Pop Culture Fix: Bisexual Badass Bombshell Harley Quinn is Back, Puddin!

Good afternoon, friend and foes and I don’t knows! I’ve watched six seasons of Wentworth in seven days, how are YOU doing? Don’t worry I’ve taken a break from the extremely dramatic and occasionally problematic Australian prison show to bring you your Pop Culture Fix!

+ Harley Quinn is back, puddin! And so is the new trailer for the sequel to Suicide Squad confusingly called The Suicide Squad.

+ There’s a Disney+ Pride musical event called This Is Me happening and I, for one, can’t wait.

+ Wanda Sykes set to be a recurring character on The Good Fight.

+ Speaking of Wanda Sykes, she is also involved in this very gay cartoon called Q-Force.

+ Demi Lovato will be on EW’s Beyond the Binary podcast which is *technically* the second time Demi is referenced in this here Pop Culture Fix though admittedly the first nod to them is more subtle.

+ Have a sneak peek of The Bold Type, as a treat.

+ The only thing better than nostalgia is upgraded nostlgia; the iCarly reboot features bisexual actress Lacy Mosley as a bisexual character!

+ The new Gossip Girl teens will be “woke” and aware of their rich kid privileges apparently which sounds a lot more like Degrassi than Gossip Girl but go off I guess.

+ The documentary Our America: Who I’m Meant to Be intends to “transform the national conversation around the negative perceptions of trans people.”

+ ICYMI, “That Girl” Sha’carri Richardson has a girlfriend and we love this for her and for us.

+ Okay so TECHNICALLY none of the women really addressed the fact that Vex and Keyleth were in love were actively queer in Campaign One HOWEVER Critical Role news is inherently queer and also my queer friend Taylor was the post-production assistant on this video so there!

+ Also this is another case of “straight news that feels gay” but Sharon Stone went on a bit of a tangent about how she’s over Meryl Streep’s name being invoked as the pinnacle of quality acting and it was very funny to me. It reminds me of when someone has a few beers and then suddenly is complaining about their ex-girlfriend’s new girlfriend all, “What’s so great about her anyway? I’m great too!!” But with more actual ground to stand on.

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  1. the q-force trailer feels homophobic! one of my friends called it the cartoon version of the leaked live action powerpuff girls script and honestly they’re right

  2. I feel like you misrepresented what Sharon Stone said. She said there are many actresses out there who are as good Meryl Streep (and named a few). The list included Viola Davis, who Meryl Streep acknowledges was phenomenal after acting beside her in Doubt!

    She doesn’t say she is better than Meryl, she says she plays a better villain. And she did not frame it in terms of competition. Considering both of them were nominated for Oscars the year Stone played a villain, she isn’t wrong?!

    I don’t understand these quick takes that twisted her words and the sentiment in which she made them. Why create drama where there is none!

    • Perhaps you missed where I said “but with more ground to stand on” – I agree, I think she’s correct. It was just funny that the reporter kept trying to move on and she was very AND ANOTHER THING about it.

  3. Omg Valerie Anne I can’t believe you mainlined the whole of Wentworth!!

    Presumably you died/escaped the grave multiple times during this process.

  4. I didn’t know Laci Mosley was bisexual! I love her, her podcast Scam Goddess is so funny. She’s also great on Black Lady Sketch Show.

  5. Harley Quinn is not bisexual🙄 just stop. They wrote her as dating Ivy to please the fanfic crowd. It’s the only woman she was ever with.

    • Guess what: Bisexuals who have only been with one woman, or even never been with a woman, are still bisexuals! 🌈✨The more you know 🌈✨

    • A) It doesn’t matter why they wrote her as dating Poison Ivy, they wrote her as dating Poison Ivy, thus she canonically dated Poison Ivy B) You don’t even need to have dated anyone at all to be bisexual but also a woman who has been known to date men having dated even one (1) woman is pretty good evidence that she’s bisexual. If your argument was that she’s not bi, she’s pan, we could have had a convo about it, but if you’re trying to tell me Harley Quinn is straight, you’ve got more jokes than the Joker himself.

      You’re barking up the wrong queery tree here, bud.

    • Aw, show us where the bisexual woman (“she only did it to please the fanfic crowd!”) hurt you…

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