#PolyamoryProblems: Opening Your Relationship 101

Welcome to the first installment of #PolyamoryProblems, a new advice column on Autostraddle. There are countless things I wish I had known before I started out, and lucky for you I’m here to tell you the things that will hopefully make your transition into polyamorous relationships much smoother.

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Into the A+ Advice Box #20: Reconsidering Your Perfectly Supportive Cis/Het Partner and More!

Making queer friends in quarantine, holding a candle for your ex, being out as bisexual at work, unpacking a past relationship with boundary issues, poly nesting feelings, roommates who make you feel like a fifth wheel, social media related envy in your creative community, and MORE! Become an A+ Member today to submit your own advice questions, get access to this twice monthly series, and keep Autostraddle going for everyone.


Queer Tarotscopes for Libra Season 2020 Ask What Justice Really Looks Like

Libra wants every voice to be heard, every need to be met, for the most vulnerable and marginalized to be lifted up and protected. And as we shift into this new season, Justice demands that we carefully consider beliefs, that we pay attention to the systems that impact us, that we push back against the limits that are harming us. How are you standing up for your community, for those whose voices are so often silenced?