Autostraddle Writers Share Their Masters Of Sex Cure Month Experience Journals

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Last Monday, we kicked off Autostraddle’s Masters Of Sex Cure Month Experience, a new miniseries in which NSFW Editor Carolyn challenged us to begin thinking a little more critically about our (solo and partnered) sex lives. Several of our staff decided to follow her advice and keep a sex journal for the month because she told us:
All you need to include is two pieces of information: what you did/thought/said/felt/etc., and what time you did/thought/said/felt/etc. it at. Sexy actions and thoughts and feelings and fantasies, and relationship actions and thoughts and feelings and fantasies are all on the table — the goal is to see where you are sexually and emotionally now and to articulate and chart your desires so you can figure out what might affect them, whether you are where you think you are, and what changes you might want to make.
Easy and rewarding! We've decided to share our journals with you. Move over, Virginia Woolf! Just kidding, don't m...

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