CES 2010 Highlights: Microsoft’s Wiimote, Laptops Get Zanier and 3D Everything

CES 2010 has come and gone. Here’s a handful of highlights from the massive Las Vegas electronics show where sexy screen technologies, tablets and e-readers loomed large.

MICROSOFT: Project Natal will be coming to the Xbox 360 in 2010. Project Natal is Microsoft’s innovative response to the Wii’s radical reinvention of the way we game.

Natal will allow gamers to play without controllers by using a kind of camera “which provides full-body 3D motion capture, facial recognition, and voice recognition capabilities.” Microsoft intends Project Natal to offer even hardcore controller junkies an inventive gaming experience.

Also, Microsoft wants comics to go digital with Graphic.ly. But can we ever replace that classic comic store smell?

LENOVO introduces hybrid notebooks that function as a tablet or plug into a dock to act like a regular ol’ laptop.

SAMSUNG debuts a translucent OLED screenscience is catching up to science fiction faster than ever!

AT&T will soon score some long-awaited Android phones.

PANASONIC shows off with a 3D camcorder. And everyone else brings the 3D too!

CELEB CAMEOS included Taylor Swift for Sony and Lady Gaga for Polaroid, announcing claims that she wants to resurrect the classic Polaroid camera, “combining it with the digital era and making something new.”

Gaga will also be Polaroid’s new creative director, which could be good as she sounds invested in the kitschy technology as an art form, just like the rest of us!

“We won’t be selling cameras with my face on them,” she said. “I’m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future.” That sounds like happy news for all of us retro-lovers who were crushed when Polaroid announced the discontinuation of their instant camera line in 2008. Now we won’t have to fake it!

In Other News…

GAMING DOES GOOD: Another good defense of how video games impart kids (and adults!) with a valuable skill-set.

BLIZZARD TO STRAY TO CONSOLE GAMING: The company responsible for gluing many of us to our computer screens will soon lure us into the living room…or wherever your TV is!

UNCHARTED 2’S GENDER RELATIONS: Uncharted 2 rocks a more nuanced portrayal of a female character, as well as rocking everything else.

CANADA THINKS YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: That vast, progressive expanse up North thinks you might have a gaming problem and maybe even a gay problem, too!

FRUIT FLY PORN: If you shave a fruit fly’s spiky penis, he won’t be able to take it to home base with the ladies! Poor little guys.

AUSTIN FUNDS STUDENT GAMING: The city channels some cash money into educational gaming- sweet!

DEFENDING SOCIAL MEDIA: How Twitter and Myspace  actually have a lot going on beneath the surface of how we communicate.

GAMING VIOLENCE & THE FAIRER SEX: A look at the usually perverse way games like GTA treat women and sexuality.

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    Who do I have to boink to get that transparent screen laptop doohickey?!
    I’d do the host of Tales From The Crypt for that thing.

  2. My mantra at work today will be: “At least I don’t have to shave fruit fly penises for a living…”

  3. Just letting you know, I think the link for Uncharted 2 is actually the same link as the Blizzard one. Eep

  4. As a self professed comic book geek the idea of making them digital irks me a little. Half of the love of comics at least for me is the tangible feeling of turning the page to see what happens next.

  5. I’m afraid to click on the fruit fly penis porn link. Also, that see through screen looks really awesome.

  6. Im needing some new polaroid film! im down to my last pack…unless id like to use expired film. Sucks…i just happen to get my polaroid camera christmas os 2008…how unlucky am i??

  7. We watched gay fruit fly porn during the first lecture of my genetics class at MIT!
    Is it weird that I’ve been addicted to AS since the beginning but I only just now registered so I could post this comment?

    • I AM HAPPY THAT YOU REGISTERED TO TELL ME THAT! that article is pretty fascinating, so is fruit fly sex!

  8. As an Adult Protection field investigator, I see a lot of fruit flies (it goes along with the hoarding) and I will never look at them the same way.

  9. GREEN PORN, with Isabella Rossellini is amazing and anybody (everybody) who wants to know how animal/insects/squids reproduce should check-ch-check it out. I’m just throwin that out there.

  10. SAMSUNGs translucent OLED screen is a killer also panasonic 3d camera waiting to get my hands on both

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