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Gail M. Dottin = Fulbright scholar + N.Y. writer who doesn’t live in Brooklyn because that can happen. VONA disciple and the editor of the VONA newsletter. If you are a writer of color, she commands you to apply to VONA next year. This is VONA. This is Dismantle, the VONA anthology. She’s in there. It’s good. You should buy it. Eating the pages will make you a more virtuous person. And full. You should also buy Wise Latinas, the award winning anthology about the Latina college experience that you need to give to yourself, any Latina you know, anyone who goes to school with Latinas, anyone who might meet a Latina, anyone who teaches humans. She’s in there writing about lesbian stuff. Pank published her piece about dating her younger, whiter best friend from South Dakota. Gail is pretty badass. She has the eye of the tiger. Which means there’s a one-eyed tiger somewhere. She promises she’ll return it.

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