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    I’m feeling the LA love from joining this group so I think I’mma have to celebrate via a first trip to Jumbo’s Clown Room tonight. Hey-o.

    • I’ve never been. Please report back.

      • Yes, ma’am. I’ll have a full report on your desk in the morning. I’ll try to include sketches and diagrams where applicable if I’m not too hungover.

    • Ah, Jumbo’s. In my experience, there isn’t anything particularly fantastic about this place. H0wever, with the right group of friends and the right amount of alcohol, ridiculously fun times will be had by all. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

      • You know what, last night wasn’t all that spectacular but I agree that it has a lot of potential for a very fun night. For some unknown reason, the place was crazy packed last night so it was hard to move around, let alone see the dancers. They only had 4-5 girls in rotation since it was a Tuesday, which is fine, but ya know, a little variety is nice. Overall, not a stellar first outing but definitely want to go back for a better round two.