“Fab or Drab” Only Saving Grace of Republican National Convention

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I don’t really “get” people who identify as part of the Republican party. In last night’s speech Romney talked about having two jobs that paid $9/hour as some sort of rock bottom, whereas to me and many of the people I love that is a bonafide Dream Come True. But more on that later! Right now I want to talk about Buzzfeed’s “Fab Or Drab At The Republican National Convention”. I don’t get the idea that all of our seemingly irreparable problems as nation can be assuaged by remembering that as Americans we are “special,” or that the fact that the GOP seems out to get me personally as a woman can be mitigated by a screen-in-screen of Ann Romney clapping for her husband. But you know what? I can almost relate to stapling a Beanie Baby to your hat to communicate your enthusiasm. At least more than I can relate to wanting to privatize Social Security. Somehow while sucked into the day-long k-hole of the weird alternate universe that the GOP inhabits, I found this both incredibly compelling and bizarrely comforting.

And while I would probably be horrified to hear this lady’s thoughts on the girls I made out with in college, I cannot deny that her sunglasses and matching earrings are fly.

And yeah, you know what? Putting aside my complex feelings about the existence of GOProud very briefly, I can agree that their gogo dancers were in fact a little drab — mom jeans are so over, you guys!

Thank you, Internet, for lending some comfort in this difficult time, and in a moment when I was in danger of feeling like I shared literally no common ground with a significant portion of the population, reminding me that painting your big toe to look like the American flag is still pretty impressive, and that trucker hats are a kind of dicey fashion move unless you’re this person.

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    MIXED FEELINGS. Republicans have totally ruined the stars and stripes for me. It’s weird bc I can remember being a little girl and not feeling that way. But I just can’t see that anymore and feel any sense of warmth or pride or “that represents me”.

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