A+ Sex Diary: Crushing and Fantasizing; Sex Becomes About Escape

Welcome to A+ Sex Diaries, an A+ feature in which we publish seven days in our sex lives.

A few weeks ago I naively lit an intention candle to bring more sex and romance into my life. That was a mistake. Instead of sex and romance, I was offered a handful of complicated, emotionally taxing friendships, flirtationship and situationships. I’m single and I’ve always been comfortable with being single, but it’s been one year since I’ve had sex with anyone but myself and I’m feeling the drought.

I’m a full time student and full time freelancer with additional odd jobs to make ends meet. I’m burnt out from spending over three years applying for full-time jobs to no avail. I’m also moving in a month, which has caused a lot of disruption for quite a few people in my life. Despite wanting to enter into my “settling down” phase, I’m still out here going to queer dance parties in hopes of finding fuck buddies. Ya girl just really needs a low key thing to release the tension of the times!


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