A+ Roundtable: The First Time We Kissed A Girl

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For so many of us the first time we kissed a girl is an experience we'll never forget, because most of us didn't grow up with books or TV shows or movies or IRL examples of gay smooching. It's exciting! And terrifying! And sexy! And sometimes weird! Almost always it's revelatory! We kissed girls and we liked it (and so we kept doing it). Here are our stories of the first time we kissed girls.

Heather Hogan, Senior Editor

I was in my mid-20s the first time I kissed a girl and as I was kissing her I thought my heart was going to whack its way right out of my chest. I hadn't come out to myself. I hadn't even entertained the idea that I was gay for longer than about ten seconds. We were spending the summer serv...

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