Business of Art Fix #23: What Happens When Nobody Listens To Women

Welcome to the 23rd Business of Art fix, where we get down to brass tacks about brass tacks. 

She Couldn’t Believe What She Was Reading

+ On February 17th, SB Nation Longform published a 12,000-word story about ex-cop Daniel Holtzclaw, a convicted serial rapist who played football in college. The main thrust of the piece was, basically, “This guy? This guy could never rape 13 women! And if he did it was probs ’cause he was sad about football.” The story was up for five hours before it was pulled, but you can still read a cached version of the article here. I did. Holtzclaw played football at Eastern Michigan, a place I hung out sometimes when I was in college nearby, and also EMU is in Ypsilanti and I live in Ypsilanti right now! So that was cool, I guess, when they mentioned a bar I’d been to. The rest of the article was not cool. It was a “complete failure,” in fact, according to SB Nation editor Spencer Hall, who replaced the article on his site with a a letter about how the article was a complete failure:

The publication of this story represents a complete breakdown of a part of the editorial process at SB Nation. There were objections by senior editorial staff that went unheeded. It was tone-deaf, insensitive to the victims of sexual assault and rape, and wrongheaded in approach and execution. There is no qualification: it was a complete failure.

According to Deadspin’s excellent post on the incident, Senior Editor Elena Bergeron of SB Nation alerted her editors to huge gaping flaws in the story in the days leading to its publication, but nobody listened to her:

“I couldn’t believe what I was reading,” Bergeron tells me. Bergeron, who’s black, was so shocked by how bad the story was that she had to read it twice. She says she asked copy editors and a producer if they read the piece thoroughly while working on it, and that they told her they had and thought it was unpublishable, but didn’t think it was their place to say anything to Stout.

She emailed the other editors an her concerns about the piece, but with two Senior Editors out of the office that week, she ended up on a conference call with just the (seemingly problematic) SB Nation Longform Editor and her managing editor. The Longform editor disregarded her concerns, and the Managing Editor didn’t feel he had the authority to kill it, so they went forward with it, and everybody read it, and everybody was very, very upset. From Jezebel:

Aside from the fact that [writer Jeff] Arnold had this specialized knowledge, it’s hard to understand why it’s relevant, why this story was written, why it was published, and what lessons we’re supposed to glean. Arnold does not examine the system that allowed Holtzclaw to continue raping black women under the protection of a police badge… The story paints a picture of a hardworking, dedicated football player with a loving family and friends. Holtzclaw is continually described as a man who actively worked to stay out of trouble—as if it’s a shock when previously law-abiding men decide to rape women.

How this piece got published and the story this piece told have a story in common: men not listening to women.

In response to that, there is this: “I was an editor last decade, and I was involved in several situations where a story should not have run. I’ve hit the “publish” button when I shouldn’t have,” writes Paul Ford at Postlight. (Me too.) “Here’s a feature that no CMS I know of has, that would be fascinating to build: A “Very Concerned!” button that appears attached to every article in the editorial view.”

This Business of Online Media

+ The UK Editor of The Huffington Post is proud not to pay their writers and says not paying is the best way to get “real authentic” copyThe Huffington Post, then, in an official statement, declared, “Our bloggers are happy with this arrangement, and happy to access the platform and the huge audience it brings, without having to build, pay for, edit, moderate or maintain that platform.” IBT somehow managed to find some HuffPo bloggers who disagreed with that assessment!

+ The Guardian is looking for a way to get paid subscribers and members without a standard paywall, saying “The most loyal readers really feel like they own the Guardian and those  who work there are just passing through. What I want to do is really help cement our relationship with those readers, take them really seriously, bring them in and get them paying for it.”

+ A “Beyond Comments” conversation happened at the MIT Media Lab to talk about how to create better community engagement around news. This is my favorite from the storify tweet-collection, for obvious reasons:

+ The New Yorker’s Silvia Killingsworth will be the new editor of The Awl and will lead the relaunch of The Hairpin.

+ Gawker is now the first digital media company to have a union contract.

+ Re/code co-founder Kara Swisher is gonna focus on conferences and new ventures as Dan Frommer, former editor at Quartz, will step up to Editor duties.

+ The top 10 biggest media publishers are responsible for nearly two-thirds of the news consumed by British people online.

+ Annotation start-up Genius has hired former Gawker editor Leah Finnegan as managing news editor.

+ The New York Times would consider blocking readers who use AdBlockers.

+ E-mail newsletters are the new ‘zines! You should get ours, if you don’t already.

+ Viceland, Vice’s 24-hour cable channel, is here with “its successful brand of young, fun, but slightly samey programming.”

+ Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter is wildly successful.

+ Slack will soon start testing voice and video chat.

This Business of Journalism and Etc

+ Melissa Harris-Perry: “Here is the reality: our show was taken — without comment or discussion or notice — in the midst of an election season.”  Harris-Perry tweeted this telling graphic:


+ A new project from The Holocaust Memorial Museum looks at how different newspapers covered (or failed to cover) the holocaust.

+ I watched Spotlight on an airplane last week and it was really good! Here’s an article about how The Boston Globe is taking advantage of its Hollywood moment.

The End Times

+ Facebook is becoming less like a newspaper and more like cable news, and they’re tweaking their formula to prioritize live video over everything else.

Behind the Scam: What Does It Take to Be a ‘Best-Selling Author’? $3 and 5 Minutes.

Businesswoman’s Special

+ The New York Times’ “Work” Issue is really great

+ the definitive guide to hiring great people

+ strategic highlights for traveling

+ how to stay sane on a business trip

+ what google learned from its quest to build the perfect team

+ i liked this the most: 36-year-old DESTROYS 29-year-old millennial who “ripped” 25-year-old Yelp employee who got fired after complaining about her salary.

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  1. That SB Nation crap shows just one of the reasons why I think that giving the Oscar for Best Picture to Spotlight was a good choice.

    Yes, I know, this may sounds totally stupid, but I want real investigative journalism again, I’m tired of that easy Facebook journalism. I really miss the old days and that wasn’t a long time ago, although for me it feels like it was decades ago.

    “How this piece got published and the story this piece told have a story in common: men not listening to women.” I wish that were the only problem, but you needed to add that men just don’t give a shit about women’s opinions.

    Riese, just a small correction, that article (?) from SB Nation wasn’t posted last week, it was actually posted on February 17. I remember that because the reactions started, thank Jebus for that, the same day and that was the first time a read that piece of shit.

  2. I love the huge number of people (even friends and family) who are like “I’m no rape apologist, but at the same time–”

    Or “of course the Oscars should be more diverse, but at the same time–”

    Or “yes Trump has said some terrible things, but at the same time–”

    NO. Everyone stop talking.



    Lol I mean, I’m ok. It’s been a long week.

  3. yesterday i read an article by jezebel about vanity fair and their horrible article about Labrie, the kid from st.paul’s who lured and raped a teen. you’d think vanity fair would have learned from sb nation. also, afterellen has a piece about the queer folk left out of the movie spotlight and the huge role they played. kinda dreading reading about facebooks continued foray into mind control, but i’ll jump at reading about hiring people…you never know! want to start my own business building motorcycles, i think autostraddle emblazoned on the fuel tank of one would look cool

    • oh wow i almost started reading that this morning on my phone (linked from graydon carter’s editors letter) and literally after the first paragraph was like “wait… no. this can’t be?” and decided to stop reading it, hoping that maybe it got better from there and that it wasn’t a thing and oh well let me read something else about how awful donald trump is instead. and then i read your comment and then i followed the jezebel link and now WELP. it could be, and it is.

      • i havent read any response to their piece other than by jezebel, hopefully there will be. genuine question, do you ever read stuff like this and feel proud of yourselves? Do you feel proud that everything posted meets the standards youve created? pat yourselves on the back? I would cause your hard work is appreciated

  4. 1. This is one of my very favorite series on AS. Thank you for continuing to put these together.

    2. Did part of that announcement from The Awl seem passive aggressive af, or was it just me?

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