Also.Also.Also: A Little Lesbian History and a Lotta F*ck You to TERFs

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Hello it’s time for some links!! Last night I finally listened to the episode of Dear Prudence that I was lucky enough to be a guest on and it made me break out in hives!! How are you??

Queer as in F*ck You

You Saw Me Covered in Blood on a Bus. But Do You Get Outraged About All Homophobia?

Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Crimes Surge in England and Wales

Zoe Spears Is the Fourth Black Trans Woman Found Dead This Pride Month

Queer Artists in Their Own Words: Rebekah Frank Found Community Through Blacksmith Workshops and Leather Bars


How HIV Stigma Leads To The Criminalization Of Black Queer Communities

25 LGBTQ Filmmakers on the Rise, From Andrew Ahn to Danielle Lessovitz

Reporters Granted Access to ICE Transgender Detainee Unit

The First Lesbian Porn and 10 Other Revealing Artifacts from Lesbian History

How the Long Lesbian Fight for Space and Identity Took an Anti-Transgender Turn

The Lesbian Avengers Swallowed Fire As A Form Of Protest

Huffpo’s Pride coverage has some winners, including A Day In The Life Of Queer Latinx Street Artist Johanna Toruño and How Elyse Ambrose Found Her Queerness Through Her Faith

Mastercard Now Allowing Transgender Customers to Use Their Chosen Name on Credit, Debit Cards

Queer People Can’t Forget Our Own Mortality — Except In Montrose

Caster Semenya Says She Was ‘Constantly Sick’ When Track Officials Made Her Take Drugs to Compete

How Coming Out Helped Me Love My Body by Vanessa Friedman YOU KNOW HER !

Taylor Swift Inspires Teen To Come Out As Straight Woman Needing To Be At Center Of Gay Rights Narrative

Saw This, Thought of You

Report: Hundreds of Police Officers Belong to Racist Facebook Groups

The Hollowness of the Southern Baptists’ New Racism and Sexual Abuse Amendments

Lesson From a Pre-Roe vs. Wade Experience: Men Cannot Be Silent on Abortion Rights

Why Housing Policy Feels Like Generational Warfare

She Got An Abortion In Arkansas At 21 Weeks. Soon, That Could Be Illegal.

⚽🏆 Saw This, Thought of You: Women’s World Cup Edition 🏆⚽

A special section put together by Natalie!

How Close Is The Rest Of The World To Catching The U.S.?

In Praise of Christiane Endler, Chile’s Incredible Goalkeeper Who Frustrated the U.S. All Day

Statue of outspoken national soccer player Nilla Fischer defaced in Sweden

Unconventional blueprint paved way for U.S. star Lindsey Horan

Marta embodies soccer’s romanticism

How “soccer girl” became the indisputably coolest look

What Do Germany Have To Do To Get Anyone At Home To Pay Attention?

Formiga Isn’t Going Anywhere

Tough World Cup start for England has set them up nicely for latter stages

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  1. Christiane Endler deserves so much media attention, as much as I wanted the USWNT to cruise to another crushing victory, it was like pure ecstasy watching Endler handle the barrage – she’s like actually magic. And I’m still a little dead inside from Carli Lloyd’s missed shot…

    • Listen… I know it’s selfish of me a bit, but I want the US to finish 2nd in their group so I can see them in the quarter final and so they don’t play France in the quarters (I want the French to make it to the finals toooo). BUT I don’t want it to be a loss that puts any doubts in their minds or lets pundits ask if they threw it to avoid the French. So I have decided that what we need is a terrible awful very bad VAR-based decision on Carli that gives Sweden a game-winning PK that they sink (at no fault to Naeher). That way, not only do we avoid the US-France quarter final, BUT the entire time will enter the elimination rounds with a chip on their shoulder and Carli Lloyd will ascend to a level of Beast Mode hither-to unexplored and start firing rockets from all corners of the universe right into the back of the net.

      But if the universe won’t bend to my will and the US win tonight, then I more humbly ask that either Dunn or McDonald get to score. Amen.

  2. I got to go to the USA-Chile match on Sunday and OH MY GOD THE FEELINGS!

    First of all, I dropped by the American Outlaw’s tailgate for just long enough to paint my face, lose my favorite sweater, and join the march to the stadium. So unfortunately we didn’t really chat with anyone, but there was A LOT of PRIDE present: USWNT jerseys with rainbow numbers, Playing for Pride scarves, a Pride flag cape! Marching through the streets of Paris with so much visible queerness to a SOCCER GAME and not Pride was something truly special. Wish we could have arrived earlier and met some folks, but alas.

    The atmosphere was incredible. Growing up in Oklahoma where my high school (American) football games regularly gathered 8-10,000 LOUD fans and then going to an SEC school where the stadium where you would easily expect 40,000-60,0000 fans cheering almost non-stop, I have MISSED that energy. Germany-China was fun, but relatively very quiet. Which made that article about Germany an interesting read!

    But USA-Chile? Unbelievable. The Chileans kept singing their anthem after it ended and you would have thought the entire stadium was for Chile they were SO loud. And they kept cheering until the very end, well after there was no hope.

    The US fans were as loud as I’d hoped, but with 25,000 Americans present I still got seated next to two French guys who did not say anything particularly offensive but just did not. stop. talking. And they clearly had never followed WoSo or understand the context for these teams and I had just really hoped to not listen to French men for a while. Le sigh.

    Jessica McDonald took a beautiful shot that Endler saved and I really really really wanted her to score, but also if she had I think I would have missed my train and would still by lying in the stadium crying tears of joy right now unless the volunteers had dragged me out.

    Ali Krieger and Tierna Davidson started so the Pride continued with our back line.

    We also were sat close to the goal were all 3 goals were scored so we got a good view of them and of several of Endler’s epic saves. When we sat down my GF was like, “I hope they are going to score lots of goals!” and I said, “Well, if they don’t it will be because Endler was a superhero and honestly I’m here for that, too.” We got both and I’m pretty sure the moment I lost my voice was cheering for her when they announced the player of the game.

    One thing I can’t get over though is how under-prepared FIFA were to make money off the fans. 45000 fans, sold out for weeks, and they had 1 gift shop outside the stadium and 2 tiny ones inside. And most the stuff was… crap. At least the prices weren’t too jacked up, but they could have done with a better design team. But people bought it anyway, waiting in absurdly long lines. My GF went downstairs just before the end and tried to get me a scarf: no lines left, but also nearly no merch. She got me a keychain though, so I that was sweet of her. However, 25,000 Americans came and a lot of them were ready to shell out and they just could not.

    Also, FIFA rules banned alcohol which is probably fairly necessary for big broso matches, BUT a lot of people didn’t know and I heard an American saying, “There was PORN on the PUBLIC teevee channel at the hotel, but they can’t sell beer at the stadium?!” because he thought it was just a French thing. :D

    There was also a pop-up FIFA museum in front of Les Halles that had a nice history of women’s soccer. Was surprised not to see more visibility though, honestly, like ALLEZ LES BLEUES ads in the metro/train stations etc. or something. I think the FFF is dropping the ball there: the more they invest in team visibility now, the more players they are going to have signing up and paying dues in the fall. The papers have been covering it a lot, at least.

    While wandering around by the centre Pompidou we came across a Nike Store and OMG I almost cried. I definitely WOULD have cried if I’d gone 2 days earlier when my hormones were in a different place. :p It was wall to wall WOMEN’S gear and WOMEN’s ads. Kits for every team, a station to personalize your sports bra (a bit odd, but why not I guess??), and giant posters of van der Sanden, Martens, Henry, Majri, Kirby, Oshoala…. I have NEVER been a store that big that was ALL women’s sports. I’ve never even been in a women’s section of a sports store that was that big.

    I thought of you, Natalie, and everyone I know that would have loved to attend. Felt very grateful to get to live the dream!

      • thanks @carmensandiego ! Glad you enjoyed it. :D I thought of you and am anxious to see how the 3rd place teams finish out, there’s a small chance that if Brazil makes it to the quarter final it would be the one I have tickets for. I will definitely 100% cry if I get to see Marta and Formiga play in this WC. And Barbara has been doing her part in shutting down the “the women’s game is crap because their keepers suck” argument and I am LOVING IT.

          • Brazil v France!!! I did NOT want this. hahaha should be a great game to watch, but I really really really want the French to go far, AT LEAST until the quarter finals. I love their coach and this group of players so much (Majri! Majri! Majri!). BUT I really wanted Brazil to get further too. UGH

            Watching men’s soccer is so much easier. I’m very often like, “Hahaha ya lost, go wipe your tears with the hundred dollar bill you made in the last 10 seconds. Bye.” Watching WoSo I’m almost always gutted for whoever loses because they all work so hard and deserve the moon.

      • @jomarch I’m sure there will be one for the final, but they haven’t posted details yet (suppose they’re politely waiting until we make it to the final). keep an eye on this page: and if you don’t see any info when the time comes, twitter user AOEurope is very nice and helped me find the details for Paris, you can give them a shout.

        I’m so excited for you getting to go to the final!!! Please please please give us a full report. :D

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