A+ Roundtable: Misconceptions About Lesbian Sex

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There was a time before time, in the yawning abyss of darkness and starfire that is the infinite and ever-expanding universe — a time before any of us had had lesbian sex. Most of us thought about it, though, or tried to imagine how it would work! We were not always correct. What misconceptions, inaccurate ideas, or ultimately unfounded and in retrospect bizarre insecurities did you have? Where did they come from? How did you overcome them? Let it all out!

KaeLyn, Staff Writer

I thought I should be focusing on putting my tongue, like, inside the vagina. I mean, that’s totally fine if you like that particular sensation, but it’s not the preferable tongue action for most people with vaginas. This baffles me because I have a vagina that was engaged in sex at this time and I feel like I should have known that wasn’t the best way? But also a lot of cis men were the ones engaging with my vagina and they (1) rarely went down on me and (2) probably didn’t know w...

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