Autostraddle Writers Share Their WEEK TWO Masters Of Sex Cure Month Experience Journals

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We are halfway through Autostraddle’s Masters Of Sex Cure Month Experience, the series in which our NSFW Editor Carolyn challenges us to think more critically about our solo and partnered sex lives. Some of our writers are participating in the experience and we've decided to anonymously share our weekly journals with you. (Don't you love how queer girls think homework is sexy?) You can check out our week one entries here, and our week two entries below.

This week's assignments were to:
+ Masturbate every day for a week.
+ Clean our sex toys.
+ Make a Yes/No/Maybe list.
+ Find some new porn.
+ Talk about sex with our friends.
Here's how we did!

Listened to Tina Horn’s podcast on age play, which was really validating. I’m into pretty kinky stuff, but never knew there was a wider community around it. Age play is something I’m into in the bedroom, only, and that is probably the most taboo place for it. My two favorite ro...

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