Autostraddle March Madness — Best First Kiss: Elite 8

Did you watch the women’s Final Four games over the weekend? If you missed them and you’re even remotely interested in sports, you missed three truly classic games that really embodied everything that’s great about March Madness. We got dramatic comebacks — Notre Dame battled back from being down 15 to Mississippi State in the national championship game — after pulling an improbable upset of UCONN in the semifinals. And the buzzer beaters… OH MY GOD, the buzzer beaters!

Mississippi State’s Roshunda Johnson hit long three with seconds left against Louisville to push their semifinal game into overtime and then, in the next semifinal, Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale hit a stepback jumper with one second left to topple UCONN. Two nights later, Ogunbowale struck again, hitting a fall away three pointer just before the buzzer to give the Irish the championship. It was incredible.

Now, while Autostraddle’s version of March Madness probably won’t have me tweeting expletives or running around my living room yelling “can you believe that!” to no one in particular (especially since y’all had the good sense to finally eliminate Piper and Alex), we’ve still had our share of excitement. For the second round in a row, we’ve had a contest decided by ten votes or less.

I expect that trend to continue in the Elite 8 where y’all have set up some virtually impossible match-ups. After Kat and Adena narrowly beat out Elena and Syd in the Sweet 16, they go onto face Kate and Emaline from Everything Sucks. Despite the public lament about the match-up between Cosmina and Delphine and Nicole and Waverly, the ladies of Wynonna Earp defeated them pretty easily and set up another difficult match-up with Maggie and Alex of Supergirl.

In the International Region, fans excited about Kate and Rana’s impending return on Coronation Street advanced them into the Elite 8. They’ll meet Flor and Jazmin who overcame an unexpectedly tough challenge from Sara and Carlota of Cable Girls. I thought, for sure, that Las Estrellas would come out of this region but now this region really looks like a toss-up.

Over in the Drama Region, things went about as I expected hoped for, as Piper and Alex were finally sent packing by Petra and JR and Lena and Stef overcame a strong challenge from Izzy and Emma. Of course, that sets up another Sophie’s choice for you in the Elite 8: Jane the Virgin or The Fosters.

So now it’s time to make your picks! You’ve got 48 hours to summon all the fandom to Autostraddle to vote for whom should represent the Baby Gays, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, International and DRAMA regions in the Final Four. Voting in this round will close on Wednesday, April 4 at 2PM EST.

The Baby Gays

Kate and Emaline, Everything Sucks vs. Adena and Kat, The Bold Type

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Babes

Alex and Maggie, Supergirl vs. Nicole and Waverly, Wynonna Earp

International Faves

Florencia (“Flor”) and Jazmin, Las Estrellas vs. Kate and Rana, Coronation Street


Petra and Jane “JR” Ramos, Jane the Virgin vs. Lena and Stef, The Fosters 

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  1. Kate & Emaline
    Alex & Maggie (I love you, WayHaught, but I love Sanvers more)
    Petra & JR

    Though I was saved from my own Sophie’s Choice, I do wish Elena and Syd had made it to the Elite 8. Their first kiss moment was one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen.

    I’m rooting for Petra and JR to win this whole competition. Their storyline (not to mention first kiss) is my favorite of the year.

  2. Listen, I haven’t even seen Wynonna Earp but I googled their first kiss and that was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a looong time. On the other hand, Alex Danvers’ coming out story and love for Maggie hit me right in the feels.


    • If you’re like me, you whisper “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” while you hit the button for one over the other hahaha.

      It’s kind of awesome to be so distraught over so many great queer first kisses. Glad we have more to choose from each year!

    • I love both couples, but Sanvers has my heart forever for the exact same reason you mention. However, since this is about first kisses, Sanvers technically had two first kisses, so vote for the quantity in addition to the quality :D Also, I’m pretty sure WayHaught will beat Sanvers anyway, so might as well give the vote to your feels.

  3. Kate and Emaline
    Petra and JR

    I am surprised Petra and JR made it this far especially as it is still just very new. But based on kiss alone, they deserve to be in this stage.

    But I know Stef and Lena are going to win the whole thing. The stronghold that The Fosters has here will do the trick IMO.

    PS: Don’t you dare allow WayHaught lose to Sanvers you people. Vote WayHaught right now

  4. I really love Wayhaught but Sanvers is so much closer to my heart because of how much I identify with Alex. I was so happy to see an incredible, strong and successful woman coming out like that and getting the girl she loved! It made me believe that it could also happen to me, too.

    I don’t really watch JTV but Petra and JR are so steaming hot together that in addition to get my full atention, they also got my heart.

    Kate and Emmaline because they’re so cute and pure!

    Kate and Rana because I am a sucker for the “straight woman falling in love with her female friend, ditching the man to be with the her girlfriend” storyline.

  5. Pretty easy choice this time around. I easily chose WayHaught over Sanvers for the simple reason of WayHaught is still around and Sanvers is not. Also the 1st Sanvers kiss was Alex kissing Maggie and then Maggie rejecting her so who wants to vote/remember that?

  6. Okay people, if this was about favorite couples I’d be Maggie and Alex all the way, but WayHaught had objectively THE BEST FIRST KISS SCENE EVER EVER. Alex and Maggie’s first kiss was SAD (and a beautiful story, but that’s not the point). If their SECOND kiss was the one we were voting on, that’d be much harder.

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