Annotated: Julia Nunes, “All The Same”

Welcome to Annotated, a new feature just for A+ subscribers where a bunch of our favorite musicians will take us on an intimate journey through the creation of one of their songs. When last we met, Jenny Owen Youngs took us through the pain and confusion that led to her writing the breakup masterpiece "Fuck Was I." This month, ukulele virtuoso and Autostraddle BFF Julia Nunes is here to talk to us about a similarly uplifting song, "All The Same" off her latest record Some Feelings.

"All The Same," annotated by Julia Nunes

I recorded Some Feelings about six months after I moved to LA in a studio in Mt. Washington with Joanna Katcher (best producer on planet earth). First, we did scratch tracks with programmed drums and temporary uke/vocals. Next, we tracked real drums with Adam Christgau. It was kind of mindblowing to hear him go off on these songs that were still just little skeletons. The second he tracked on "All The Same," I was like “oooh, well the vibe of my music is...

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