Boob(s On Your) Tube: “Once Upon a Time” Went and Saved the Gays For Last

Hello it is Friday and that means it is only two days until Sunday and that is Vida day! Here’s the brand new promo for this week’s episode!

And if you’re wondering how to watch Starz, Carmen has a primer on that in last week’s Boobs Tube! You can also read Carmen’s recap of the first episode right here on this very website page.

This week, Cheryl Blossom somehow managed to get even more amazing on Riverdale. Riese made you a gay Law & Order quiz. And Valerie Anne recapped a legit really, really good episode of Supergirl.

Here’s what else!

Imposters 206: “That’s Enough. Off You Go.”

Written by Natalie

Part of the cons of Imposters‘ first season was leaving every victim with a blackmail envelope — evidence of something the victim or someone close to them had done that, if revealed, would have reverberations far stronger than whatever Maddie and her con artist sidekicks had stolen — that kept the victim from going to the police. From the beginning, we’ve known that Ezra’s envelope contained proof that his father had been carrying on a 20-year affair and that he’d stolen the patents that were the basis for the family business. We’ve known that Richard threw a football game to pay for his mother’s medical treatments…a worthy cause, yes, but public knowledge of his transgression would’ve killed his career aspirations. And while there have been hints about what’s inside Jules Langmore’s blackmail envelope, we never really knew for sure, until this week: Jules plagiarized her senior thesis for art school.

“Don’t you know what you should be after/ Unless you consult the head of the table”

While a student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Jules had a roommate. She was a genius, her work always so surprising, her talent so enviable, but she suffered from bipolar disorder. The story is cloaked in euphemisms that suggest the roommate and Jules might have been something more, but the show, much to my frustration, doesn’t explore the connection; instead, only describing their relationship as intense. Sadly, the roommate committed suicide during their senior year which left Jules despondent and behind on her schoolwork.

With deadlines looming, Jules swiped her dead roommate’s project and presented it as her own, but she got caught…and just as Jules is preparing to accept whatever punishment RISD hands out, including the destruction of her art career, her family swoops in to save her. In the years since, Jules has carried the guilt of having her career built on this lie and resentment towards her family for saving her and towards herself for letting them.

But, ultimately, the thing that’s most interesting about the story that Jules tells isn’t the story itself, it’s to whom she unwittingly confesses: Lenny Cohen. Lenny Cohen, the fixer for the boss that’s been behind the con all along. Lenny Cohen, the fixer that’s been sent to track down Jules and the other imposters, and “recruit” them into con game (or, presumably, to punish them if they don’t acquiesce). Oh, and did I mention that Lenny Cohen is played by Uma Thurman?

Safe to say, Jules has a type.

Now personally, if the last girl I met at a bar had conned me, stolen all my money and propelled me into a situation where I’m running from the FBI, I might be a little more discerning about the women I meet in bars, but not Jules…she’s almost eager to unburden herself when she meets this stranger in a bar. For her part, Lenny’s remarkably honest with Jules — sure, she leaves out all the “I’ve been sent here to maybe kill you” stuff, but she’s candid about who she is — “I correct people who are in breach of contract” — and what she’s here to do. Jules is clearly charmed by Lenny’s gruffness, in much the same way she was charmed by CeCe’s when they first met, and accepts when Lenny invites herself over for dinner to meet Jules’ friends.

Jules, you in danger, girl.

Into the Badlands 303: “Leopard Snares Rabbit”

Written by Valerie Anne

This week’s episode starts with the Widow’s Butterflies showing up to the Iron Rabbit’s burrow, where Tilda and Odessa had been planning together like good little anarchy girlfriends. They were warned barely in time, and it’s really just enough to avoid a full ambush.

What do you MEAN Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled?!

The fight is brutal—Tilda is forced to kill a girl she used to fight alongside, and Odessa steps in to save Tilda from the Regent, resulting is kidnapped and taken back to the Widow.

The Widow has Odessa in the cage and tries to get information from her. She wants to know who warned the bunnies in the burrow, but Odessa doesn’t budge, not even when the Widow throws in some low (metaphorical) blows, calling her “an inconsequential fling” and saying Tilda will choose her mother over Odessa someday. When she leaves her men to continue trying to extract information from her, she tells them to keep her pretty…she DOES want Tilda to forgive her eventually after all.

Tilda comes flying into Lydia’s window to seek vengeance for her girlfriend, when she’s informed that Odessa isn’t dead, just kidnapped. So Tilda marches right through the front door of the Widow’s mansion and demands an audience. Just like that.

Tilda is willing to give up her whole Iron Rabbit deal to save Odessa. And the Widow brings Odessa out, but before she’ll hand her over, she wants more than a promise that her convoys will be protected. She wants Tilda back fighting by her side. So Tilda ups the ante too: free MK.

As if on cue, MK flies in all rage and violence and Tilda talks him down in the way only Tilda can and she exchanges a knowing nod with the Widow before letting Odessa lead her out. While I’m glad they both got out of that situation relatively unscathed, and I’m glad Tilda and the Widow might work together again soon, I do fear it will be at the expense of the Tildessa relationship. Only time will tell!

Timeless 208: “The Day Reagan was Shot”

Written by Valerie Anne

Here’s the thing: If you’re not watching Timeless, you should be. I think we’ve written about it here before, so I won’t give you a full synopsis, but it’s smart and it’s fun and it’s feminist af. They don’t sugar-coat the past the way some time travel shows do, often highlighting how Lucy, a woman, and Rufus, a black man, might not have the easiest time in one decade or another. I’ve learned more about real history than anything my white/straight/male-washed history books every taught me.

And what’s more, one of the regular characters is Agent Denise Christopher, a queer woman of color. Granted, her wife (also a qwoc) isn’t mentioned much, but they made a point to let us know that Agent Christopher had a wife and kids, and even have Lucy meet them once, and making sure their timeline isn’t interrupted is always important to Denise.

This week’s episode, though, was a Big Gay Episode, and the entire plot revolved around Denise, her wife, and her gayness. Lucy and their programmer, Jiya, go back to the 80s, thinking they had to save President Reagan, but quickly realizing they actually were meant to save a young Agent Christopher. A brush with death that didn’t happen in the original timeline pushes Denise into agreeing to go through with an arranged marriage to a man, so Lucy and Jiya pretend to be a lesbian couple (appropriately named Cagney and Lacey) to try to get her to admit that being married to a man, arranged or not, wouldn’t make her happy.


Especially since that marriage would result in her quitting the police force, which would mean she never got recruited by the FBI, which means the time travel program they all use to save the world on the regular would probably never exist. Plus also she’d be fucking miserable.

At first, Denise is hesitant; her Indian family is very traditional. She watched her cousin get disowned for marrying a white guy, being a lesbian in 1981 wasn’t exactly going to be smooth sailing. Desperate, both to save the timeline but also to save her coworker and friend a life of misery she knows is avoidable, Lucy breaks all the rules of time travel and whips out a laptop and a flash drive and shows Denise a slideshow of her family in the future. Her wife, her two kids, their collective happiness. Denise’s eyes fill up with wonder and she asks, “Two women can get married?” Hearing that, seeing those pictures, it gave her hope. That moment, in a nutshell, is why representation is important. Sometimes all it takes to ease an anxiety is a promise that something is possible. Just knowing something has been done, or could be done, is sometimes enough to make it less scary. It can, in short, give you hope.

Anyway, whatever Lucy and Jiya do, it ends up being even better than the first time around, because not only did they get Denise to call off the arranged marriage, but somehow they got the timeline to change so that instead of being totally estranged, Denise’s mother is now a bigger part of her life. And of course, her wife and kids are still happy and healthy and having pizza night just as they planned.


It was a really nice change of pace to have an entire episode revolve around ensuring the lesbian character DIDN’T get shot. And Agent Christopher has worried from the start that her wife and kids might just poof from existence, so therefore that has been a worry of mine all along as well. But instead the emotional crux of this very emotional episode was giving a young police officer hope that she could be a badass FBI agent with a wife and kids someday, and helping her follow through on that plan.

Once Upon a Time 720: “Is This Henry Mills?”

Written by Carmen

Tilly’s been coerced to join Mother Gothel’s secret witch coven in order to save her father and her girlfriend, because she’s The Guardian and can hold all the dark magic in the realm without succumbing to it, which is apparently some powerful stuff (oh, man! This show! Amirite?). She’s hypnotized along with the rest of the coven; they just repeat the same spell over and over again, bringing all the world’s dark magic back to Seattle. When each member of the coven completes their job, they get turned into a tree seedlings, which means that Tilly is going to die.

This is an episode of Buffy that I’ve definitely seen before.

Her dad, the New Captain Hook (they call him “Nook”, get it?), doesn’t quite get what’s going on because he’s still cursed and thinks he’s a Seattle Police Detective. But, he knows that something isn’t right here. He gets reinforcements, first from Detective Weaver (Rumplestiltskin, who’s already awake from the curse and VERY AWARE of what is going on here), and then from Tilly’s girlfriend Margot (Robin Hood!!! Here to save the day!!!).

The trio returns to the coven in a futile attempt to either wake Tilly or break Gothel’s magical hold on her. Margot’s so nervous, her hands are shaking! Luckily, she’s a queer girl in 2018; she’s not freaked out by a little witchy activity. She slices through the coven like it’s nothing and walks right up to Tilly.

She places a gentle hand on her shoulders and looks her in the eyes. Her voice is gentle and patient, like she’s talking to small, shaking, scared cat.

“Hey there — There are a lot of people who are really worried about you, but I know that you’re just having one of your bad days. But if you come with me, maybe we can turn it into a good one. What do you say?”

From beneath her trance, Tilly cries at the sound of Margot’s voice. A single tear breaks through, rolling down her cheek. Before the power of Margot’s love can take root, the dark magic bites back. In a bright flash, Tilly turns Margot, along with the rest of the rescue party, into a scene from Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

Yep, that’s them.

The season long curse breaks when, in the main plot of the episode, Henry and Regina Mills save the day. Back at the coven, everyone’s returned to normal size. Remembering who they are for the first time all year, Robin Hood takes off Margot’s glasses and runs into Alice’s arms.

They hold each other so tight, Alice’s hands turn red from her grasp. They whisper memories of love and and sweetness, their breath mingling in the cold air. Alice is overcome; she had promised Robin, no matter what, they would always remember each other. And she was right! The hero music swells and Robin kisses the love of her life like she never wants to stop kissing her, ever again.

Love is love is…


Gothel makes one last attempt to turn Alice to the dark side, promising that they can be a family. With her father on one side of her, and Robin on the other, clasping her hand tight, Alice faces down her wretched mother once and for all. She’s not alone anymore. She’s not an orphan, she’s no longer “a crazy girl who’s lost her way”. She never will be again. With that, she uses all her magic and the love that surrounds her and turns Gothel into a freaking tree!!!!

Side Note: This is not gay, but if you’re a fan of Regina Mills and her relationship with her son, Henry — this is the episode for you! It’s a beautiful love letter to the mother/son relationship that’s been at the heart of the show throughout the last seven seasons.

Quick Hits

Westworld 203: “Virtù e Fortuna”

Westworld still isn’t any queerer than having Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual leading the charge, but it’s still pretty fun so far, and there are a lot of women in charge of things. Dolores is going by Wyatt now and causing a ruckus as usual, Tessa Thompson took command of some soldiers, Maeve is a woman on a mission, and our girl Armistice made a surprise re-appearance. Plus we met a woman who washed up on the shores of Westworld from a safari land, and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her, either. — Valerie Anne

Coronation Street

Things on the cobbles have been kind of a mess lately, but this week the writers showed that their still capable of impactful storyline as news of Aidan Connor’s suicide spread across Weatherfield (Gail’s speech was a highlight for me). Grief manifests differently for everyone and for Kate, it’s mostly anger. She’s livid at her brother, chastising him for his selfishness and promising to never forgive this transgression. Rana shows up on Friday’s episodes to comfort her girlfriend, just as Kate’s anger starts to give way to grief. — Natalie

Grey’s Anatomy 1423: “Cold As Ice”

I’m happy to report that April Kepner did not die! She did get very, very cold and almost drown. It was a sort of throwback to episode 3.17 “Some Kind of Miracle”, where Meredith almost drowns, but the hospital staff brings her back to life. Anyway, April is safe and happily back in love with Matthew — the Christian EMT that she left at the altar for Jackson all those years ago. No word yet on how she’s officially leaving the show, but I’m glad that she’s getting a (off camera) happy ending!

Ok, the gay stuff! Geena Davis came back as Dr. Herman (AKA Dr. Dottie Hinson #ALeageOfTheirOwn #NeverForget). She’s even funnier than I remember and Geena Davis is obviously always a megawatt talent. I was impressed with her acting choices and how she approached Dr. Herman’s blindness. Arizona was going to leave her neonatal surgery practice behind and go back into peds surgery as part of her big move to New York, but instead Dr. Dottie Hinson offers to open up a new maternal care research clinic in NYC with Arizona at the head! It’s going to be called the “Robbins-Herman Center for Women’s Health””. No word yet on Callie, but Arizona did mention her (using her full name Calliope! heart eyes) before getting cut off mid sentence. It sounds like Callie is excited for the move and being very supportive! AWWW, YOU GUYS!!! — Carmen

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  1. “Westworld” – The woman who washed up on the shore of Westworld is named Grace, and I have theory that

    She’s Bill’s daughter.

    • Good theory
      Grace who washed up on the shores of Westworld reminded me a lot of when the Tailies showed up on lost.

      • I came by the theory when I saw her creating that map. It might also explain why she wants a human lover instead of a host, daddy-issues. I think that she’s looking for whatever he hid in the park.

  2. Ahhh, can we talk about the fact that when Arizona was talking about April and Matthew getting back together, she was CLEARLY really talking about her and Callie?? All that stuff about having gone through tough times and having made their way back to each other? I 100% believe that even if it happens entirely off-screen, Arizona and Callie are going to be a thing again.

  3. Will there be anyone recapping Sweetbitter on BOYT? The pilot was really gay and the show is really dipped in gayness.

    Also, pray for Vida. The ratings were beyond abysmal. Those numbers are too horrible to get a renewal. #sigh

  4. “Now personally, if the last girl I met at a bar had conned me, stole all my money and propelled me into a situation where I’m running from the FBI, I might be a little more discerning about the women I meet in bars.” You would think that, but I’ve never managed to learn from the colossal mistakes I’ve made with women I’ve met in bars, or anywhere else, really. “This time is different” has launched a million bad choices in my life.

  5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled?

    And I’m totally for this, Ryan Coogler: Would he ever do a spinoff with the ladies of “Black Panther”? “Oh man,” Coogler said. “That would be amazing if the opportunity came up. They did it in the comic-book version.”

  6. it was nice to catch up with Dr Geena Davis and get an off-camera Calzona reunion. Well, I think it will be off camera, I doubt Madam Secretary’s gonna lend one of their stars to a rival network…
    I was certain April was gonna die. I was so certain that I was willing to bet money on it and now I’m so so relieved that I didn’t !
    It pleases me to see her back together with Matthew, I’ve always liked him and it was really disgraceful that he was left at the altar
    My theory for the final is that they’ll get married instead of Jo and Alex for some tv show drama reason. Let’s see if I’m as right about this as I was about April’s death

  7. Station 19, if you want me to believe that the firefighters are trapped inside of an oven you have to give me more nudity. But just the women, guys can keep their clothes on, thanks.

    • Hahaha – I was thinking the same thing! There’s no way it’d be 113 degrees in that garage and climbing yet they’d still have ALL their gear and clothes on. Make it believable, folks! Also this is a Shondaland show – we know you aren’t scared of nudity.

      • I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about because I refuse to let Shonda suck me into that show. However, I worked as a camp counselor in the middle of summer and we visited a firehouse and they let me put on the gear like full on not just the jacket, and in 90+ degree heat having the gear on was surprisingly cool (both in temperature and style).

  8. Killing Eve:
    Okay, how awkward was that first date between Eve and Villanelle? But I would eat microwaved leftovers with Sandra Oh anytime…

    • Watched it. Was interesting
      Always cool to see a biracial lesbian couple

  9. I really like Timeless and this week’s plot was no exception. But as a responsible, time-travel loving lesbigeek I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that there is another kick-ass feminist time travel show out there – with a lesbian main character. Sure, El Ministerio del Tiempo is in Spanish and deals with Spanish history,and yes,it had a little creative property dispute with the Timeless creators since the initial concept of the latter was eerily similar to the little Spanish series (and NBC had previously shown interest in adapting El Ministerio del Tiempo for an American audience when they suddenly “changed plans” and Timeless came along). But all of that aside: El Ministerio del Tiempo is a wonderful series. It might be available with English subtitles on Netflix in the US, you learn a lot about Spanish history, the storytelling is exceptionally good and the female protagonists (heck, even the male characters) are an absolute delight. Last but not least they don’t hold back one bit when it comes to Irene’s queerness or other complex cultural and historical issues.

  10. Corrie is breaking my heart into bits at the moment with the Aidan storyline and also David’s and how they’ve intersected w/r/t men bottling up their feelings. Like as a lesbian I’m not usually one to be all “omg more stories about how hard it is for straight white men please” but like it’s such a thing that’s socialised into boys from pretty much birth and results in so many wounded men who then go on to hurt themselves and/or others, and wow gender restrictions have really fucked up our society huh

  11. Okay, so here’s my recap of “Killing Eve” 1×05 – I Have a Thing About Bathrooms.

    This episode starts off right where the other one ended. Eve, Frank, and Elena are in a car with Villanelle closing in on them. Eve manages to overcome her fright and get the car moving, only to stop it a few yards down the road. With Elena and Frank screaming in the back, Eve tries to decide whether the messages that Villanelle has left for her are enough to gamble her life on. I get where Eve’s head is at, and I can follow her thought processes, but if I was Elena in that moment, I would have slapped her in the back of the head to pull her out of her own head. Eve decides that everything she knows makes it an acceptable risk, and she steps out of the car to go meet her own Dr. Hannibal. Eve wants to make this a serious heartfelt moment, holding up her hand to Villanelle, palm outward, but Villanelle is feeling playful instead. She first threatens Eve, then herself, and finally shoots at the ground near Eve, enjoying Eve’s fright at each instance. While Eve is jumping back from being shot at, Villanelle runs into the woods leaving Eve alone. And just like that, their first real meeting is over.

    In the next scene Frank is just being a whiny, privileged ass. His secret employers just tried to have him killed, his regular employers are almost certainly mad at him and going to bring the type of charges that can have you spend the rest of your life in a hole in the ground that nobody knows about, and he still wants to be catered to and let people know that he’s just misunderstood. I was really hoping that Eve would take that brown sauce bottle and beat him with it. As an aside, what is brown sauce? However, one really important fact comes out of this conversation, Villanelle’s real name is Oksana. Eve relays this information to Kenny and tells him to get looking.

    Eve takes Frank to a safe house where Carolyn is waiting. Carolyn, the head of the MI6 Russia desk, who Elena practically worships, who saved the world like nine times, and is probably going to roast Frank alive, and still all he can think of is poor me. He’s “distressed” and “too tired” to answer questions. From what the agent at the safe house, Max, says, and what Carolyn intimates, Frank is about to get the thumbscrews. Instead, Carolyn does something even more terrible: she consoles him. While Eve secretly records him, he relays the facts that his secret employers, “The Twelve”, aren’t looking for any specific information. They aren’t attempting to target anything, or interested in something specific that the British government is doing. They’re interested in everything. The inference from this is that “The Twelve” aren’t just drug dealers who are concerned about crime task force information, or terrorists interested in anti-terrorism, but rather they’re major players who have interests in multiple areas. What they’re mainly after is creating chaos.

    After leaving the safe house Eve walks to a bus stop. There she sees a window with an X-shaped crack in it, and hits it directly on the X shattering the window. Eve’s own action, and the result, seems to surprise her and she freaks out a little bit. In the middle of this Niko calls and tries to be domestic with Eve, and she does her best to be domestic back. The clash of Eve’s two worlds does not seem to be working well for her, and she seems to be pushing her normal life off and sacrificing it for her work life. With a lot of people there isn’t a lot dissonance between these two aspects of their lives, but it’s very different for Eve. They’re just so different that she’s having a lot of problems reconciling them.

    Eve proceeds to her office where she finds a reminder of Bill that further shakes her on this off putting day. Kenny comes in and relays to her the information that he’s found on his searches: who Oksana really is. A woman who was in prison for killing a guy and chopping his knob off, but there’s a catch…she’s supposed to be dead.

    As Eve returns home we get to the real meat of this episode. Eve goes upstairs with her newly returned suitcase and it’s contents. Eve looks over the clothes inside, the shoes, and decides to try some on. She puts on an evening gown with high heels. Eve is putting on the dress and seems to be enjoying how it makes her look. When she takes her hair down she might even be considering how Villanelle would see her in this. I’m a little conflicted by this scene. On the one hand it feels very male gazey, but on the other it’s nice to emphasize how a woman doesn’t stop being attractive, or sexual, when she gets over forty. The moment also includes Eve putting on some of the Villanelle brand perfume. Eve goes downstairs and hears a noise. Villanelle has made her way into Eve’s home. Despite Villanell’s, “Don’t run,” Eve freaks out and runs upstairs into the bathroom. The scene becomes both comedic and tense, something that’s tough to pull off, but is done masterfully here, as Eve struggles to find something to defend herself with and Villanelle tries to get her to open the bathroom door. Villanelle finally kicks down the bathroom door, only to be confronted by Eve wielding the only weapon she could find, a toilet brush. Villanelle is both amused and insulted by this, and she quickly takes Eve’s “weapon” from her. Eve proceeds to start screaming her head off, and Villanelle finally has to throw her in the tub and open the faucet on her face in order to shut Eve up so that she can tell her that she just wants to have dinner with her. Cut to downstairs and Eve is microwaving leftover Shepherd’s Pie (I love Shepherd’s Pie) for Villanelle. Eve is shivering as she’s both cold and wet, so Villanelle suggests she change into some clothes that are hanging on the wall of the kitchen there. Is this a thing? Do people hang clothes on the walls of their kitchens, because them being there made no sense to me, but I digress. Eve is having trouble getting out of her gown, so Villanelle hops up from her seat at the table to come over, unzip Eve’s dress, and peel her out of it. The interaction manages to seem routine, threatening, and extremely sexual all in one go. As Eve prepares to set the table she slips a knife into her pants, but Villanelle is one step ahead of her and guesses that that is what she’s doing. She encourages Eve to keep the knife if it will make her feel safe. As Villanelle tucks into her dinner, Eve asks her, “Why? Why are you here?” Villanelle feeds her a story about how she’s forced to do her work, and she wants to break free, complete with tears. Eve sheds a tear, and for a second you think she’s buying it, but she calls bullshit. She knows Villanelle is a psychopath. They then proceed to have a cards-on-the-table heart-to-heart about what they know and why they do the things they do. It all comes to an end when Eve asks Villanelle why she killed Bill, and she responds, “He was holding you back.” Eve attempts to attack her with the knife, but Villanelle almost casually takes it away from her. They end up against a wall, bodies near each other, knife point to the small of Eve’s throat neck, when Villanelle smells at Eve’s neck. She smells the perfume…and she’s delighted. Eve threatens to kill the thing that Villanelle loves most, which both know is an empty threat, when Niko walks in the house. Eve begs for his life, and Villanelle trades this for Eve’s phone and password. Once she gets it she changes behavior from a psychotic Russian assassin to a some British woman whose accent, mannerisms, and even appearance reminds me of Jemma Simmons. She takes the wet dress, passes by Niko, and thanks Eve for dinner as she leaves the house. Niko, somewhat bewildered, comes into the kitchen where Eve makes small talk in an attempt to be normal.

    Eve immediately makes a beeline over to Carolyn’s house. Since Villanelle has Eve’s phone she’ll know where MI6 is keeping Frank. Carolyn, meanwhile, is hosting dinner for some friends. Kenny is there, and it turns out that he’s Carolyn’s son. Eve tells Carolyn about what happened, and Carolyn puts together a Tactical Response Squad to go and secure the safe house. But they’re too late…Villanelle is already there.

    Honestly, I could have done without this scene. It’s just one more scene where we have to put up with whiny Frank. The only thing I got out of it, and it was good, was where Frank is begging for his life.
    Frank: I have money. A lot of money.
    Villanelle: So do I.
    Frank: I have kids.
    Villanelle: I don’t want your kids.

    Carolyn and Eve get to the safe house with the squad (Who, since this isn’t a sanctioned operation, show up in a mini-van instead of an APC or police van). Max, the MI6 agent, is badly wounded, and Frank is dead. He’s dressed in Eve’s dress and has had his knob chopped off.

    The episode closes out with Konstantine listening to Villanelle’s bullshit story of what happened to Diego and Nadia, her partners from last episode. He doesn’t believe it, and she knows he doesn’t believe it, but they still engage in their little song and dance. Konstantine then lays it on Villanelle that Nadia survived, and that she may want to go and tie up loose ends before Nadia starts talking. The catch, Nadia has been moved back to Russia.

    • This was really professional, Kristana. Congrats on your Excellent work.
      That whole Eve and Villanelle scene was great. I’m glad Frank is dead, he was really annoying.
      I’m getting slightly obsessed with this show

  12. This was really professional, Kristana. Congrats on your Excellent work.
    That whole Eve and Villanelle scene was great. I’m glad Frank is dead, he was really annoying.
    I’m getting slightly obsessed with this show

  13. Once: Tilly/Alice and Margot/Robin need a spinoff. It doesn’t even have to take place in the fairy tale world as a backdrop I just need these two together on my screen. The final scene with them just in the background cuddling up I could watch 100x’s over on a loop. There are actresses that are present on screen but once they float to the background they shutoff. And then you have people like Tiera and Rose who stay in character no matter if the camera is focused on them or not. Once never appealed to and I only caught the Robin/Alice scenes on YouTube but they made me want to catch up on the whole season.

    Greys: I liked this episode, it just annoys me that the juicy stuff comes at the tail end and with the ominous departure hanging over our heads. We know Arizona is going to go to NY, since I don’t suspect she will pack up and leave right after Alex’s wedding I doubt we’d get a proper goodbye from her. Just that she was here and when the show comes back they don’t have to explain where she went.
    April is still a mystery, obviously she didn’t die but they also mentioned her volunteering in some back woods clinic but then when Arizona came in she said that April and Matthew were seeing each other so was the backwoods clinic thing just a cover? So what makes her leave, we’ll find out I guess. Anyway I am happy she got back together with Matthew, I was always team Matthew.
    Meredith got real annoying this episode (she’s always annoying but she took it past 11 this week) with her I was just like this and they brought me back…yeah we remember you don’t have to mention it 12 times.
    Again I like Amelia and Betty, this is exactly what Amelia needed.
    As for Hermann, her offer to Arizona was good and all but I was really hoping that Arizona would go back to peds surgery, that was her calling.

    Corrie: Did they ever say how Aidan killed himself? Or are we supposed use our imagination. I hate it when shows do that, they tackle this difficult subject and then leave the audience hanging on the details (it bugged me when Glee refused to name what caused Finn’s death). They had no problem showing a grooming storyline with a minor (those the actress is of age) being pimped out and such, that makes me more uncomfortable to watch then knowing if Aidan took a bunch of pills, hung himself or slit his wrists.

    • I think broadcasters have to be pretty careful about not giving potentially suicidal members of the audience ideas or tips, which is probably why they didn’t focus on the ‘how’.

      • that’s bullshit (to them not you) since they have no problem showing people how to shoot guns or make bombs or any other dangerous thing that people shouldn’t try at home.

    • I second your opinion of the final scene in Once Upon a Time. Those actresses have chemistry for days. The main couple this season has painfully bad chemistry so I usually just scroll through Facebook during those scenes and then rewinding each Robin/Alice scene several times before moving on, lol. The final scene in this episode was one of the few not centered on Alice and Robin that I actually watched more than once, totally ignoring what was going on and watching them cuddling in the background. They’re one of the few TV lesbian couples I’ve seen that manages to act like they’re in love when they’re not making out. Most of the time it seems like they have an high emotion kissing scene every few episodes and the rest of the time you’d never guess they weren’t just good friends. They’re whole romance has been super adorable. The way the actresses play the uncertainty of meeting someone and feeling out the situation is really well done especially given how little screen time they’ve had to develop it. I was a fan of the show in the beginning but stopped watching a few seasons in because the plots managed to simultaneously get more repetitive and more ridiculous at the same time. I came back to it this season because I almost always end up watching the final seasons of shows I’ve stopped watching. I had been thinking it needed to end for a couple of seasons so it was pretty cruel of them to throw in a relationship that actually made me want to keep watching just when it was ending.

      • I just saw an interview at the finale screening where the girls said their 1st scene was meeting and then doing the Alice/Robin kiss. And if they can make it believable that they are in love after they just meet well then they deserve all the awards.
        I wanted to get into this show because I loved Jennifer Morrison from House and Ginnifer Goodwin from Ed but I guess I never got into it or the premise just seemed far fetched. I also thought Josh Dallas was British for the longest time. Maybe when it ends I might watch it after the fact.

  14. Tessa Thompson’s outfit on Westworld (VEST, VEST, VEST!) was really truly gay enough to warrant a separate mention, Valerie Anne :) It sure made me gayer.

  15. I’m already in love with Vida, wow. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

    Also Brooklyn Nine-Nine getting cancelled and then saved by NBC: too many emotions to go through in just 24 hours. MORE BI ROSA FOR EVERYONE

  16. How pathetic it is, when “Once Upon A Time,” can go 5 seasons, and have to wait until the 18th episode, until they are basically forced to represent homosexuality, and lesbianism? Such a sickening, and perverted twist, to a story book, that never hinted of such degenerate behavior, and loathsome lifestyles.

  17. It’s pathetic that “Once Upon A Time” has a run of five seasons, and attend to the next season, until they are essentially made to depict homosexuality and lesbianism? It’s a gruesome, and sinister twist to a book that has never hints at these sexy behaviors and disgusting lifestyles.

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