Also.Also.Also: The Women’s World Cup Is Winning Hearts, Taking Over TVs

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Laneia’s taking a well-deserved break today and once again, she’s entrusted me with the keys to kingdom for another day. You know what that means, right? Lots and lots of World Cup excitement.

Queer as in F*ck You

Heather included this in yesterday’s Pop Culture Fix but just in case you missed it:

Bisexual adults are far less likely than gay men and lesbians to be ‘out’ to the people in their lives

The Court Cases That Changed L.G.B.T.Q. Rights

Has Focusing on “Equality” Made the LGBTQ Movement Too Conservative?

The Time I Went On A Lesbian Cruise And It Blew Up My Entire Life

The Austin Chronicle writes about black girl love, a play scripted by Autostraddle’s Very Own: Al(aina): Review: black girl love: an adaptation project

Trans poet Jos Charles “rearranges the alphabet to survive its ferocity against her body”

7 black LGBTQ leaders in honor of Juneteenth and Pride month

“Comme Une Femme:” On Returning to France Post-Transition

When I saw Cracker Barrel trending on twitter, I feared the worst. Seeing this headline was a relief (hashbrown casserole for everyone!): Cracker Barrel bans an anti-gay pastor from holding an event in one of its stores

Sadie Barnette’s Homage to Her Father and the First Black-Owned Gay Bar in San Francisco

The Photographer Who Captured 20th-Century Queer Life

Saw This, Thought of You

Androgyny Is Now Fashionable in the WNBA

Space Jam 2 cast: Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Diana Taurasi among stars set to join LeBron James in film, report says

‘Why am I different?’ Behind this WNBA player’s activism was a search for the answer.

How did a man who murdered three Muslims receive a presumption of racial innocence?

Inside’s Vicious Battle With the Feds

⚽🏆 Saw This, Thought of You: Women’s World Cup Edition 🏆⚽

In case you missed it in the comments of Monday’s AAA, Straddler @rachelwashere was at Parc des Princes for the USWNT vs. Chile on Sunday and shared her experience. You can read her entire report here but here’s an excerpt:

First of all, I dropped by the American Outlaw’s tailgate for just long enough to paint my face, lose my favorite sweater, and join the march to the stadium. So unfortunately we didn’t really chat with anyone, but there was A LOT of PRIDE present: USWNT jerseys with rainbow numbers, Playing for Pride scarves, a Pride flag cape! Marching through the streets of Paris with so much visible queerness to a SOCCER GAME and not Pride was something truly special. Wish we could have arrived earlier and met some folks, but alas.

The atmosphere was incredible. Growing up in Oklahoma where my high school (American) football games regularly gathered 8-10,000 LOUD fans and then going to an SEC school where the stadium where you would easily expect 40,000-60,0000 fans cheering almost non-stop, I have MISSED that energy. Germany-China was fun, but relatively very quiet. Which made that article about Germany an interesting read!

But USA-Chile? Unbelievable. The Chileans kept singing their anthem after it ended and you would have thought the entire stadium was for Chile they were SO loud. And they kept cheering until the very end, well after there was no hope.

Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

U.S. Women’s Soccer Games Outearned Men’s Games

This Women’s World Cup is reaching new heights thanks to collective actions from female footballers

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Women’s World Cup is breaking global TV viewership records

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Cheyna Matthews, Jamaica’s super mom

Australia’s Sam Kerr ties USWNT’s Alex Morgan for Golden Boot lead

Political Snacks

The political donor class is mostly white and male. Some women of color are trying to change that.

Ta-Nehisi Coates gave Mitch McConnell a powerful lesson on reparations

The Supreme Court May Erode Decades of Wins for LGBT Worker Rights

Warren introduces bill to unlock millions in tax refunds denied to gay couples

Federal judge says census citizenship question merits more consideration in light of new evidence

We Put the 2020 Democrats on the Spot. Here’s What We Learned.

A new 2020 poll shows how sexism and electability collide

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  1. I mainly came here to continue encouragement for World Cup content, but now I’ve read that cruise article and it has caused me extreme feelings in a positive way.

    • Omg the cruise article! Really compelling stuff and it ended on a cliffhanger?! I need to know what happens!

    • Wasn’t that insane ?? Exceptional romance writer, diarist, and journalist. What a story. Oh, and it totally reconciled me with the notion of Olivia Cruises

      Nice shout-out to A-Camp too !

    • The cruise article fucked me up emotionally, I might believe in Love at First Sight now which is so inconvenient

      • That’s so funny, I loved it at first and then when they met I was like, ugh you guys, love is a lie and I can’t handle reading more gushing about someone you just met. I’m jaded from being in a really long relationship with kids and mortgages etc though.

  2. I caught the end of England’s match and then the end of Scotland’s disintegration yesterday. What did I take from these few minutes of soccer? Lorena Benitez is the cutest baby dyke on the pitch. I hope Argentina makes it through.

    • Aww Natalie! Thanks for including my world cup comment. :D

      After weeks of the fifa website showing that it was sold out, there were suddenly tickets available for today’s Round of 16 game online on Saturday. I definitely shouldn’t go (things to do, money to save…) but here I am in a 6h rideshare on my way to see USA-Spain! I’ll share more on Tuesday. 😀

  3. Current favorite pastime for me and my wife (besides watching the actual World Cup) is googling soccer players to find out if they’re gay lol

    • yo i have IG open basically continuously during games to check up on who all is gay in this match, it’s fun because tbh most of them are

    • Ha. These are the only types of comments that could maybe, possibly encourage me to one day watch soccer.

  4. Related to FIFA’s warped priorities, at the same time the Women’s World Cup is going on, you have the Copa America playing. FIFA always clashes the Women’s World Cup with another major men’s tournament.

    Yes, I get more excited watching Argentina in the Women’s World Cup… and we’re learning, a few year ago you couldn’t see this happening in my country, men watching women play fútbol.

  5. The cruise article has a typical buzzfeed click-baity headline but it is heart-felt and thoughtful on like, a multitude of fronts (I had lesbian feelings, I had gender feelings, I had romance feelings). What a wonderful piece of writing!

    • I agree that the article was well-written (and romantic!), but it also made it very clear by way of omission that bi women aren’t welcome on the cruise and even the younger folks seemed fine with that so… thanks for the warning and I look forward to giving A-camp my money again next year.

  6. Al(aina), this is awesome, congratulations! I wish I could see it. It sounds wonderful. Are there any clips online to just get a peek?

  7. Unsolicited World Cup commentary: someone (US Soccer *ahem*) should give Jill Ellis a bonus every time #preath are on the field together because damn y’all it’s beautiful.

  8. Well, damn, that cruise article could be the best movie, series, webseries, book, ANYTHING, ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I like Damian Lillard. He had a good rapport with Carrie Brownstein in that Portlandia episode where Carrie was searching for friends. He’s also a good baller, will be interesting to see if the movie has the charm of the first one.

  10. Well, if someone had told me that one day I’d be sitting in public transportation in the middle of Berlin,desperately googling cruises, I’d have looked at them funny.

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