A Scene & Notes From Kamala’s Novel Zigzags

My very first novel, my first born, was released this October and I'm still reveling in the excitement! I started writing Zigzags while I was in grad school at UC Riverside and it began, not coincidentally, as a story about a young, queer woman, also in her mid-twenties, also getting her MFA in a city east of LA, who wanted to go back to Chicago because she missed her friends. It took me about four years to get what I called a final draft. All the while, I was writing my memories in a notebook, bringing scenes to workshop, going back to Chicago to see said friends, writing about what I felt while reading my writing and then wondering what my characters would do next. Yes, I was putting together a novel, but I was also trying to put tog...

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Kamala Puligandla

Kamala Puligandla lives in LA and is the writer of various autobiographical fictions. She is the distinguished recipient of her parents' leftovers and hair compliments from strangers on the street. Her first novel is forthcoming from Not A Cult. Find her work at kamalapuligandla.com.

Kamala has written 50 articles for us.