Choose Your Own Therapy Adventure: The Alphabet Soup Therapies CBT, DBT and ACT

A quick look at Psychology Today lists dozens of modalities, filled with acronyms and industry jargon. So, to help guide you even more – and to help you feel more secure in interviewing a therapist – here’s the first in a series of breakdowns to help you Choose Your Own (Therapy) Adventure. Today we’ll look at some of the most well-known and popular therapies: CBT, and its offshoots, ACT, and DBT.

Alyssa Thomas Is Carrying The Sun Through The WNBA Playoffs — But She Shouldn’t Have To

As a sports fan, I’m conflicted. I want to watch Thomas do improbable things. The games are better and more exciting with her in them—I’m fairly convinced that had she been able to stay in Tuesday, the Sun would have swept the Aces in this series and done it handily. She is hands down my favorite player to watch play basketball. And yet I want her to be able to take care of herself, to rest, to get the surgery she needs so she can be even better and so that she doesn’t have to be in pain.

Future Present: Change Happens When We Are Embodied

I knew we all wanted justice, ease and wellbeing, and that our anger was a manifestation of our love for each other. But I also watched as my own fight or flight response kicked in in group dynamics, as I felt habitually roped into defensive positions that felt out of my control. I couldn’t reconcile this big gap between intention and action, so I knew I needed to withdraw not out of avoidance but out of commitment to my own healing. In retreating to understand my own depletion, I discovered somatic practice.

A Quick Guide to Choosing The Gayest WNBA Team to Root for This Season

This column aims to show you what you’ve been missing by not watching these women and, if you have, I hope you’ll find the queer lens on the league you’ve been looking for here. We’ll cover real stuff, like the fact that the WNBA is the only professional league to ensure their social justice work is trans inclusive, alongside lighter stuff, like thirst traps and queer Daddy content.

How to Quit Smoking

Tell yourself that you’re not like one of those chain smokers, that you can stop whenever you want. Start smoking American Spirits, so it’s like, not even that bad for you because it’s natural, or organic, or something. You forget.