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About Lafi

After studying Theatre, Non Profit Administration, Music, and Gender Studies at Rutgers University/NJIT, Lafi moved to New York to pursue a career rooted in social justice and wrapped up in art. As the oldest sibling of several very loved brothers and sisters, inside them grew an inevitable interest in the art of teaching. Passing down knowledge is an invaluable gift that allows us all to grow. With internships at the Newark LGBTQ Center, LIPS performing arts gallery, and Asian American Film Lab, they grew passionate about non profit organizations. Seeing action-based structure inspired Lafi to do more work to understand every role needed for an effective program. From sound design to event planning, they dove deep into expanding their mediums. For Lafi, growing up in a mixed race household, living with a disability, and identifying as Nonbinary they are able to serve many different kinds of people – both those who relate and those who don’t. Lafi has committed their work to uplifting and capturing the voices, stories, and images of those who are often underrepresented. They're currently leading a platform called keepitonthedl2020 that connects students, educators, and parents to accessible resources and working for The Other Side NYC. When they’re not teaching and organizing, they are writing, cooking, designing, or playing with their cat.

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