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    Aaargh, i wish i could sleep. About 5-6 weeks ago i’ve started to suffer from insomnia, it was pretty hardcore because i would just not sleep at all and then get up at 6 am to start my day. I’ve got exams now so i have to study all day, but if i don’t sleep i’m to tired. (I know people think the insomnia is related to stress for the exams that can’t be it.. I’m already in my 3rd year and as far as exams i’m pretty good) I got some benzo’s from my doctor so its ok now but they’re pretty addictive so i have to watch out. I hope that when my exams are done my sleeping will come back, anyone got any experience with this?

    • I usually stay up later when I’m stressed. I feel like I’ve got to get everything done, but really all I do is write a very organized to-do list that involves many drafts and scribbles and planning, and then I feel secure about my tomorrow, which, by the time this list is done, has basically already arrived. I then zombie my way through the day, achieving nothing, and then drink enough caffeine to keep me up late that night doing the same thing. I’ve gotten over it by getting my shit together during the day as well as just waiting out the stressful periods. I’m not so bad at regular sleep schedules when my life isn’t crazy.