1. I have to admit that I’m a wine snob. I blame it on the fact that my partner is Portuguese. When we were in Portugal last summer, her father (who used to have vineyards) served us Portuguese wine from a box and I couldn’t help but gasp in horror. What about the ritual of opening the bottle? The smell of the cork? Sometimes the best part of a good drink is the ritual surrounding it.

  2. I watched the Stevie Nicks thing last night, it was great – I had no idea Carly was even involved, awesome work!

    And Laneia’s link to the Wired article is rad. Internetiquette is important and I’m glad other people are with me on it!

  3. Erm, that link about the trans German pop sensation actually links to Britney Spears in Russia…

  4. Thanks for the boxed wine link. When I think boxed wine, I think Franzia! Bleh.
    A few years ago, I was looking into the wine industry. I thought it would be a great idea to have a sweet red wine called “Panty Dropper” and get a rapper to mention it in a song and then it would blow up. But I was looking at importing it and the import costs were going to be too high. The point is, at that time, they didn’t have cool and tasty boxed wines… at least not to my knowledge. Glad they do now!

  5. I left you my heart is possibly one of the worst poems I have ever read, including all the dribble I wrote in high school.

    P.S. I want a Scrabble couch!

  6. Ugh the gay roommate post is frustrating.
    I am staying in residence in september and I worry that I will have to stay closeted just because my roommate will freak out.

    Anyone have a similar experience? Should i stay closeted or did your roommate freak out and ask to switch???

    • I think you should do whatever makes you the most comfortable in your living situation, but if were me, I’d come out. If she wants to freak out and switch, then you don’t want to live with her anyway. I didn’t have a similar experience, but I will say that my freshman roommate loved Donnie Osmond and watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat until she broke my dvd player. She certainly had no place to judge.

      • DEBS: my roommate at sarah lawrence freshman year loved JEKYLL AND HYDE THE MUSICAL and played it alllll the timeeeee, i would’ve preferred it if, like everyone else at that school, she just liked girls, instead of a musical that got canceled after like two weeks ’cause it sucked. that’s probs part of the reason why i dropped out of sarah lawrence. so did she. hm.

        meanwhile my boarding school roommate senior year had ladies in her bed all the time and liked RENT and CABARET, which I also like, so that was so much better.

    • omg, it is ten thousand times better to live with a girl who does girls than to live with a girl who does dudes. from a sanitary perspective, there is just less odor and sperm and stuff.

      if you have a roommate who asks to switch ’cause you are a gay, then you tell us, and we will make her regret that decision with logic.

      actually already that advice column question has become a major news topic and everyone wants that mom to go to hell. i think you are in the clear.

    • my roommate during freshman year didn’t like to turn the lights on, didn’t eat, slept during the day, and woke up at night to watch buffy marathons. basically what i’m saying is: she was a vampire. if only i’d read the article about true blood, then i’d’ve known that she was more of a threat to humanity than i was.
      no but really, i’d go with coming out. then you won’t be all stressy and secret-y. i just waited until we got to the big-getting-to-know-each-other-roommate-talk and when she asked if i had a boyfriend, i said i dated girls.

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