceline has no idea what’s actually happening, but whatever it is, it’s as impressive as heck.

Cultural Relations by sunbreaksdown

Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
Plot: Sometime before PB traded Marceline’s rock t-shirt for Hambo, there was this.
Length: 8,000 words

Marceline grins at the comment about the shirt, fangs digging into her lower lip, though she knows that she shouldn’t. It’s just that she’s had more than enough time to be flustered about what the Door Lord stole from Princess Bubblegum that she can now convince herself it’s something to be smug about. It’s easy to gloss over the thought of the shirt that she gave the Princess being her most beloved possession when she can poke fun at her, and go on about how much she must loooooove her fashion choices. Princess Bubblegum huffs at the comment, but Marceline knows that she’d never back down with so little provocation.

Especially when she herself is the source of Princess Bubblegum’s torment.

“Well! It’s research.” Princess Bubblegum changes her mind, mirrors the way that Marceline’s arms are folded across her chest, and looks more than a little pleased with herself. “You’re a special case. A vampire living on the surface of Ooo, and regularly interacting with a variety of different species, from human boys, dogs, goblins, worm people—”

“—chewable pink princesses who have wandered a long way from home…”

“Very helpful, Marceline. As I was saying, I’m sure it will yield some fascinating results, if only from a strictly anthropological point of view.”

In the Blink of an Eye by abcooper

Pairing: Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time
Plot: What’s a thousand years between “friends”?
Length: 9,000 words

Marceline the Vampire Queen was 1000 years old when she met Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum, and she was also 18. And she was also feeling extremely vicious.

It was hot out, and she was angry, and her back was sore from the large pack she was carrying. She had dumped her jerk-faced teddy-bear-stealing boyfriend, then dumped everything she owned into a bag, and then dumped the stupid treehouse that she’d made her stupid life in, and headed out.

One nice thing about being 18 forever, Marceline had found, was that you never ran out of time to start over.

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